The History of Harems: Women Orbit, Too


It’s good to be king: Italian artist Belisario Gioja painted Entertainment in the Harem depicting the lifestyle in the 19th century

Beta males usually orbit women they are sexually interested in. Just as Earth revolves around the sun because of gravitational attraction, the hapless Beta male will go into orbit around a girl he finds attractive. The girl he is orbiting will often use him for feels, to get help with homework or other tasks she doesn’t like doing, or as a plutonic companion to cull boredom. He thinks he will get a foot in the door with her, and then a penis in the vagina, but the reality is he will be going home to fap while daydreaming about her each day.

Nature, it would seem, it not without a sense of irony as women orbit, too. However, in contrast to the sexless, hopeless Beta male, the orbiting female will be attracted to a man of very high status, wealth, and/or power and she will be happy make herself sexually available to him, even though she has to orbit him along with other females who are attracted by the scent of his resources or power. The harem arises from this tendency of women to orbit high status men.

Women will often try to justify this behavior the same way a squid attempts evasion, by dropping figurative ink into the discussion. They’re just hanging around because he is such an interesting guy. Just because these girls are with him doesn’t mean there’s anything sexual going on. She just likes him as a person. You are just jealous because you don’t have girls around you like that. Whatever. Hamster rationalization, anyone? Let’s analyze this: Some leftist guy that goes around harping about global warming, with no pecs, a flabby stomach, and a beard befitting a bum does not collect a large gathering of nubile females unless he has something they want. But that’s exactly what Leonardo DiCaprio is, as depicted in the photo below, except he has status, wealth, and power. Which brings us back to Briffault’s Law, a frequent piece of scientific evidence frequently referred to here at TNMM:

Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

The gist of Briffault’s Law is this: women are nature’s consummate users. Nothing against them personally, that’s just the way evolution designed them. Female orbiting is their way of saying: “Pick me, pick me!” to a male they have zeroed in on as someone who has vast resources they can consume. This instinctual drive, plainly seen in this paparazzi photo, carries over to this day and has a long history in our species.


Without his money, status, and power, do you think women would be orbiting the soft Beta male Leo?

History of Harems

The behavior of women orbiting men that are useful to them and the practice of women becoming part of a harem both go back thousands of years, if not much further back in unrecorded human history. The term harem is a Turkish word that refers to polygyny as historically practiced in Muslim households, although the practice of polygyny was common in Asia and other parts of the world as well. The Ottoman sultan usually kept a harem of several dozen women, including girlfriends and wives. Far from “oppression” that women claim such behavior to be, modern day evidence of this behavior, as females orbit around high status men like Leo is plain as day. Indeed, history shows countless women circling one dominant man was a highly regulated affair in the Ottoman Empire.

The harem was not just a place where women lived. Babies were born and children grew up there. Within the precincts of the harem were markets, bazaars, laundries, kitchens, playgrounds, schools and baths. The harem had a hierarchy, its chief authorities being the wives and female relatives of the emperor and below them were the concubines. There was mother, step-mothers, aunts, grandmothers, step-sisters, sisters, daughters and other female relatives that lived in the harem. There were also ladies-in-waiting, servants, maids, cooks, women official and guards.

Even though the English harem word derives from that part of the world, it was not just an Islamic practice . Here are some other parts of the world in which women were in harems of a dominant man rather than the one and only of hapless Beta males, the exact type of male they show open contempt towards today:

  • Egypt: Pharaohs demanded to be in the constant company of numerous beautiful girls.
  • Sri Lanka: King Kashyapa had a harem that numbered 500.
  • Mexico: Montezuma had 4,000 concubines when he met Cortez.
  • China: One emperor had 2,800 concubines.
  • Africa: Junior wives and concubines orbited Chieftans.
  • Mongolia: Genghis Khan fathered so many children 1 in 200 men have his DNA today.
  • In other cultures, one wife was shared by several brothers.

The University of Wisconsin showed the practice of maintaining harems is far from unusual in history. It surveyed 1,000 historical societies to find out how common polygyny has been, and the findings are astonishing: Just 18% of historical societies were monogamous. Half of rest of the 82% had occasional polygyny and the other half had it all the time. If nothing else, this historical fact helps show why women have such contempt for Beta males – they are not as valuable for providing material things as high status men. The Guardian reported these statistics:

New Scientist magazine suggested that, until 10,000 years ago [a blink of an eye in biological time] most children had been sired by comparatively few men. Variations in DNA, it said, showed that the distribution of X chromosomes suggested that a few men seem to have had greater input into the gene pool than the rest. By contrast most women seemed to get to pass on their genes.

As New Scientist proved, historically, only a fraction of males got to reproduce, and indeed the measure of man’s wealth and power was often how many women he had in his harem or how many wives and children he had. We still see echoes of this innate female behavior to “sex the winner and nix the loser” play out in society. Women will prostrate themselves before rock stars, movie stars, and other men of status while totally abandoning the honest, hardworking Beta males in society. This is commonly referred to as the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule, 80% of women chase after the top 20% of men. Historically, it was always a safer bet to ration precious eggs to top men, rather than take a chance on those who would like be fodder for leaders to use in the next battle. Women still exhibit this bias towards men to this day, even though environmental conditions have changed.

The practice of polygyny and a few top men getting all the puss has been going on so long in our species new studies are showing women evolved to have sexuality that is more “fluid” than male sexuality, and will often become bisexual, having sex with other women to please the dominant man who runs the harem and jockey for position in the hierarchy of wives and concubines.

Even though feminism is constantly in the face of Beta males making demands, we see top males like Hollyweird actors are virtually immune to criticism from women for having an entourage of young women with them wherever they go because of their social status. But, could you imagine the outrage if the average Beta male worker drone went around his neighborhood everyday with an entourage of young, nubile women? Women would be incensed and instantly move to destroy such a man with verbal venom. (That is, of course, laughable both because women would not associate with such a man – they cannot extract resources from him all at the same time.) In spite of feminism, even in our modern “progressive” times, the practice of holding harems still exists. Polygyny is still legal in these countries to this day:

  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Eritrea
  • Morocco
  • Malaysia
  • Iran
  • Libya

Christianity stamped out the practice of maintaining harems and polygyny in much of the world, starting with missionaries converting people in Africa. However, today as Christianity and the monogamy it enforces both decline the practice is actually seeing somewhat of a revival.

Some even say by bringing it back it is a way for societies to assert their beliefs in defiance of Western “cultural imperialism.” (Ed: The liberal talent for inventing word jumbles in their quest to be eternal victims is as amazing as it is pathetic.) Even though the idea of harems and polygyny is completely and totally at odds with the gender equality feminists claim to worship, we do not hear them condemning actors for maintaining a harem. Quite to the contrary, they will defend the behavior and call men who point out their cognitive dissonance “losers.” We also do not hear them condemning Middle Eastern societies where it is still practiced. But we do often hear invented terms like stare rape, microaggression, and other such nonsense regularly used against Western Betas.

Now you know when you see women scream and throw their panties at rock stars, and orbit dominant males in society, there is a biological and historical reason for their behavior. As with many things in life, it’s winner take all, including all the sex. This is why it is infinitely better for a man’s sex life to choose to be an azzhole than it is to be a nice guy. Niceness gets you nowhere, historically or otherwise, except placed in orbit around a female who will at best take advantage of you to do things and buy stuff for her. Being dominant means women will orbit you instead.

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  • Feminism was invented to liberate women from having to be faithful to beta males (not all men), so they can humiliate themselves and join the harem of alpha males. This is not progress, it is regress, back to ancient times.


  • Christianity is the product of Greco-Roman culture, whereas Judaism and Islam are Semitic. The Greeks and Romans practiced official monogamy (even if men kept mistresses and slave girls on the side), whereas the ancient Jews and Muslims had regulated polygyny. At the time of Christ, Jews were still polygynous and men having multiple wives would have been common in the world of Jesus and his disciples. When Christianity under the influence of Paul’s teachings separated from Judaism and renounced Torah law, it moved toward Roman cultural practices, which included monogamy. Jews remained polygynous until the 4th century, when Christianity became the official religion of Rome and rabbis were pressured to adopt monogamy under threat of persecution. Interestingly, Jews in the Islamic world remained polygynous into the 20th century. There are fascinating accounts of Yemeni Jews with multiple wives who migrated to Israel in the 1950s and were forced to divorce their “excess” wives to enter the country.

    One thing you can say in favor of Islamic polygyny — there were no “illegitimate” children, as children of multiple wives were all recognized as legitimate children of their father, and had inheritance rights (including the daughters). The children of a free man and a slave girl in the Muslim world were also born free and legitimate. That is certainly a better situation to the “monogamy” of Europe that was marred by the common practice of having mistresses and “illegitimate” children who were deprived of legal rights and inheritance.


  • I have a question regarding the assessment on Christianity stamping out harems. A lot of the men in the Old Testament had multiple wives or harems of their own -men that were favored by God- yet Christians seem to always lean toward the idea of monogamy. I, being a Christian myself, lean that way myself but question why/how our practices have evolved in such a way when there’s plenty of evidence in the Bible of the opposite taking place. Do you have any insight on this topic?


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