Women and Monkey Branching

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We might love women but men have to use their wits when dealing with them

Women are consummate manipulators who have impressive natural talents allowing them to extract resources from men and society. Hypergamy, the parasitic, even predatory nature of women, and The Hedonic Treadmill, which powers the consumer waste machine, are the main manifestations of the desire of women to “marry up” and maintain a steady stream of material resources flowing their way. In addition to these important concepts, women are constantly on the lookout for the “bigger, better deal” when it comes to money, status and power. Monkey branching is a creative way of describing the concept of women reaching onward and upward to higher status men.

Here’s how monkey branching works. A woman will reach out for a new branch (a new guy) when her old branch (the old guy) gets “boring” or she’s not “happy” any longer or has located a bigger, better meal ticket to exploit. Sometimes, it’s just the desire to have an adventure or try something different. No matter how good the old guy is, society tells women they can never do any wrong and different equals better.

She will not let go of the old branch until she has a grasp on the new one. This is why women will offer their attention and/or sex up for a dominant Alpha male in a moment’s notice, while holding on to the Beta bucks provider as Mr. Backup until it’s safe to either dump him or divorce rape him. Women know it is hard to get an Alpha male to commit, because unlike the Beta male the Alpha has many options, so she has to “test” her chances of successfully reaching to the new branch without falling off the tree.

Once she has felt her way through and the Rationalization Hamster tells her its safe to leap, she’ll often leave the hapless and clueless Beta male behind, his head swimming as to what just took place. Most men never figure this cruel process out, and even if someone tells them what just happened, they will perform the most impressive mental gymnastics to avoid admitting the truth to themselves. Weak men will let her come back even if her attempt at monkey branching to the higher status male fails. Sometimes women reach back to their old branch if the new branch only wants to pump and dump them and take them for an emotional ride.


Men often enable bad behavior because of their lust for sex

Enabling Bad Behavior

One of the biggest problems is today’s culture allow women to keep swinging and monkey branching from man to man in the quest for the perfect guy. Thus ensues years or decades of carousel riding, only for her to one day wake up and realize men age like wine and women age like milk, and her sexual market value has clabbered. Dating and sex apps, White Knights, feminists, and puss pedestalizers enable this behavior to continue perpetually until she winds up a ball of human wreckage with 20 cats as she hits The Wall.

Because eggs are more valuable than sperm in nature, women will always have more options than men, and thus unless culturally constrained the compulsion to monkey branch and carousel ride will always come out.

I have a personal monkey branching story to share. In a remarkable show of duplicity and cunning, a girl I once dated for 2 years dumped me for a bad boy because I wanted to go to college and she refused to wait for me to visit her. I almost quit school to try and patch things up with her but she only used me to “loan” her money, then sent me away after she got what she wanted from me. As I went back to college, broken hearted and alone she stayed with the bad boy who soon got her pregnant. Almost 10 years later, she wanted to monkey branch back to me when I was in my 30s, after she had two kids from the bad boy. He had turned into a drug addict and apparently the relationship was so bad she once jumped off a building trying to commit suicide. Long story short, she would post status updates on Facebook describing how happy she was with the bad boy, how much she loved him, and how lucky she was to have her family, all while feeling me out minutes later with private messages to see if should could monkey branch back to me with all her baggage. She offered sex to me while praising her then husband online with status updates at the same time. I rejected both her worn out vagina and her.

I refused to be her enabler. Other men should also refuse to enable this type of behavior. It was totally disrespectful towards both me and her husband.


The female urges to monkey branch, carousel, and have children with different partners while society foots the bill has to be curbed

Moving Up

There is a biological reason women exhibit this behavior, however civilized society requires that it be mediated. Women want to increase the chance of survival of their offspring by mating with only the “best” men, and this strategy makes sense in the wild. However, in a civilized society it can be damaging.

Since feminism, women have been free to indulge animal instincts once again. Women of today often have children from two, three, or more fathers. This does create genetic diversity for her offspring however it reduces the incentive for male investment in the family. The gold standard for civilized children is the two-parent household.

In short, women got to indulge their cravings for Alpha men and numerous sexual partners, while good, stable men and families were abandoned for female sexual adventurism. Governments now force Beta males to pay into a system that encourages this type of irresponsible behavior, and even condemns men who speak out against the damage it is doing to society as “sexists” or “misogynists” when in fact those who empowered women to destroy society are more misogynistic than those who want the best for both women and society.

In the ultimate irony, rather than feminism representing progress it represents regress back into a hunter-gatherer type of human society. Allowing women to monkey branch and carousel again means men will not make the necessary investments in stable families to keep the fragile, and new concept of civilization running.

Hopefully, after seeing this behavior laid out and examined it will save you some stress and grief when you see it in action. The skilled player will know to manipulate the situation to stop monkey branching before it starts. Dominance is key. If your partner sees you as dominant, she will be much less likely to stray. Even then, the risk is always there. Never let your guard down or never trust what women say, watch what they do.

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  • “Men would do well to remember that the vast majority of life and liberty can be preserved by the choice to Go Your Own Way. Reject marriage. Reject the military. Reject corporate slavery. Reject chivalry. Reject group consensus on who and what you should be as a man. And reject ANYONE, including your family, who tries to coerce you out of those choices. Do all that, and you have a reasonable shot at a free, happy life. Never forget it is your choice and your responsibility. There are no victims, just volunteers”. –Paul Elam AVFM


  • Even most women who do not actively promote feminism are happy to stand by and watch the male gender get crushed, knowing that even by non-participation, they will ride the coattails of the feminist cause.


  • This is awesome, you dodged the bullet big time!!!
    “I rejected both her worn out vagina and her.”


  • As a middle-aged (beta) male, I can honestly say this article is bang on the money. I’ve seen this pattern occur many times with both myself and other men. At last we have a term do describe this kind of behaviour.


  • Utterly accurate. Men are beginning to catch on after at least five decades of rabid feminism ruining tens of millions of relationships and almost destroying Western Civilization.


    • Very accurate. It is a hard truth to accept. I read Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man”. The above article captures what women actually do. Ignore what a woman says (it is normally a lie) watch instead what she does. It is normally the complete opposite of what she is saying. Women will sh*t test men, and they will play the victim. But they are anything but a victim.


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