Womaning Up While Men Define Our Own Self-Worth


Womaning up means letting go of the princess fantasy so females can be equal to male worker drones

You need to man up! Many times that statement echoes throughout society as women attempt to define male self worth. Conversely, one would never hear a man telling a woman You need to woman up! in Anglo society, for criticism of the female is verboten. Women are allowed to make demands of men, but men are not allowed to make demands of women. This situation is untenable and it skews the balance of power between the sexes in favor of women. After all, if only one side gets to set the conditions of the game, do you think the game is going to be fair? Of course not!

It has come to the point this is little more than thinly disguised male exploitation. The time has come for men’s liberation. Women had their liberation, now it is time for men to have ours. Men need to be freed of the expectations of women and society, and free to make their own choices with regard to what gives them value as a human being. Feminism needs masculism to counterbalance its influences on society. Otherwise, society will continue on the current runaway train to all rights and privileges but no responsibilities for women, stepping on men every step of the way.

The first step is declaring independence from a misandrist culture. Since working hard and playing by the rules is no longer a ticket to a reliable girlfriend, and eventually wife and family, men no longer have any incentive to play the Beta provider game. Here are just a few reasons why men continuing to support the beast that is the gigantic American government with endless hard work and the forced extraction of their tax money is not a winning proposition:

  • It doesn’t take much for a man to live on; most of the surplus production produced by men in society goes to support wasteful female consumerism.
  • Many men will naturally choose to live in smaller homes and less expensive, freer lives once freed of the need to “impress” females.
  • Men are still subjected to slavery in the United States, a nation that pats itself on the back for supposedly banning the practice in 1865 even though it is still alive and well in the family court system. Men have the option to pay or go to jail after a divorce or relationship ends.
  • Women are allowed to criticize men for such petty offenses as leaving the toilet seat up, but men cannot criticize women for leaving the bathroom is a mess with makeup and other toiletry items.
  • Men are being forced to subsidize bad life decisions by women by funding a large welfare state.

Now that we have seen a few ways men are systematically being mistreated by a gynocentric, socialistic state, let’s talk about a few ways men can avoid being snared into the jaws of this trap like a helpless animal.


Women who are not sexist should cheer men on as they look for the same “equality” women achieved through feminism

Game Plan

Men, dutiful workhorses they have been throughout history, need to stop jumping every time women bark commands at them. More so, men need to revolt against they way they’re being treated in society. Here are some of the steps men can take once they have committed to pursuing freedom rather than validation.

  • Downshift to a life of minimalism, and work only the bear minimum support a lifestyle of freedom. This cuts down on revenue paid into a corrupt tax system, and frees up a man’s life to pursue other interests outside career worship.
  • Drive a beater car or a motorcycle.
  • Live in a low-rent apartment or home.
  • Refuse to pay for dates. A Strong, Independent Woman™ surely Don’t Need a Man™ to pay for dinner.
  • Pursue activities that enrich you as a man. Whatever recreational activities you enjoy, do more of.
  • Limit interaction with women to sexual activity. The days of double standards with government policy on sexual activity between two consenting adults is over. Prostitution must be legalized if other sexual activities are now enshrined by the government, including the sanctification of homosexual marriage even though only 1-2% of the population reports being exclusively homosexual.
  • Use extreme caution when having sex with women. Remember, one sperm with a sense of direction is the equivalent of an 18-year sentence of indentured servitude. Rather than shared parenting, the U.S. gives women all the power over children and all the money when a marriage or relationship ends. Legally, the male becomes little more than a sperm donor. Child support reform is desperately needed.
  • Invest in yourself, building your own fortune and aggrandizing your own power. Once women know you have money or power, expect them to start orbiting you. Do not let them sink their claws into you or get too close, as the risks from long term relationships and marriage outweigh the rewards.

Now that we have looked at a few ways men can change their behavior to suit their own choices and happiness rather than bowing to the demands of women and society, let’s look at a few ways women can help share the burdens of society and help make men happy.


It wouldn’t hurt women to have a little sweeter disposition, like in the olden days when women seemed much happier than they do today

Making Demands of Women

Since women adhere to Briffault’s Law, which shows through an anthropological survey of history women with not associate with a man that does not provide money, status, or power, without those three things a man is going to find himself alone. Rather than continuing as whipping boys who obey orders and break our necks trying to obtain money, status, and power via the consumerism machine, the time has come for men to shift to lives of minimalism. Or, if men continue spending their lives to obtain money status and power to attract the opposite sex, men also need to make demands of women if there is to be an even exchange in the economics of relationships. Here are a few ways women can start:

  • Provide some other value to the relationship other than a career (men don’t give a damn about your career).
  • Provide value other than sex to the relationship.
  • Help with household chores like cooking and cleaning.
  • Really, learn how to cook, as cooking is becoming a lost art in Anglo America (living abroad I can guarantee you women here scoff at the idea of cooking being some terrible form of oppression).
  • Cut back on complaining.
  • Cut back on gossip.
  • Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, live within your means.
  • Divorce reform: No more cash and prizes in the divorce court for women.
  • End no fault divorce and make it very hard to dissolve marriage, ’til death do you part means ’til death do you part, not ’til I get upset and throw a temper tantrum.

This list is no more “sexist” than the list of demands women regularly make of men, unless one believes women are superior to men and deserve to make demands. These simple suggestions are a start in liberating men from their outdated roles in society. Many other changes need to be made to balance the scales if equality is really the desired outcome.

This writer’s supposition is that feminism was never about equality as much as it was shifting all power to women in Anglo society, and that any attempts such as these to balance the scales will be met with vitriol and hamster wheel spinning. But men hold the cards in the 21st century. Many of us are deciding to enjoy the decline rather than running around with our asses on fire trying to please a wannabe princess.

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One comment

  • FunkSoulBrother

    A lot of Nice Guys need some help getting touch with their more assertive, and self-directed inner man. I’m not saying the following reading list is just for men. But we are generations of men raised by women (sound familiar? watch Fight Club again, brother!!) and we need to give ourselves permission to feel ok about our feelings and desires. Check these out: No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Upside of Your Dark Side, Asshole, and Thick Face Black Heart philosophy. You won’t end the journey a total jerk, contrary to what a lot of sociopathic socialists (mostly feminists) will tell you. And you’ll be more comfortable with yourself no mater what you choose to do later, because you will be way better informed about your right to be you. Bon Chance, D’Artagnan!!!


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