Your Training is a Sprint


Treat your training like a sprint to the finish

What would happen if you treated training and chasing down physique goals like a sprint? You will get faster results. There are several reasons for this. Our bodies are built to survive. If you train hard and eat the right amount of food and the right kind of food you are bound to get great results. The issue lies in treating results and training like a marathon.

The marathon approach:

  • Treats gains and results like something that will come within 2-3 years
  • Maintains slow momentum and does slow workouts, that produce slow results.

The sprinters approach:

  • Trains as fast as possible with little rest and thinks rest sucks
  • Trains with all of his effort during every workout
  • Eats the diet that produces the fastest results.
  • Does everything fast with a sense of urgency.
  • People think these people have super powers.

Back in school our teachers taught us the silly story of the tortoise and the hare and that the tortoise wins in the end since the hare gets careless. I’m telling you to be both. The hare sprints fast towards the finish; the hare wants results now. The tortoise is slow and consistent. The solution is keeping the speed and intensity of the hare and being consistent like the tortoise.

Do workouts that produce fast results. High rep squats, bench press, dead lifts. They are hard work, and if you love results you won’t care, this means that you begin to approach training as a race to the finish line that you have to win. See how quickly you can get results. Can you cut the learning curve from 6 months to 4 months? This makes a big difference on muscle building and fat loss gains. People have the ability to focus on whatever they want. Focus on the actions and diets that will get you the body you want the fastest. The carb nite diet is extremely effective for fast results.

How to Follow Carb Nite:

  • Eat 30g of carbs for 10 days at first
  • On the 10th day at 6 p.m eat carbs with protein until bed time
  • Eat high glycemic carbs
  • Cakes, ice cream, and pizza are good choices
  • It is only for 1 night
  • Then only have a carb nite once per week

You cannot have carbs before nighttime on this diet. Eat carbs with protein to start the carb nite. Then you can have donuts if you like, pizza, candy, or ice cream. It sounds like hocus pocus, it does work though. The next week it is every 6-7 days that you have a carb nite. This means that you eat a minimum of 5 straight days at 30 grams of carbs or less.

If you are very undisciplined just follow a flexible dieting system. Both systems work great. I prefer carb nite since I am a meat fanatic and love eating high fat foods. Whichever system gets you the fastest results is the one that you need to be doing. For training, follow my next level fat loss routine. (See more about fat loss training). A calorie deficit or a keto diet works best with this system.

A lot of people are scared to treat this like an all out sprint. With this aggressive approach you will shred body fat and become an animal in the gym. If you’re a woman you will become a goddess. You need aggressive and fast visions if you want to get results. The body is an adaptive machine – if you give it the right stimulus to adapt it will. It will also get lazy if you allow it to. This is where people often screw up, they don’t truly command their body. They allow their body to make decisions for them. Most of the time you can get one more rep. You can wait 1 more hour before you eat. You need to push further into the deep water and past the comfort zone than you thought was possible. Push your mind when you are dieting. We train our bodies to be tough and strong at the gym. Why don’t you train your mind, spirit and emotions to have the strength and courage to endure the diet? Mainly, because fear gets in the way. We all still have the same fight-or-flight instincts that our ancestors have. If you get hunger pangs, your life isn’t in danger and you aren’t going to die. Our brain just interprets this as such.

This is why you should recognize this and laugh. Laughing at it is all that you can do. On carb nite you can eat slightly more food, but it is still a good idea to track calories in MyFitnessPal. Doing this will get you to the finish line faster. You will also be less hungry on carb nite. Keep meals at most to 3 a day.

Many people are scared of intermittent fasting. I have found that Greg from Kinobodys method works most effectively for me. His style of fasting is simple and can be implemented today. Don’t eat until you have been awake for 6 hours. He says it is okay to eat after being up for 4 hours. I have found that 6 works great for me. I am able to get massive amounts of work done, go to the gym and be a productivity machine with this method. This combined with the keto diet has taken my fat loss to the next level. I will send out a more detailed guide of this in the near future. The objective of this post was to get you guys to understand that you need to treat things with the sprinters approach, aim to get results as quickly as possible.

Fast results are possible if you do the work that yields fast results. Take things to the next level and demand forward progress. Your mental approach or strategy is what will determine what kind of actions you take. Additionally, you can apply the death ground strategy to your training. This is the strategy where you give yourself 1 day to get the exact day you want. Your back is against the wall and you have to do whatever it takes to get through the obstacle. As you know the obstacle is the way. Go through the obstacle if you want to get the reward. What would happen if you started to really go for it? What would happen if you started to go all in with everything – all in everyday? What if you trained as intense as possible every time you went to the gym? What if you talked to everybody you wanted to talk to men and women?

I know from experience you would live a stronger, free life. Most of us aren’t free, we are just slaves of our own minds and our own prejudices. Set your mind free. This is what you need to do. There are very few things that haven’t been thought about before. Almost all of our ideas came from someone else. To take it to the next level you have to find a way to come up with new, original ideas. Then have the discipline to master your execution. Execution is more important than your idea. Ideas are worthless without implementation.


Take it to the next level


Take things to the next level. Getting your to do list done will do more for your life than thinking about ideas all day. Thinkers aren’t as rich as doers. If you get in the habit of doing you will enjoy getting things done more. Be the one that does it. Take pride in the doing. Massive action and doing the work is what will lead to achievement. The people I have met that accomplish a lot, are almost always professional in their ability to take action. The professional does the work whether he feels like it or not. Be a pro if you want results. Professionalism is a quality that is vaguely taught at best. People need to be taught that success demands professionalism. Whatever you are doing take pride in doing it well, and take pride at doing it every day. Professionals get their work done every day. This is why they achieve a lot in their life.

To do this you have to do a lot of work and take a lot of action. Massive action and movement is what will improve your life. Theories and strategies are great only if you use them. If you do the work, you need to have a strategy. Having a strategy will help you to get the work done. If you are full of theories and you don’t use them then you are wasting your brilliant mind. You need to be eager to get the work done and move forward. The professionals show up to work each day with the intent to progress and move forward. This is the difference between professional behavior and unprofessional behavior. Professional behavior means that you do what needs to be done to win and advance.

A lot of people dislike talking about winning. This is a mistake. Winners talk about, and think about winning. Winning leads to winning. Floyd Mayweather once said that he never thought about losing. Floyd only thought about winning. This is partly why he had such a successful career. If anyone listens to Floyd talk you will notice immediately that he uses positive self-talk. Floyd treats himself like a treasured friend. Floyd backs this up with his extreme professionalism and dedication. Ask anyone who knows, Floyd does the work. If you have great self-talk and you take consistent daily action and do the work you can and will advance. You need to focus your intent. If you have no intent, you have no purpose. Your intent matters.

If you are intending to grow bigger quads and you aren’t doing high rep squats, you’re not really interested in big quads. I have been doing high rep squats after heavy sets for 3-4 months now. I have noticed that my work capacity has improved and my quads have gotten bigger. High rep squats are tough, I will say that. If you want to be an achiever and a doer then you only think about the reward it will give you. Make a mindset shift: High Rep Squats build Beastly quads, and ferocious intensity. This teaches you to be a benefits thinker. Being a benefits thinker will promote more action. You see so many benefits that you have to do more. You can’t wait to keep taking action and achieve results. You have to dominate and conquer something. When you are used to the taste of success and accomplishment you never want to go back to the life of failure. This means that you begin to work to create as much success and as much accomplishment as possible. Get it to the next level.

Create your own success. Success only comes when you are at work and getting things done. More work equals more success. Figure it out and keep working and dominating. Work is the reward, work brings reward. A love of work, or consistency of work always brings rewards and prizes. Good things come to those who work. That is a phrase that will get you places. Whoever hasn’t figured that out yet, will be stuck in comfort forever.

A comfortable, mediocre life is what stops you from achieving success. You’re so worried about safety and comfort you forgot how to get success. Success never comes to those who are looking for safety and comfort. People who are successful are willing to be uncomfortable, and are comfortable with uncertainty. People want a guarantee that something works before trying it out. The new way is to try something first and then say if it works. This is the only way to get real objective results.

Test and experiment with yourself. Science is based on other people, instinct is the study of yourself. You have to use the law of cause and effect. This states that you have to pay the full price before you get the result. You reap what you sow. Everything you do or don’t do has an effect. You have to use this law if you want to live a full life. I am grateful for what I have and I consistently overcome challenges. It is never the target that is the problem. A lack of action is what is causing you to get lousy results. It doesn’t matter who you are if you do the work and take massive action you can get the results. This is what no one wants to accept. They just think that there is some magic pill they can find and take instead of using the law of cause and effect. Every result you have gotten is because of the cause. The result is the effect, and the action is the cause.

Success in training for your physique is tied into the amount of positive actions you take in order to build your body and your physique. People need to take full responsibility for their results or lack there of. Once you take full responsibility for every thought and every action it will be easier to understand how the world works. Everyone experiences the world differently. If you take full responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, and your actions you will have more personal power than most.

This is the difference in someone who is successful and someone who isn’t. It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you, it’s what you think is true that isn’t. People get so caught up in their current identity they never grow. You have to think about how the ultimate vision of yourself would act. I enjoy using this mindset exercise. If I were the world heavyweight champion how would I act? When I do that my whole day improves. Since you are irrational, you can brainwash yourself. Use your brain, don’t become a slave to it. The strongest version of yourself does the work and has no problem taking action on any problem. This is what people don’t do. They never think about the outcome they want. Choose your vision, not fear. You can’t focus on more than one thing at a time. Focus on your vision and what you are trying to create.

People focus on their fears and what they don’t want. What do you want? What is your vision? Asking these questions throughout the day can help you focus better and get more done. Would the strongest version of myself behave in this manner? Live for action, the strongest version of yourself is an action taker that does what it takes. You need to let go of your need for certainty. There are no guarantees and there never will be any guarantees. Keep showing up everyday and keep doing the work no matter how bad you may think it is. You have to learn to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability. I have also noticed that successful people accept that they don’t know everything, while the unsuccessful have an answer for everything. This causes them to make foolish decisions and mistakes.

If you are a writer and you aren’t writing at least 1,500 words per day, you are not a writer. You have to do the work and get the experience. There is no something for nothing in the world. If you want something you have to think about it, make a plan to get it, and execute the plan. A lot of people get too focused on the details of the plan instead of focusing on the actions they need to take. This is another common error. Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be clear. You need to know what you need to do.

Once you have come up with a simple plan, executing it should be easy. If it is simple and has clear directions then you can to get to work now. You need to get to work now, whenever something needs to get done, just do it now. I make sure to get my writing in early in the day, this way I take advantage of when the day is quiet and less noisy. I have written so much that I have learned how to deal with noise. I have also learned to train myself to be uncomfortable. The lesson I have learned is that if you are comfortable than you are getting soft. To me, the need for safety and comfort is pathetic.

You don’t need to know if something is going to work before doing it. Rely on instincts not science. Science is the study of others, instincts is the study of yourself. You need to really go for it and put it all on the line. You will never run out of opportunities to go all in. All in everyday. Many say it, few live it. When I wanted to increase my squat I started squatting everyday. Same goes with writing. At first I had writers block. Now, I have loads of material and a ton of unedited posts, due to the frequency of writing activity. I have learned that continuous movement with writing and living leads to great momentum that I want to keep. Keep your momentum. Do whatever it takes to maintain momentum. If this is unrealistic to you it is because you haven’t taught yourself to be better than you currently are. In sports this is called playing big. Do you play big? Or do you play small?

Players with low confidence play small. The ones who play huge are the ones who get the rewards. You have to take personal responsibility for your mindset, results and performance. This will lead to great results. If you see yourself as having control and being a proactive person, someone who takes the initiative then you will have a better self-image than the majority. Learn and master, taking the initiative.

Most people are timid and shy. I learned this because I have observed that I am always the one who initiates conversations with others. People in today’s age are loaded with fears and insecurities, this leads them to be timid. Talk to people and initiate conversation. Do the same thing with the workouts be the one who is working, instead of watching others in the gym. Remember that the gladiators are too busy in the arena to notice other people. If you are focused on what other people are doing, then you are no longer a gladiator, you are a spectator. Get in the arena and stay in the arena. Taking massive action and getting things done is living in the arena. If you’re not looking to advance and progress then what are you doing. You have to learn to force yourself to take action.

Anyone can do something when they want to do it.

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One comment

  • For anyone considering a low card diet, keep in mind that it is ROUGH, especially if you are used to a higher carb diet. You’re going to feel weak, exhausted, and in a fog for the first few days. On top of that, you’ll be craving carbs no matter how much you eat. A few ways to alleviate these symptoms are to salt everything you eat (you’ll lose a lot of salt on a low carb diet), drink coffee, stay hydrated, and consume an assortment of fats (animal fats, butter, coconut oil, avocados, etc.).

    Also, big yes on the squats. I’ve been doing the 5×5 routine for about a month now and I already see a huge improvement in my legs.


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