Betas Are Boring Because They Have to Be


She’s bored but Betas get the excitement sucked out of them when they’re responsible contributors to society

Women often cast aside “boring” men just as they would throw out last night’s garbage. It doesn’t matter what a Beta has done for her as much as what he’s done for her lately. So, he got his leg blown off in war protecting against invaders. But, Becky’s husband just bought her a new Lexus. If Beta boy doesn’t deliver, she’ll drop his dismembered ass like a hot potato. To be a successful Beta, a man has to not only bring home the bacon and give his money away freely and without reservation, he also has to be the equivalent of a comedy channel on cable TV. He must be entertaining, engaging, and eternally fun to be around.

Unfortunately, in order to become successful and productive member of society a Beta must do boring things, and he must do them well. It is a lot of work to become a Beta, even though society and women will never thank you, they will just demand more and more as The Hedonic Treadmill accelerates out of control. This prevents the Beta from developing the devil may care attitude and ready to go anywhere and do anything on a moment’s notice disposition of the carefree Alpha or Sigma.

This is a partial listing of the things that make Beta males so terribly boring to emotionally driven women. It’s easy to see how these list items suck the energy, life, and entertainment value out of Betas, as they must dedicate 40 to 60 hours a week of themselves to their jobs alone. (The average full time employee now puts in 47 hours a week!) To be a successful provider drone, men must dutifully do the following with their lives:

  • Get an education
  • Get a job
  • Keep a job
  • Maintain good credit
  • Develop a trustworthy reputation
  • Spend time supporting the community
  • Become kitchen bitches

Let’s delve into the life script of a Beta Bux provider and see if it’s appealing to you. To me, the life of a slave and becoming the human equivalent of a pack mule is repellant, so from the onset you’ll know why I ran away from this existence after figuring out the ruse thanks to the Red Pill Enlightenment of the early 21st century.


All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy

Put on Your Beta Boy Pants

So, you want to become a Beta provider and gamble your entire life and fortune on a feckless and fickle female? Here’s the road to a lifetime of thankless labor and submission to females and bosses. It all begins with that most vaunted and worshipped of institutions, the magic education.

Study hard! While other young men are out plowing promiscuous girls after school, drinking and partying it up, and acting irresponsibly, it’s straight home for you to crack some books and earn those A’s (and occasional B’s). Teachers ensure you your hard work will pay off someday and you believe them. After all, even though as an adult man you will need comparatively little monetary resources to live a happy and fulfilling life, you aren’t going to be living for yourself as much as living to power a lifestyle of wasteful female consumerism. Therefore, you must dedicate yourself to earning the highest salary in the neighborhood for your future female master to exploit, otherwise you will be cast aside with the other incel Betas who live a life of porn and masturbation.

Kiss ass. Now that you have the rubber stamp from State U or some other institution of liberal indoctrination, it’s time to begin kissing ass, playing office politics, supplicating to female HR directors, and all sorts of fun at your new office space. Soon, you will be a real life Peter Gibbons from Office Space.

We don’t have a lot of time on this earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way! Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements.

Don’t rebel against the machine like Peter did, though. To keep those paychecks coming for your lady to spend, you have to brown nose and play the game. Don’t challenge authority. Just accept it. Remember, you’re here forever. (Or until another corporate merger or new “-ism” law of some type pushes you into the unemployment line.)

Worship the FICO. As a newly minted Beta drone, your objective in life now is to get and spend as much money as you can. Rather than living inexpensively for a decade or so to save up as much money as you can, and then invest that money for a life of future freedom, you will be catering to your wife’s whims. These whims will change each time a new fashion designer makes a splash, a new cookie-cutter SUV box on wheels comes out, she sees something on TV, or her friend Becky remodels her house. Therefore, you must maintain sterling credit, paying interest into the system rather than earning interest out of it as an investor. You must be ready to whip out the American Express or a car loan at a moment’s notice, depending on the tastes of your master/wife.

Be the nice guy. Feel like punching the shit out of that smart ass that just insulted you? No can do. As a Beta provider, you must learn to sublimate your emotions, hiding them deep within. You must learn to allow men, and especially women to walk all over you because you are the coolheaded nice guy in the community. Without this sterling reputation, such as if someone posts negative stories about you on social media, you aren’t bankable on the cubicle farm. The role model for Beta providers like yourself is Ned Flanders, minus the religion in the New America’s Christophobic culture. When you aren’t putting in 50 hours a week or more for thankless bosses, you’ll need to go to functions that “serve the community” i.e. those that allow your superiors to preen and polish their public image at your expense.

Be a kitchen bitch. Cooking may be oppression for women, but not for you, lowly male! While she texts Alpha affair guy, you must be in the kitchen whipping up gourmet meals for her, and if you’re lucky, the progeny she has now given you which may or may not be yours biologically. Put on your apron, tuck your scrotum neatly between your legs, and smile as you have completed the qualifications for becoming a completely gelded, used up husk of a man who benefits everyone else and their happiness instead of his own. After you finish cooking dinner, remember, a good kitchen bitch always cleans up and does the dishes afterwards.

Or, Go Your Own Way

If that lifestyle sounds abhorrent to you, you have the option to go your own way. It’s not politically correct to declare your freedom from being exploited like this, but the choice is either to live for yourself or live for everyone else. If there was a reasonable payoff for this sacrifice, as there was under patriarchy and over the course of 5,000 years of marriage worldwide, it would be understandable. But the current arrangement is nothing but male labor and resource provisioning exploitation.

It is worth adding if you behave like a Beta provider you will not be respected by women. She will get more demanding and you will get more desperate to jump through her hoops as time goes on. Just look at how many demands have already been placed on men, detailed in the above listing, enough to consume all the Beta’s waking hours from his youth on through his death. As long as the checks are clearing and she is receiving benefits for associating with you, she’ll hang around although she’ll probably be lusting after stronger men and assholes (i.e. the romance novel genre proves this) or acting on her desires for Alpha Fux as more and more women do these days.

This life is the height of ridiculousness, to me, to pay for a bunch of junk people really don’t need. Better to not participate than play in a game that has been shamlessly tilted. It’s a sad commentary on the misandry in our society when it takes so little to make men happy, yet women refuse to do anything that might bring some life into a worker drone’s life, unless he has some money she wishes to extract from him. So, our choice is to be the boring Beta who gets crumbs off the sexual table if he’s lucky, or the asshole Alpha who gets puss thrown at him. As has been said before here at TNMM, there is no nice way of dealing with women if you want to keep one around.

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  • I have to be boring because my career requires an unblemished record and clean living. Girls get turned off by this. They prefer blokes who can drink and smoke at work, stay up all night, get in brawls, have a few minor drug convictions etc. DJs, bar tenders, ‘businessmen’ and so on fit the bill. I nevertheless do okay because of my foreign charm.
    I’ve been watching a series about the backgrounds of notorious criminals. What so they all have in common? Platoons of hot young women pursuing them, that’s what. Oh, and no father figure, just by the by.
    Look up Tough Nuts: Australia’s Hardest Criminals on YouTube.


    • Relampago Furioso

      You are absolutely right. What do the mass shooters in prison all have in common? Hot, young bitches falling over themselves to fuck them. Practically all violent criminals share this fortune, being chased after by women. When I was younger I gave a girl a chance to escape the bad neighborhood she was in when I had my “good boy” career. She ended up getting pregnant by an ex-con a couple of years later. An ugly fucker at that. Women are train wrecks, don’t get caught up in the crash. She’s still in the bad neighborhood.

      Liked by 1 person

  • I have a perfect fico score. I made top dollar. I put all my reduced retirement money into an investment account. My wife has little interest in me. I’m in my early 60’s. I wish I had the internet growing up. I’m not the least bit interested in living to 70. Don’t buy into this system.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wonder how many men are truly like yourself? Sacrificing everything to make shitloads of cash just to get pussy only to have it be completely disappointing….she only fucks you maybe once a month if that….maybe pooped out a few kids……she is fucking around on you with the maintenance guy who is an ex con and doesn’t give a shit about anything. I think a lot of these top finance guys, doctors, lawyers, etc. actually probably are like this. In fact I think some of these dudes practically but their wives as prostitutes kind of like Donald trump and I really think his current marriage is a prostitution scheme.


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