Men Don’t Matter: Alimony Reform Bills Fail


Male utility is what women crave, even after they dispose of the man providing it

A tepid attempt at reducing the amount of alimony men must pay has failed to become law in Florida, as conservative Rick Scott vetoed a bill supporting alimony reform that passed the state House and Senate. As previously pointed out by the TNMM, modern American women still feel they have rights to a man’s income for the rest of their lives after a divorce, while hypocritically claiming to be strong, empowered women who Don’t Need a Man™. Don’t try to figure out the logic in those conflicting claims, they’re part of a collective Hamster Rationalization.

So, even if a man becomes unemployed, retires, or even becomes disabled he still must find a way to pay for his previous use of the Golden Vagina after a failed marriage, even if the marriage failed because of female infidelity, and another man or men are currently using the vagina in question. According to Florida Politics:

The bill also would have changed the way Florida judges could award alimony. The measure would have allowed the courts to reduce alimony payments if there was a substantial change in circumstance. That could mean the person paying the alimony becomes unemployed or reaches the age to receive full Social Security benefits.

So, slavery persists in the Land of the Free no matter how much patting themselves on the back politicians perform and how much they burnish their claims of superior morality. Only, it doesn’t matter if men are being enslaved to pay for women. See how that works? Orlando Weekly details the weak nature of the reform, proving that wrenching women’s collective hands off men’s wallets is easier said than done.

The legislation awaiting lays out a formula based on the lengths of marriages and the incomes of spouses for judges to use as a guide when determining alimony payments.

In a nutshell, if alimony is not going to be based on income or even the length of marriage, there’s even more weight behind the advice don’t do it boys. Women hold all the cards. In a righteous world, or the “equal” world feminists claim is their ideal women wouldn’t need to be paid alimony.

The mentality of women, that they have “rights” to an ex-husbands income is yet another way marriage is shown to be a sophisticated form of prostitution. Women want to be paid for the rest of their lives in exchange for getting married.


Nice legs, better to be the Alpha that gets between them for free than the Beta who spends a lifetime paying for the privilege

South Carolina

South Carolina was also moving a bill through the House that would have provided alimony reform, tepid as it may have been. Reforms often come in bite-size bits, so men should not expect immediate abandonment of a system that takes advantage of men and assumes women are weaklings than can’t support themselves after a divorce. The South Carolina bill, championed by divorce lawyer Brian Katonak would have changed alimony from being lifetime entitlement for women and lifetime enslavement for men, reducing it to a percentage-based period of indentured servitude.

  • A person married less than 5 years would not receive alimony.
  • Someone married from 5 to 10 years would receive alimony for 20 percent of the time spent married. So if they were married for 10 years, they would receive alimony for up to 2 years.
  • 10 to 20 years is 30 percent of the time spent married.
  • 20 to 30 years is 40 percent.
  • Those married 30 or more years would receive alimony for 50 percent of the time married.

Feminists should have thrown the full “weight” (heh) of their support behind this bill, as it encourages them to pursue the avenues of personal fulfillment they claim to worship.

It places a certain amount of responsibility on the person receiving the alimony. So if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you have a duty to go out in the workforce and try to better yourself.

However, this bill also failed once it advanced to the South Carolina Senate, because of “shenanigans” of divorce lawyers. As reported by Divorce Corp, divorce has become a $50 billion industry in America and reform would mean less profit and less influence for lawyers. So, we have two spectacular failures of very weak alimony reform in the first half of 2016, proving men don’t matter to the system nor the women that profit from their labor.


A white dress symbolizes virginity – Western women definitely don’t live up to that standard in 2016 so why marry them?

Don’t Do It

The failure to end or even make minor reductions in the amount of resources the state forcefully takes from men and hands to women means this message needs to be shouted from the rooftops all across America: Don’t get married! Ever! The longer you stay married, the higher the premium will be for the vagina you once used. Getting married literally means you are okay with someday being turned into a financial slave if the marriage doesn’t work out, you get a pretty piece of paper certifying the state’s blessing of your marriage to hang on a wall, and you have turned yourself into a gelded man with no legal power whatsoever.

Who wants to do that? Especially when today’s women won’t marry until impact with The Wall is imminent and Alpha males got to fuck her for free while you get to spend the rest of your life paying for the privilege. The failure of modest alimony reform is proof Anglo America and its entitled women view men as nothing more than disposable meal tickets to be exploited. Only, they want the meal ticket to still be valid even after the man providing it has been disposed of. Better to go your own way than enter into system as corrupt as that.

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  • I recently heard a heartwarming story about the left eating itself. An acquaintance was a conservative, married man with three children. His wife divorced him, moved interstate with the kids and later decided to become a lesbian.
    Taking advantage of our new, enlightened laws, she officially married her lady lover – and was shocked when her alimony was cut off.
    I wonder what will happen when lesbians start divorcing each other. How will the court decide who to enslave?


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