The Never-Ending Female Shit Test


Whether stress or money, there are significant and continuing costs when dealing with women

Shit tests are never-ending tests women put men through to see if they’re worthy of a visit to the love cave. Women toss out hoops for men to jump through from the time they meet them, as a way of measuring men’s “worthiness” as love interests. An Alpha finds a way of not jumping through the hoops and tosses of his own hoops right back at her. A Beta begins a tragic, never-ending loop of jumping through shit test hoops, with the difficulty of each test progressing until his resources have been consumed by a predatory female and at long last, he has no way of jumping through her hoops anymore and he is placed into the discard pile.

Many young men today are indoctrinated by an anti-male education system to turn themselves into walking wallets and doormats for women, not understanding this is exactly the reason why most women want absolutely nothing to do with them in their teens and 20s. As they become jaded and bitter towards their mistreatment by women, often used for drinks and dinner with nothing to reward them, many turn into MGTOWs or Red Pill men. Some say these men become misogynistic the truth is they become realists about male and female relationships. Red Pill author H.L. Mencken deflects this argument in his 1918 book In Defense of Women:

Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.

Once a man has entered a relationship with a woman in a submissive (i.e. Beta) role, her psychological taunting and tormenting continue throughout the relationship. Evolutionarily speaking, women do this as a way of seeing if a man’s resource provisioning is on par with what she wants it to be, in other words to see if he has resources at his disposal which she can command at will. Secondly, she does it as a way of seeing if he can still attract other women with his resources. Women will shit test an Alpha to see if he stands up to her and if he is still dominant. Either way, a man can expect shit tests from women. They’re built in to every woman’s psychology.

Shit tests often come in the form of ultimatums or demands for material and or consumer purchases. The common wisdom here at TNMM is that if you are dealing with women, you will pay for the sexual interaction one way or the other, whether through playing unending psychological games as an Alpha or Sigma, buying her shit as a Beta, or renting by the hour in jurisdictions where prostitution messes up the effectiveness of marriage scam. Additionally, women will also stir up shit between men so see which one in the group comes out on top as a way of shit testing to find the Alpha.

After learning this many men realize, yes, there’s a reason the Bible warns men about women from cover to cover. This Bronze Age document in many ways is vastly superior to today’s advice from educated fools pushing liberal talking points about the supposed superior virtue of women.

Unfortunately, shit tests are never-ending, which leaves men with the following options.


Learning to dodge hoops, jump through them or avoid them all together sums up female interaction

Be Her Clown or Be the MGTOW

There are many positive things to be said about learning and practicing Game. It teaches men to avoid hoop jumping, and encourages them to make women jump through hoops instead. However, for a rational personality this means an unending and ridiculous cycle of mind games with women just to get sexual access and getting a woman to pretend to love you. Arguably, Game can be repeated until it becomes rote memorized in the mind of the average man. For others, it will be a constant psychological burden.

The difference between adapting to play women’s games or saying to hell with games is the difference we see in the manosphere between the Gamers and the MGTOWs. As a man ages and gains experience with women, he may decide keeping one around is not worth the cost – whether it be financial or psychological cost, or both. German metal artist Unhelig puts it this way in a great song: I’m no longer your clown.

Until laws change and men are given equal standing in society and Betas aren’t enslaved by male-hating laws, men should avoid financial and legal entanglements with predatory females. A commenter on the Reddit MGTOW forum gives us the play by play:

THINK ABOUT THE FOLLOWING: Are we, as men, actively seeking out women for any ulterior motive, other than simple, natural, biological, sexual attraction? No, our intentions are pure. Then why shouldn’t the same rules apply to women, once they are prepared to grow up, and give up on the idea that sex should be used a weapon used to hold men hostage with, in order to get their long list of demands met? I’m not a fucking donkey you lure with a carrot and a stick.

Shit testing is how women use the weapon of sex to get men to start jumping through hoops. Whether Gaming and pumping and dumping or becoming MGTOW or making all interaction with women strictly pay for play in nature, the best thing men can do is stay out of the tangled web women have weaved in society in which having relationships and getting married amounts to nothing more than playing a very sophisticated game of prostitution. The fact more people don’t see modern marriage as just that – a form of legalized prostitution – shows us how far down the primrose path of female supremacy Anglo society has wandered. Once again, H.L. Mencken gives men sage advice:

Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn’t they’d be married too… Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.

In any case, men should see shit tests for what they are, and realize than when entering a relationship with women, they’re entering into a never-ending cycle of mental manipulation and torment. Does the cost-benefit analysis work out? Rest assured if you as a man aren’t running the analysis, the woman you’re talking to definitely is. And she will shit test every step of the way to probe just how much her investment in you is worth.

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  • I can’t help but feel like the women described in your article are at least exhibiting a lot of narcissistic traits if not completely disordered. She seems to have no goals of her own outside of having an “alpha male.” Is a supportive, nurturing woman that can raise healthy children going to be this hyper ganoid, never ending shit testing child? No. That’s just an entitled brat.


  • I date women for a few months at a time. When I get bored of them or they start to become annoying, I wait until they commit an egregious shit test and I use that as a pretest for dumping them.
    E.g. a girl send one of those ‘boo hoo you never do anything nice for me’ mails. I replied, ‘ok, I can see I can’t make you happy, goodbye.’


  • “… when entering a relationshit with women, they’re entering into never-ending cycle of manipulation and torment.” Cue up Slayer’s South of Heaven or Hell Awaits.


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