American Slavery: Man Paying Child Support for Another Man’s Kid


The court system continues destroying families and penalizing men

As if men needed any more evidence the American court system practices misandry, believes in the credo of gynocentrism and slavery still exists in America, Chris Atkins has spent 11 years paying for a daughter that is not his, and is still being forced by the court system to pay for another man’s daughter even though officials know the child isn’t his. Beyond the shame of being cucked, and “manning up” to marry a woman under false pretenses, now Atkins has to bear the burden of slavery until the girl reaches the age of his emancipation, which in Colorado is 19 years old.

Even though a DNA test has revealed the daughter is not his, Atkins is still on the hook. His child support payment is a whopping $730 a month, and he has to pay or go to jail only because his name is on the birth certificate. He cannot be taken off the birth certificate without the real father signing it. Making this story even worse, the genetic father of the child, a Mr. Lonnquist, refuses to sign the birth certificate for his own daughter so Atkins can be released from child support responsibility. And, the man who won’t claim responsibility for his own daughter is the man mom, Lori, wants to spend her life with.

Further proving how inept and ridiculous family court law is, Atkins has been denied contact with the girl for 4 years, but her genetic father has not been denied contact. Atkins told the press:

It doesn’t make any sense to me. I just want my daughter, but I can’t even see her, but yet I’m still paying child support. And the biological father has been found and he gets to spend time with her. I don’t get nothing.


Atkins will have paid $166,000 in fraudulent child support charges for sexual access to this prize, even though she cucked him and committed paternity fraud

This story is a classic cautionary tale of predatory Anglo women using Betas for bucks in the age of the Law of the Jungle after feminism. Atkins was dating his girlfriend (the fat slob at the left) for only a short time, when she ended up preggers. Not knowing his girlfriend Lori was pregnant with another man’s spawn, and crucially after she neglected to tell him she had been taking cum shots from another dude, he manned up and married her, then signed his name on the birth certificate and as far as the law is concerned, that was enough to enslave a man to pay for another man’s child – DNA tests and predatory female behavior be damned. Men aren’t anything but check writers and sperm donors to the American family court system, and to most women. After only a couple of years of marriage, Lori cashed her Beta meal ticket (Atkins) in for divorce court lottery winnings, and the poor bastard has been paying child support ever since.

Lori let the ruse that Atkins was the father go on over a decade – 11 years – before the couple had a spat and she decided to change the last name of her daughter to Lonnquist, the name of the man who she must have known was the father the entire time. Atkins recounts that incident made him suspicious.

So the alarms went off and we had a DNA test done and she’s not my biological daughter that I raised for 11 years.

Ya think, dude? You should have got suspicious when she ended up pregnant so quickly and wanted you to put a ring on it. This incident is entirely predictable in that women will trade 5 years of Beta for 5 minutes of Alpha. Cheating and lying is engrained into the very fabric of women in their dealings with men. She gets the Alpha seed and Beta boy gets to pay for it. Tragic? Yes. Entirely predictable? Yes. The 2006 book Sperm Wars details how women will often seek out two or more men during a single cycle. She is also drawn to seek out the more “Alpha” of the two men during her most fertile period. In this manner, it’s as though nature has psychologically and biologically designed women for Alpha Fux, Beta Bux trickery.

What is even more amazing is the family court system lets this behavior go on under the guise of protecting women and children, when the feminist narrative constantly berates men and screams women in the 21st century Don’t Need a Man™. Atkins said his motives for revealing this sordid story of cuckoldry and predatory female behavior are so people can know about the injustices being meted out in the court system today:

You know, I don’t want pity, I just want everybody to know this is happening. It’s not right, it is not right.

No, it’s not right which is why giving women all rights and privileges but no responsibilities amounts to cultural and societal suicide.


The Scorpion and The Frog

Potential Betas out there: equate this story with the tale of The Scorpion and the Frog. The fable is used to illustrate that fundamentally vicious natures cannot change, in this case the behavior of women towards Beta providers that they hate so much.

A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

Young men out there, think of women as the scorpion. It is their nature to use and abuse Beta providers. I have personally witnessed this time and time again in my life, and this case, sad as it is, comes as absolutely no surprise to me. You must be the Alpha male in today’s sexual market or you are signing yourself up for a lifetime of slavery and pain. Even the Bible warns men about the risks of dealing with women, but thanks to the lobotomy imposed by liberalism, this ancient wisdom has been forgotten.

This is such a disgusting case of financial rape and cuckoldry on so many levels in a society that insanely thinks women can do no wrong. If Lori had any sense of morality at all, she’d have the child support order dropped. Yet, in the lamestream media Lori has remained essentially blameless. The fact she pulled off this feat, robbing a man of over $166,000 (assuming $730 a month for 19 years) for a child that isn’t his screams women have no sense of morality. This is paternity fraud of the highest order.

If men can be held accountable for over $166,000 in a court system for children that aren’t theirs, women need to be held accountable for paternity fraud with jail time to back it up to balance the scales. In the age of DNA testing and Realtalk about women, this abuse of men by women and in the American court system must stop.

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  • DNA tests should be a standard part of registering a birth in developed countries, and should have been ten years ago.


  • I gave up thinking about the wickedness of the courts in the USA. I wrote enough letters daily to every possible gov. official. Nothing helped. Now I think Trump is the best option.


  • The EU bureaucracy is now threatening a hiring freeze against men if women don’t reach 40% of all middle, upper, and executive staff in government agencies. Where’s the mandatory 40% deployment of women to the front lines and the freeze on male deployment until women’s battle deaths match men’s?

    Let’s have reparations for men’s deaths and ban men from front line combat until women experience the millions of battle deaths that men suffered throughout history. This is blatant male discrimination and government enforced male disposability. It’s right out there in the open. There’s no attempt to hide male hatred. Not even carefully worded manipulation. And it’s all being promoted under the guise of equality – the man hating feminist’s supposed god.

    Society thrives off of male disposability and always has. Why aren’t men fighting back? They’re brainwashed from birth to believe that men are inherently bad and women are inherently good – so men should bear the worst that society has to offer.

    Schools and universities are now nothing more than Marxist mass production facilities that create white hating, man hating Nazis. The government writes laws and policies that mandate accepted speech and destroy those that dare to dissent – preventing anyone from getting jobs in these deeply misandric, deeply anti-white Marxist training facilities who don’t pledge loyalty to the dear leader and liberalism.

    The state and federal governments support and further anti-white, anti-male policies and laws. Why? The DNC said it best in the latest Wiki Leaks leak. The goal is to gain power and support from non-whites. It’s no secret the left is made up nearly entirely of non-whites, feminists, single women and successfully brainwashed white male Marxists. Liberals are literally a white hating, man hating party of bigots and racists.

    The major goal of the left is to mass import as many foreigners as possible to destroy capitalism and create their utopian socialist Hades hole.

    As you might have guessed, I’m a white male. I’m also a member of the ‘oppressive patriarchy’ feminists most love to hate. Turns out the patriarchy are the only rational men left alive – so I’m now attending the meetings.

    Was reading a post on a feminist site the other day with a title that read, “Does Misandry Exist?” I had to really laugh at the comments by feminists. One posted that she wasn’t comfortable with the word misandry because it implied that men suffered as much as women through institutionalized misogyny. Hilarious.

    Feminists didn’t demand equality with men until men made it safe for them to have equality with men. Feminists were given their equality on a silver platter by men when they demanded it. They didn’t fight and die for their rights the way men did. Instead, they simply demanded their rights as a result of men’s deaths. That’s because feminists want equality without the expectation of responsibility. They want men to fight and die for female privilege.

    Institutionalized misogyny? Men get far harsher sentences for the same crimes and that’s institutionalized misogyny? The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support goes from men to women and that’s institutionalized misogyny? The male-only draft is institutionalized misogyny? That men suffer like 99% of war and workplace deaths is institutionalized misogyny? That the bulk of state and federal spending on health, education and welfare goes to women – even though men pay the majority of taxes – is institutionalized misogyny? That men are the majority of suicides is institutionalized misogyny? The list goes on and on and on. Isn’t this really institutionalized misandry? Aren’t these all really examples of female privilege?

    Feminists are feverishly working to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process in sexual assault/rape cases. They claim the conviction rates are too low and want to move from a ‘reasonable doubt’ standard to a ‘preponderance of evidence’ standard because it will be much easier for men to be convicted and imprisoned following false accusations regardless of contravening evidence in the accused man’s defense. If you followed the Ghomeshi trial in Canada, it was found that the women accusing Ghomeshi of rape colluded, hid evidence that would exonerate him and lied under oath. Feminists were furious when Ghomeshi was acquitted claiming that women should just be believed and that it’s common for women to lie following rape/sexual assault – and THAT THEIR LIES SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT!

    In Canada, they want to establish courts specifically for sexual assault/rape with ‘specially trained’ judges and a preponderance of evidence standard. To feminists, it’s better that 10 innocent men go to prison than 1 man escaping justice. Now that is man hate personified. What’s terrifying is the feminists already have this standard on college campuses under the deeply minsandric law called ‘affirmative consent’.

    After reading a lot of feminist garbage, I’ve found that mostly what they do is cherry pick statistics or just create outright fraudulent statistics to further their true goal – which is the destruction of men. The most disastrous thing feminists do in their own defense is to point to the dictionary definition of feminism as proof that they don’t hate men – and then go on to promote laws and policies that further vilify and destroy men’s lives. Thankfully, men are waking up.

    Feminism is a nation destroyer. Hundreds of thousands of men’s lives get destroyed every year, in the US alone, through parental alienation, divorce, asset division, child support and false accusations – and yet men continue to give women life destroying power over their lives. It’s nuts! It’s no different than handing lawyers and women your money and smiling afterwards over your own self-sacrifice – while putting a gun to your own head! Crazy! The simple solution? Stop giving women and the government life destroying power over your life. Simply refuse to engage in what could result in your own life destruction. It’s all so simple – yet marriage for men is promoted as the end all – be all. Wonder why. No real surprise. You can’t con people into their own destruction without blatant lies, illusions and enchantments. The fact of the matter is marriage in many, many cases destroys men’s lives.

    The real deal breaker is coming via the end of outsourcing of birth to the breeder nations upon which Westernized nations now so rely (India, the African Continent, South America, the Middle East, etc). The big secret of mass immigration is that – instead of it being based upon the acceptance of downtrodden refugees – what’s really happening is a frantic outsourcing of birth to patriarchal nations. Hilarious. That’s amazing – because as feminism spreads – the outsourcing of birth will be cut off – followed by decreasing populations and economic collapse. Just look at Japan. They lost a million in population over the past few short years. All of the aforementioned breeder nations are battling lower marriage and birth rates as well – all easily attributed to the growing power of feminism in their own countries. Some claim this problem is the result of a bad economy – yet marriage rates and birth rates have been dropping in Westernized nations for the past several decades – in good economies, too.

    If one believes that the best one can do is to promote policies and laws that benefit women only – in the here and now – then feminism is the gold standard. The illusions and enchantments promoted in feminist favor aren’t true. Feminists aren’t after equality – they’re out to destroy men. The best men can do is deny feminist’s and white knight’s punishment – for being men – through the state and federal laws that force wealth and power from men to women. There’s no better choice. Simply cut off the forced wealth and power transfer. It’s so simple.

    Feminists walked away from the table long ago – and the majority of women either remained silent or openly supported their purposeful destruction of men. Men are still sitting at the negotiation table foolishly expecting more illusions and enchantments – instead of the hard, cold truth. Men’s demise – all throughout time – is their naivete with regard to cultural misandry and male disposability.

    All of the above points will never be raised in the mainstream media. Why? Because our entire system is built around male disposability and deeply embedded cultural misandry. Men have become so disposable – few even think about it – including white knights. If this fact becomes widely known – it all comes tumbling down – hence the mainstream media’s and feminist’s hatred of MRAs and MGTOWs. Feminists only bring up men’s issues in an effort to implement new anti-male laws and policies – and the state and federal government always follows suit. Why? To maintain their own power through genuflecting to the gynocracy. Again – to save yourself – all you need do is to not play their game. It’s really that simple – yet tragically difficult to accept – at least for men.

    Feminists are demanding quotas for women in the most highly paid, most prestigious positions in the EU – but not surprisingly – there’s no demand that women suffer at least half of war deaths and casualties for women. Feminists are double standard loving hypocrites. They literally thrive in society off of their own psychopathy and man hate. It’s their ‘juice’ in life. Man hate is their motivation. What will feminists say in response? “But but the dictionary definition of feminism says all they want is equality.” That’s the biggest line of BS ever sold.

    Time to expose feminists for what they truly are: Cherry picking cowards and pathological liars.


  • My brother came damn close to being cucked like this. Damn close. He was reluctant to get a paternity test at first, but we badgered him into it. Obviously it wasn’t his, and she knew the real father wasn’t going to be around, so she tried to rope him into it. He got real lucky, but sadly I think the lesson was lost on him as he still talks to her and buys the kid clothes. Cucks gonna cuck, I guess.

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