21 Year Old Woman Lives Life Like a Baby

Here’s a head-shaker of a story. This YouTube video of an “adult baby” – and the fact it has more likes than dislikes – proves we have entered a surreal world of constant propagandizing and social manipulation. Some segments of society have awakened to the collective mass delusion of television, but the internet helps bring even sicker stories and agendas our way.

Mental illness is now being held up as the new norm in a terribly sick Anglo culture. Men, this is the new low American women have sunk to as society craters in the early 21st century. Why must the media consistently delve into cesspools and hold them up as superior to the “heteronormative” people who go to work and pay the bills in this country on a daily basis?

File this one under the pedophilia agenda. Jess, a 21-year old Florida woman, dresses up in diapers, sucks on bottles, and even lives with a boyfriend she calls “Daddy.” Just know when you see this fucked up story in the lamestream media and online it’s because it fits an evolving agenda of the elite, in much the same way Todd Nickerson and Miley Cyrus have been marionettes of the social engineers in power. Then there’s Lena Dunham writing about fondling her little sister’s vagina while going on to speak about sexual abuse at the DNC. Reality is stranger than fiction these days, it seems. It’s called selection of topics bias in those in the know, and it helps shift the narrative to mainstream acceptance of this deviant behavior.

After explaining she urinates in diapers, The “adult baby” Jess told the press:

Regressing and being ‘little’ just fits with my personality. It allows me to be playful and cute, which is what I’m like naturally anyway and so I think that I would definitely still be living this lifestyle if I’d had a more ‘normal’ childhood.

“Daddy” (his real name is David) sends Jess to the corner if she misbehaves and she has to ask for his permission to come out and play again. She even sleeps in a crib. Jess claims that even though she “climbs on top” of Daddy each night, their relationship is not a sexual one.

We never have sex while I’m age playing but for a lot of people it is a sexual kink.

Whatever. She then goes on to spill an interesting, and disturbing Hamster Rationalization.

For us, it is more about enjoying the dominant/submissive dynamic in our everyday lives. I was always very childlike in my mannerisms anyway so this has been a sort of natural progression for us both. enjoy the feeling of David being a protector and a person that I can depend on to look after me and he likes feeling needed. It has definitely brought us closer as a couple.

The victim card is always in play in the media, and Jess claims to be a victim of sexual abuse at age 2. How this behavior helps her condition and making a spectacle out of it corrects the abuse is unknown. This claim is really a shield to protect her from valid criticism. It’s not “nice” to criticize a victim of sexual abuse, especially a female victim in a gynocentric society. See how astutely the cultural engineers play their sick game?!


“Adult baby” Jess bears the markings of a carousel riding harlot, in the opinion of this publication

Notice how “Daddy” sidesteps the issue of sexual perversion, while deflecting a question about how weird and perverted this seems for some, framing it in such a way that “nothing is wrong with it” if people want to pretend they’re babies in a relationship.

My favorite thing about being Jess’s Daddy is caring for her. Age play is not sexually stimulating for me in any way shape or form. I know it is for a lot of people but it just isn’t for me. Some people have called me a pedophile and have made fun of Jess. But really, I just try to ignore it.

It’s just innocent fun according to the perverts in the press. Jess says:

For me it’s something innocent and pure. It’s helped me find myself and find my inner self confidence and I’ve never been happier.

Jess is now looking for a babysitter. What she really needs is a good psychiatrist who enjoys a challenge. The most worrying part of this entire façade is the elephant in the room: How long before the mainstream acceptance of this is pushed, and instead of using “adult babies” the agenda changes to use actual children? Pedophilia is without a doubt the next big push towards total degeneracy by the left.

Anyone paying attention knows month by month and year by year the public is being softened up like silly putty with stories like these. It’s not hard to do some thinking and realize where this latest primrose path of cultural degeneracy ends up. Perhaps what’s most amazing about it is how fast it’s all falling apart. In 50 years, Cultural Marxists have been able to completely debase Anglo society. How far will we fall before this insanity stops?

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  • Please wake me up when this nightmare is over.


  • What the fuck is going on these days? The other day I ran into a horde of comic con weirdos (quite a few cute girls among them) and now this.

    It’s like a permanent infantilization of white millenials. Where will it end?


  • Willful submission to a husband: “You woman hater! How dare you suggest we’re not functioning, strong, independent adults!!11!”

    Living life as a baby with a man as “Daddy”: “How wonderful and healthy she can be who she wants to be!!”

    BTW, very nice adding the Schaeffer book image in the middle. Perfect choice.


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