Postcards from Paradise: Fuck The Haters

PostcardWhile some bitches sit around posting hate, I write articles here and at Return of Kings, and help men empower themselves through my RF Life Coaching service.

Then, I spend the rest of my time enjoying this lifestyle, while not giving a fuck about the haters. There’s Spanish wine on the beach, sitting by crystal clear and Maui blue waters, and strolls down dirt roads in pristine palm forests just to name a few ways to pass a slow and easy tropical afternoon.

Then there’s the women, who love partying with the joven “gringo loco” and dancing all night long. Yes men, life among the 95% of the world’s population that hasn’t been subjected to feminazism is bliss. The best decision I ever made was leaving socially engineered Anglo America. Check out the music video to see a snapshot of what a typical Saturday night is like down here in Latin America. So, to review:

  • Beaches
  • Booze
  • Bitches
  • Freedom (real freedom, not the deceptive slogan)

Have questions about how you can do the same thing? Want a personalized response from me? Check out my RF Life Coaching service and request either a private email response or an article to be written about your question for only $20.

As much as I love the Caribbean, there’s much more of the world to see. With your support, I’ll be touring the world in the coming years writing articles from abroad as I see just how much life there is to be lived outside the corporate plantation that has become man-hating Anglo America. You can Donate to the cause here.



Until next time,


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