Comment of the Week | August 21, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter TheSavageLifestyle wins Comment of the Week with a great comment about having so many women you start getting tired of their games and bullshit. In response to Too Much Sex and Success with Women Can Lead to Burnout which discusses how too much experience and success with men can actually lead to (at least temporary) burnout in sexual desire and little patience for game playing with women, he writes:

I tend to tire of any woman after a very short period of time. The sex will be invigorating with a new chick for around 3 months max and then it feels like more of a chore. And 3 months was with a solid girl that met all my requirements to be a gf at the time. I allowed that relationship to continue for a few years and I completely stagnated. Even having a hot girl 10 yrs younger than me madly in love and submissive was not enough to keep me from feeling depressed and shackled towards the latter half of it.

In my head after I’ve banged a girl once or a few times….even if I absolutely loved the sex, it just seems to me this hill has been conquered. Time to move on.

You know I agree on the prostitute part. Though I have not yet used their services save for one time when I was 18 I fucked one on a drunken dare. My logical mind says it is a much more honest transaction and one I might find preferable. As the purchaser of agreed services you are in the driver’s seat as opposed to the varying levels of cajoling, constant reframing and often maddening annoyances which many women do in a last minute resistance situation. I’ve walked out on several possible lays which no doubt would have occurred if I had the patience and in my eyes, lack of personal dignity to put up with her antics for just a little longer. I’ve even walked out on chicks after shoving my cock in their mouths which they were happily sucking but decided half way through that she “cant be like this anymore”. LOL. All she wanted was for me to make her feel a little more comfortable. The problem for me was/is I don’t give a furry rat fuck about making you feel comfortable, you are a worthless skank!

I know my patience and tolerance levels are razor thin so I’m probably in the minority here.

I enjoyed learning about game and applying it years ago but at this point in my life I’m insulted at the thought of putting in the effort for such a lackluster prize. It is horribly demeaning to even imagine myself as some pathetic dancing monkey.. Say that I gamed a new chick, fucked her good and I’m feeling the surge of confidence and energy from it. But what did I really accomplish?

Congratulations Johnny Fuckboy, with your debonair charm and cavalier style you are the 338th penis to enter these well drilled caverns. God damn what a fucking winner I am!

Professionals(escorts) are honest with monetizing the pussy and probably have had to learn some skills and non verbal communications which would make the man feel good while he spends his time with her. In a situation like that at least the man has his fantasy on his own terms and is well aware it is indeed a fantasy. When the lights come on or the final nut has blown we can go back to what’s important. I am perfectly fine with that.

Prostitution should absolutely be legalized in this age of sexual freedom of every type except the sexual freedom of the heterosexual male. When all is said and done, women expect “payment for sexual services rendered” whether it be a real life Barbie Fun House and cookie cutter SUV, or a Benjamin left on the night stand. If a man ain’t paying some way, she ain’t playing. That’s the exchange, whether it be marriage or picking up a streetwalker.

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