“Praise Abort” Music Video Perfectly Illustrates Degenerate State of American Culture

If ever a music video perfectly encapsulated the state of a culture as it begins the long slide into the abyss, Lindemann’s new joint (yes, that Till Lindemann of Rammstein) does just that with a combination of words and images set to grinding Neue Deutsche Härte music. From the intro to the video to the end, the total degeneracy of a decadent, nihilistic, suicidal and demographically moribund society come to life in an artistic setting.

The hook is catchy as hell. American leftists definitely love to “Praise Abort” as in praising abortion to get them out of their sexual irresponsibility and carouseling mishaps. Till even touches on the modern Beta male willingly let himself be cucked by his wife even though he hates the lifestyle. (I actually know a big, brawny Hispanic guy who gets cucked by his Anglo wife all the time and yet accepts it as part of their “marriage.”) What the fuck?

I hate my life, and I hate you
I hate my wife, and her boyfriend, too
I hate to hate, and I hate that
I hate my life so very bad
I hate my kids, never thought
That I’d praise abort
Praise abort

As the “pig” in the music video has a symbolic abortion, and the female “baby pig” is shot in the head by a figurative abortionist, these telling lyrics play on:

Say goodbye, say goodbye
We rise up, up to the sky
Say goodbye, we’ll come back
Soon as pretty butterflies
Make you cry

All in all, this is just one great song serving as an astute synopsis and critical analysis of Anglo America from an album from Lindemann called Skills in Pills, his first album in English. Praise Abort even touches on the gay agenda with the line So in the end, I got forced to stay away from female intercourse. Social engineering, anyone? The lyrics do provide some insight as we are definitely seeing homosexuality pushed and heterosexuality marginalized in the 21st century.

One could call the entire album a work of art in that it captures so many of the lows of living in the modern West so accurately, especially in the song “Fat” which says We can fuck then, on your French fries. All that’s missing is a big old feminist to star in a music video for that one. Then there’s “Cowboy” detailing the one of the declining, iconic images of the nation. Other interesting takes include the title song “Skills in Pills” about a man medicating himself against reality. (America has 5% of the world’s population yet uses 80% of its narcotics). Then there’s “Ladyboy” a gender bending song that’s right at home in the weirdo culture of today. Those are perhaps the most memorable tracks, but the entire album is a great listen if you take it as a tongue in cheek description of everything that’s so screwed up today.

It’s a long way to the bottom, but we’re getting there. And at an ever increasing rate of speed.

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