What Prostitutes Can Charge Represents Women’s Declining SMV as They Age


After age 25 it’s all downhill for women in the realities of sexual market value

The scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior recently published an interesting study confirming many of the ideas about female sexual market value (SMV) and The Wall discussed on manosphere blogs like this one. As reported in Wine and Milk, which describes how men and women age, women’s value in the sexual market is based on youth, beauty and fertility. (And, let’s not forget to a lesser extent, femininity, sweetness, and kindness, three virtues that have been virtually forgotten in an Anglo culture bereft of all three).

The scientific study in question clearly shows a correlation between what prostitutes can charge and their age. Perhaps the biggest sin of prostitution to the sexual plantation owners known as feminists is the fact men get to choose, rather than women enjoying the female privilege of being the sexual gatekeeper. Psychology Today repots:

By examining what men are willing to pay for sex, Professor [Kitae] Sohn provides a new window onto this issue of fertility and attraction. Men do not have unrestrained choice in whom they marry or date, but they do get to choose whether or not to pay a prostitute for sex, and the amount they are willing to pay reveals something about what they most prefer.

Professor Sohn continues with his thought crime experiment. It’s important to point out that prostitution is not illegal in much of the world, so Puritan American attitudes towards sexuality do not apply everywhere. Moving on, here’s what the professor found:

The author, economist Kitae Sohn, used prostitutes’ earnings to address a much broader scientific question, one that applies not only to paid sexual exchanges, but to everyday concerns that many of us obsess about at some point in our lives: What does the opposite sex actually find attractive in a partner?

Men do not find careerism, loudness, bitchiness, and derisiveness attractive in women. The masculinization of Anglo women is one major factor propelling the rise in men who are looking to expatriate from the feminist-dominated (and therefore demographically sterilized and not much fun to be in) culture of death in America. The number of men renouncing their citizenship is climbing to record highs, but the sexual desert is only one symbol of a society in decline. There are of course, many other symbols of decline. Degenerate sluts ruling the music industry, sentences of slavery in the family court system, women literally acting like babies, etc. While the number actually renouncing is in the thousands, the number of Americans living abroad is estimated to be 8.7 million, and growing rapidly. People know a sinking ship when they see one.

But getting back to the revelations of the study, what do men find attractive? Female attractiveness has to do with the 4.5 billion year old biological imperative to procreate and have healthy offspring:

In particular, biological theorists expect that men’s attraction to similar partners should be altered by the fact that female fertility peaks in early adulthood, drops during the ages 25 to 45, and goes to zero after age 50. Hence teenagers and their grandfathers may be similarly interested in women in their early 20s, although each may have a difficult time attracting a woman of that age, for different reasons.

Not surprisingly, the fees a pro can charge drop just as she hits The Wall. The milk sours, and by the time she is 35 she’s lucky to give sex away.

When it comes to hiring the short-term services of a prostitute, men pay the most for women between the late teens and early twenties. Between the ages of 25 and 35, the price men are willing to pay for a prostitute drops precipitously.

So, just how much does it drop? The study details the numbers and even graphs them out. The data tell the story.


Traditional cultures prevent women from wasting the most valuable years of their life riding the carousel

Getting Scientific

Sohn has this down to a science. Here are the exact numbers proving women are only desirable in the male hindbrain if they have youth, beauty and fertility. (Gossiping and YouGoGrrlism, and domineering emasculation are not attractive).

For each increase of a year in age, a prostitute’s hourly wage decreases 4.5 percent. Looked at another way, Sohn found that prostitutes between ages 35 and 40 earned 52.8 percent less per hour than women less under 20.


Prostitute fees represent the female impact with The Wall

Here’s what it looks like graphed out. Science finally confirms the wisdom we in the manosphere have been discussing amongst ourselves for quite some time. Think of traditional cultures as grooming women for the long haul rather than the short-term pleasure of the Western-style carousel ride. For the 10 best years of a woman’s life, men give up all of their lives. Once those 10 years are pissed away, nobody wants the clabbered milk prize.

This study provides us with an independent line of evidence confirming that after age 25, it’s all downhill for women, whether they’re renting their anatomy by the hour or holding out for a bigger prize like a Barbie Fun House/McMansion and a well-paid but boring Beta male. It’s the same equation, though with different tactics. The streetwalker honestly provides sex for cash, while in “relationships” who knows what cash and prizes women expect until a man lands in divorce court.

Additionally, women spend 90% more than they earn in the American economy, so the claims of being a Strong, Independent Woman are proven to be hyperbole. They’re Strong and Independent until they find the right meal ticket to cash in or a dominant asshole that puts them into a submissive role. Other than that, women want nothing to do with men, because male utility value is what drives the sexual economy in heterosexual hookups.

The focus of this study was in Southeast Asia, but Sohn told the press something that should make the Diversity Brigade gleeful rather than trying to discredit the study:

Evolution influenced all humans, so we expect that future research will find similar results in other countries.

No doubt, a study of this type in the West would be shouted down before it even began. But, we can look to one of the most historically rich cultures on the planet for some enlightenment. Feminists are literally recommending women waste the most valuable commodity women have, to the destruction of the relations between the sexes and the society itself. It’s insanity posing as enlightenment.

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  • She’s not yours, it’s just your turn!

    She’s actually public property!

    Look up the word HYPERGAMY.


  • Great article. This is lol worthy for a liberal to read. Complete destruction of their world view. I’d imagine they’d have to do a care bear self hug and hold their ears while eyes closed, screaming “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home”. The modern equivalent of holding up your fingers like a cross and hexing that which destroys your house of lies.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I really liked you post but I wanted to know where you came up with the claim that women spend ninety percent more than they earn. Unless they have access to deep pockets, how can this be possible?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Relampago Furioso

      They spend their own money, while most male income also goes to powering female materialism and consumerism (women make up 80% of the purchasing decisions in the consumerism machine). They are also heavily subsidized by the government with Beta male tax money. The Real Sexism blog details the numbers.


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        Thabnk you. I will check it out. My gut tell me that the eighty five percent of consumption must be a myth because, while they can spend their own money, thhey can’t spend their husband’s if they are no married and it is fifty percent overall and thirty percent for those 20-34. Those who would cponcede power to women keep bringing this up and they use it as a weapon.


  • * Their kids, not the women themselves, even though it is safe to say that said women are fucked in the head.


  • Women who wait to have children when they are 30+ years old are also more likely to have genetic defects like downs syndrome and autism than women who have kids in their prime fertile years.


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