Comment of the Week | August 28, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter Signor Farfalla wins Comment of the Week with a pithy comment about the Anglobitch cackle. In response to It Doesn’t Take Much for a Man to Live On which details a story about my best friend’s dad sharing some wisdom with me a few years back (wisdom that changed my life) he writes:

Oh the ‘cackle’ of an American woman abroad; sharp, commanding and LOUD. It also drips with anger and hostility too, even when she’s telling her friend that she needs to pick up some toothpaste for the apartment. The rage leaks out no matter what the topic is. You have to check your ear to see if someone rammed a broken bottle into it…nope, it was just McKayla’s voice, echoing over the subway station as she recounted some boring details about her afternoon.

I literally cringe when I hear the cackle Signor mentions, just knowing they’re here on the island with me. American women have become so uncouth and so obnoxious since feminism a man loathes even hearing them, especially when he’s gotten used to traditional women. It’s literally like nails on a chalkboard just hearing them talk in their “Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at her butt…” tone of voice Sir Mix-a-Lot nailed in the intro to his hit song Baby Got Back over 20 years ago.

Here’s a true story. A few months back a pack of white girls came into the local discoteca and started acting loud, obnoxious and rude. They apparently thought they were going to be the center of attention as they reenacted scenes from Girls Gone Wild on the dance floor, but all they ended up doing was running off most of the locals and then my date and I, as well. The loud, entitled Strong, Independent Woman™ BS doesn’t fly here. Every time I see them, whether it be in the discoteca or in the local restaurant performing their favorite activity, recreational eating, I am reminded of everything I wanted to run away from.

The low quality of American women is already well-known by any American man with critical thinking skills, but the more they travel the more the rest of the world can see just what we had to put up with.

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