Feminists Defend Migrant Rapists, Attack White Knights

Barbro Sörman, a feminist politician said rapes aren't that bad when non-Western men do them

Barbro Sörman, a feminist politician said rapes aren’t that bad when non-Western men do them

In yet another strange twisting of logic, Swedish feminists say they would rather be raped by migrants and refugees rather than saved from rape by local men. They also say rape is worse when Swedish men do it rather than when the immigrants they love so much do it. What a strange, socially engineered world we have entered in the 21st century.

Earlier this year, when around 200 Swedish White Knights attacked rape-fugees to defend Swedish women, these girls spun up a really neat collective hamster rationalization and attacked the men who were defending their honor instead of rapists. Here’s what they did:

Feminists created the hashtag #inteerkvinna (translated as #notyourwoman) where they spewed their hatred over racism, fascism, white men and many other things that can be loosely tied to the events with some cognitive dissonance. In short, they made a collective tantrum on social media over the fact that white European men are standing up to the rape-fugees.

It has been said women invite, men invade. Call it a societal shit test in which women have evolved psychological and sociological behaviors that test to see which group of men has the stronger seed, the invaders or the locals. So far, the invaders are winning and will be the ones women increasingly support and breed with, as they continue to select for brutes instead of nice boys.

The feminists even went so far as to say “It’s YOU I’m afraid of” to Swedish men, the same men who are unbelievably the descendants of Vikings now completely de-balled by their own government. A Swedish feminist politician named Barbro Sörman said it’s “worse” when Swedish men rape than when the wonderful refugees do it:

The Swedish men who rape do it despite the growing gender equality. They make an active choice. It’s worse. Take a picture of Sweden as an equal society, where all are nurtured in equality. Then you can say that if you are brought up in it, you make an active choice to not be equal, rather than if you are brought up in a society that is not equal.

That narrative is straight out of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Two legs good, four legs bad.

There is little doubt Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, but it's illegal to say who is doing the raping

There is little doubt Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, but it’s illegal to say who is doing the raping

Rape Capital of Europe

Of course, since the “refugee” invasion orchestrated by treasonous Western governments and globalists, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. Swedish police even go so far as to blame “Nordic alcohol culture” and “non-traditional gender roles” for the rape epidemic rather than the elephant in the room. Never is it mentioned in the media that Islamic culture condones rape as the hoardes come in. As reported by The Daily Caller:

As Muslim men immigrated to Sweden, they brought with them an Islamic culture sanctioning rape. It is a culture bad enough inherently in the treatment of its own women. Under sharia, Muslim women serve little more purpose beyond catering to their husbands’ sexual demands. A non-submissive wife runs the risk of being raped by her husband.

It gets worse.

But under Sharia, this rape culture also impacts upon Swedish women as they are “infidels” and, as such, are — according to Allah’s teachings — sanctioned targets for rape by Muslim men. Such an Islamic belief system has born witness to a drastic increase in rapes in Sweden — more than a thousand fold — since first opening its doors to Muslim immigration.

As many of us in the manosphere know, violating the narrative has become a worse crime than raping someone if the actions rather than the words of Western politicians are considered. Sweden is even censoring statistics that show immigrants are doing most of the raping. Hint: It’s not totally emasculated Western men doing the raping.

Interestingly, between 1995-2006, the Swedish government tracked gang rapes, identifying a drastically increasing trend. Unbelievably, after discovering the problem, it then adopted an ostrich-like “head in the sand” approach, terminating any further studies on them. Apparently the government’s fear of being labeled Islamophobic proved greater than its concerns about warning Swedish women about the threat. While no studies on gang rape have been conducted since 2006, one can assume these numbers have continued to rise.

The Soviet…er…European Union is also complicit in covering up the rape epidemic. According to Violence against women: an EU-wide survey, Swedes now do not classify criminals based on ancestry or religion. This is total, suicidal insanity.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, immigrants have mainly come [into Sweden] from Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Somalia. Might this influx explain Sweden’s rape explosion? It is difficult to give a precise answer, because Swedish law forbids registration based on people’s ancestry or religion.

So, even though one group of people is committing crime it’s illegal to say which group it is. This mentality is likely to spread to the United States in subsequent liberal administrations if Hillary is selected this year, and the electoral vote (the one that actually counts – disregard the popular vote statistics pushed by the media) shows Trump far behind her in key battleground states and the electoral college.

If ever women’s true nature was in doubt, behold as they defend rapists and invaders over the men who gave them one of the most prosperous and peaceful nations in the history of the world. This is what you get when women and media spin dominate politics.

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  • I think if women are being raped by migrants then there should be a ban on immigration even if it is temporary. Rape is horrible no matter who’s doing it. Women should have the right to feel safe.


  • On the one hand, as a German with swedish roots the whole thing makes me sad and angry. On the other hand, here in Germany the statistical average age of the population (immigrants included) is meanwhile 44 years. And you can see it when you walk down the streets. And 44 y.o. is only average which means you have lots of old hags like Barbro beyond 60 or 70 who have faces like a rottweiler and would love to get fucked by anyone with a functional cock, even if he looks like Quasimodo. So frankly, there is nothing to do for real men here except of checking out and leave to a destination where the young chicks are. Or, alternatively get some young turkish or moroccan girl here (in fact they are really sweet and many of them like caucasian guys).


  • Even the UN has acknowledged that Sweden will officially be classified as a third world country by 2030. In 1995, it was likely the world’s most ideal, perfect country. This is how quickly leftist/feminism is destroying the planet. The suicide spiral is here…it’s not coming soon. We are in it. My only compliment to feminists is how honest and open they are with their insanity.

    Here’s a poker metaphor.

    Imagine a player so cocky (feminist) with a very weak hand (feminist inability to care for themselves) but they are so convinced the pot belongs to them (entitlement) that they will run a bluff on every hand. Not only do they bluff every time with a weak hand, but they are SHOWING their cards before bluffing. The players with better hands (castrated males) are folding to the CARDS UP ON THE TABLE BLUFF of the feminists that they know they could beat. But they fold anyway. This is how ludicrous it’s getting. For men to marry and enslave themselves to assholes WHO YOU KNOW WILL BE FAT is as ridiculous as folding to a player bluffing for the pot and showing their cards as they do so. How stupid would a guy be, in this day and age, to work, sacrifice and fund feminist nonsense?


  • It’s time for mass, class action gender discrimination law suits against state and federal government by men. No more male-only conscription. No more primarily male front line fighting forces. No more highly-paid female only paper pushing jobs. No more 98% of alimony, asset division and child support going from men to women. Incarcerate women that falsely accuse men of rape, sexual assault and harassment. This is men’s new war. It’s time for society to pay male reparations.

    It’s long past time women started fighting and dying for their own rights rather than relying on the deaths of disposable men for their rights and privileges over disposable men.

    War will come to an end if women’s lives are on the line. Another benefit of feminism for men.


  • NoMoreFeminazism

    I want to tell feminazis the following thing: be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it. I’m an atheist but I’m thinking of pretending a conversion to islam so I can have a submissive paki wife or something. If the only way to have a patriarchy is sharia then so be it. Anything but feminazism. Let those ugly hags like that Barbo be raped by Syrians I don’t give a flying fuck and hope she’ll get totally submissive wishing she never insulted white men.


  • The truth is that these men have allowed themselves to become so cucked that the women absolutely despise them. They WANT these invaders to rape them. They long for a strong man to come in and take what he wants and they don’t give a fuck who are how that happens.

    Empowering women is the death knell of a people and a culture.

    Let them all get raped and murdered I say. Don’t try to help them but give them the hell they wished for. Spit in these whore’s faces. They are fucking vermin all of them.


  • They’re done. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it renamed The Caliphate of Swedenistan in a few years. The former kings and warriors of Sweden are rolling in their graves. This is the toxicity of the left in full force.


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