Election Fraud Made Easy: Voting Machines Can Be Easily Hacked

Electronic voting machines have security holes you could drive a Mack truck through

Electronic voting machines have security holes you could drive a Mack truck through

Sitting ducks. That’s how most voting machines in America can be described. The question is, were they designed that way? Or is it just another case of government bureaucracy FAIL. Computer science professors are calling out the sheer ineptitude with which these machines were designed. They’re easy to hack, potentially cancelling out the votes of thousands if not millions. What’s worse, that’s assuming the programming wasn’t designed with an algorithm to rig elections in the first place. And, as we will see, there’s a long history of funny business at the ballot box in America.

Dan Wallach, a computer science professor at Rice University told the press how crappy electronic voting machines really are:

This isn’t a crazy hypothetical anymore. Once you bring nation states’ cyber activity into the game? These machines, they barely work in a friendly environment.

Wallach tried to tell government bureaucrats in Houston electronic voting machines were a bad idea before they were purchased. But, of course, know it all paper pushers didn’t listen.

My testimony was: ‘Wow, these are a bad idea. They’re just computers, and we know how to tamper with computers. That’s what we do.’ The county clerk, who has since retired, essentially said, ‘You don’t know anything about what you’re talking about. These machines are great!’ And then they bought them.

Wallach continues:

We read the code, and found really, really bad problems. Actually, let me change that. We found unacceptable problems.

Andrew Appell, another computer guru at Princeton University echoes Dan Wallach’s concerns. Elections could be hacked by another nation or even a pimply faced kid down the street.

It’s well within the capabilities of a country as sophisticated as Russia. Actually, it’s well within the capabilities of much less well-funded and sophisticated attackers.

Jeremy Epstein of the non-profit SRI international also voiced concerns about how easy to break into many voting machines are.

You could have broken into one of these with a very small amount of technical assistance. I could teach you how to do it over the phone. It might require an administrator password, but that’s okay, the password is admin.

Epstein continues:

Bottom line is that if no elections were ever hacked (and we have no way of knowing if it happened), it’s because no one with even a modicum of skill tried.

Often, the best cons are those hiding in plain sight. Could vote rigging really be that simple? Did the government purchase these machines knowing they could be hacked at will by even a novice, and then proceed to rig the outcomes of close elections? There is precedent for this scenario, as strange as it may seem to some.

Historian Tracy Campbell, who wrote Deliver the Vote, claims our electoral house has never been in order. There has always been cheating, even since the earliest days of America. Who cheated? Why everyone from Boss Tweed, William Randolph Hearst, Huey Long, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, to George W. Bush, as well as countless local and state politicians of all parties.

Interestingly, Clint Curtis just testified before Congress, under oath, that Congressman Tom Feeney had approached him way back in 2000 (when electronic voting became a big topic after the Bush-Gore election debacle) about rigging the machines in such a way that close elections would be tilted to a predetermined winner. The whole system seems to be rife with cheating.

Sanders supporters have long alleged fraud by Hillary, but they'll still go press the "D" this fall

Sanders supporters have long alleged fraud by Hillary, but they’ll still go press the “D” this fall

Designed to Be Hacked?

POLITICO just published an article claiming voting machines could be hacked in as little as 7 minutes by virtually any hacker. This threat assumes that election supervisors are clean as the driven snow and wouldn’t be complicit in rigging elections in their districts. Contrary to the what most of the oblivious American public thinks, elections can be and have been rigged even before computerized vote hacking became a big story. POLITICO reported:

1948 saw the infamous “Lyndon Landslide,” in which Johnson mysteriously overcame a 20,000 vote deficit in his first Senate race, a miracle that Robert Caro reports was the almost certain result of vote rigging.

A new twist just out from the FBI confirms “foreign” hackers could have compromised two state election rolls. One in Illinois and one in Arizona. While no votes were affected, data on 200,000 voters was downloaded in Illinois. This shows the ease with which not only voting machines but databases with voter information can be hacked.

Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of a cybersecurity firm says the problems with potential vote tampering exist from the ballot boxes themselves all the way back to where the votes are counted. The potential for hackers break into voting systems exists at every level of this poorly thought-out and poorly executed electronic voting plan. Government computer systems aren’t much different from the laptop used to write up this article.

Those are just regular PCs. God knows what’s protecting those.

Many state electronic voting machines are well over 10 years old, too…which makes them easier to hack.

Just this year during the primaries, Hillary Clinton did the best against Bernie Sanders in areas where voting machines are the most compromised, according to blogger Doug Hatlem.

Hundreds of jurisdictions throughout the United States are using voting machines or vote tabulators that have flunked security tests. Those jurisdictions by and large are where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is substantially outperforming the first full wave of exit polling in her contest against Senator Bernie Sanders.

Of course, there have been widespread allegations of fraud by Sanders supporters throughout the 2016 campaign. Hatlem points out correlation does not equal causation, but a strong correlation does at least warrant an investigation. But we all know there will be no investigation.

So, what do we have? Proof that voting machines are easily hacked and could have been designed to tilt election results. Computer security analysts telling us what a joke electronic voting machines are from a security standpoint. Election rigging precedents from decades past. Strong correlations between precincts with faulty voting machines and areas where Hillary did best in the 2016 primaries.

This all comes together to create quite a concern for the legitimacy of U.S. elections past and present. It seems the power structure heeded the words of Joseph Stalin well when he said those casting the votes decide nothing, and those counting the votes decide everything.

Yet again, we see an American institution rigged from top to bottom. Do you have faith in this system? Is the House of Cards already stacked in Hillary’s favor?

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