Original nonfiction and poetry on The New Modern Man by RF

From a young age
I saw the talking heads
They were the good guys
We trusted them
They told us who was good
And who was bad

Growing up
It was not enough just to see them
I wanted to be like them
I spent a lifetime trying
To be just like them
Someday, somehow

Then I arrived
There was less than I expected
First little disappointments
Then greater ones
Traveling across the land
In pursuit of a mirage

After years among them
I realized I wanted to be nothing like them
These people I had idolized for so long
Were the lowest people
In the highest places
What a farce

It didn’t take long
For resentment to build
Purposely lying
Half truths
Framing the unsuspecting and setting people up
All so they could cash a check
And pretend to be better than you

I ran away screaming
The illusion destroyed
Half a lifetime of telling me what to think
How to live
And eventually
Wanting me to sacrifice myself

Diversity is what they said
Then equality
Nice ideas
But only aimed at cutting my throat
I could never tell these lies for a living
And these people could never tell the truth

For misleading me
And others
In the end
All I had
For the talking heads
Was spite

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