Senior Citizen Robs Bank to Escape His Anglobitch Wife


The Married Beta Stare of Despair: Lawrence John Ripple robbed a bank to escape a nagging wife

Here’s an interesting case of what it’s really like to be married for a long time to the same American woman, rather than the sugar coated fantasies we are deluded with from childhood. A Kansas City man figured prison was better than another day with his wife of 33 years.

Lawrence John Ripple, age 70 decided to transition to a less stressful life in prison rather than continuing to listen to an Anglobitch wife…well…bitch all the time. He walked into a Kansas City bank last week, and calmly handed a teller a note demanding cash and saying he had a gun. Once an employee of the bank handed him a money bag with about $3,000 in it, instead of running out the door and peeling out in the parking lot trying to make a quick getaway, Ripple calmly sat down in the lobby. When police arrived, he told them:

I’m the guy you’re looking for.

He was promptly arrested and faces up to 20 years in the slammer enjoying the peace and quiet he so desperately wanted. This true story is yet another in a long line that illustrates why it’s better for men to stay single, and become PUAs or MGTOWs rather than conform to the demands of the system and tie the knot someday.

Undoubtedly, he had become burned out by a life with his wife, and the increasingly ridiculous demands of living with entitled American women in modern times. Ripple was so desperate to escape he chose a bank that was just down the street from the Kansas City Police Department. The story gets even better. Ripple told police officers what he really wanted was just to get away from that woman:

I no longer wanted to be in that situation. I’d rather be in jail than at home.

Of course, Lt. Kelli Bailiff with the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department apparently failed to comprehend the lifetime of indentured servitude Ripple would be subjected to if he followed her cutesy advice.

[He] can get divorced. I’ve never heard of someone who would rather come to jail and commit a crime so they don’t have to go home and be with their family. That’s never happened.

Bailiff, by virtue of being a female, doesn’t understand divorce in many ways could be a worse end than prison for a man like Ripple in America. Odds are that unless Ripple wanted to be homeless and potentially imprisoned anyway for failing to make alimony payments that would no doubt result from a divorce, him leaving his wife was not an option. Ironically, robbing a bank brought him to the same end the divorce court system would have, only more quickly and without the financial rape associated with a divorce. As many men already know, it’s either pay the bitch or go to jail when you get a divorce.

Women enjoy having the legal status of being specialer than men, no matter how many times they parrot equality pablum and the the Strong, Independent Woman narrative. They never refuse massive divorce settlements and tell the court they’d rather do it on their own. While choosing prison is debatable, this story should serve as a cautionary tale about the divorce system and the high cost of marriage in America.


One of the possible outcomes of marriage is turning into Frank and Estelle Constanza. No thanks, I’d rather bang nubile women and maintain my freedom and testicular integrity

No Way to Win

Perhaps the worst feature of marriage is that for a man, there’s no possible positive outcome when he gets married these days. He either whiles his life away watching his wife’s sexual market value sag along with her breasts and behind year by year, or worse watches helplessly as he hopes and prays his wife doesn’t someday divorce rape him and take his kids away in the family court system. One might see that after three decades with a withering nag with zero SMV, who he was literally stuck with because of severe legal repercussions if he tried to get his freedom back, how such a man might become desperate to escape a woman who’s difficult to live with without being drug through years of lawyers and fighting over resources with his ex.

What Lt. Bailiff doesn’t understand or doesn’t care to understand, even though she works in law enforcement, is that in Anglo America the system has legally got a man the balls either way for the crime of being born with a penis. Ripple likely didn’t have many appealing alternatives thanks to lawyers expanding and complicating the legal code of the family court system for 50 years, rewriting it so it could be more profitable for them and the male-exploiting family court system. His choices were already made for him. Ripple could end up losing everything he worked for and become an indentured servant of his wife (i.e. alimony) until she dies, or just rob a bank and save a few steps.

Apparently, Ripple wrote the bank robbery note out in front of his wife. Indeed, the criminal justice system has become so appealing as an out from the rigors and ridiculousness of daily life The Daily Caller reports others have committed crimes to go to jail, too.

There have been multiple reported instances of individuals committing crimes to receive the free health care and free “housing” offered by the criminal justice system. In 2013, a woman even attacked a sheriff’s deputy with the intent of using her jail stint to break a smoking addiction.

This story is just another warning for would-be married men. You can’t win in a marriage. If you are “lucky” enough for the marriage to survive over 30 years as this one did, you may be so desperate to get away from your wife by the end that you’ll do something, anything to get away from her.

As a side note, as the American economy implodes and white men continue to be sold out by their own government, it will become infinitely more impossible for them to stay in place on The Hedonic Treadmill. The treadmill is the “Beta Bucks” adaptation that illustrates no matter what a man does for a woman, he will never shut her up and she will always want more. We have reached the point of diminishing returns for those hoping to play the “Beta Bucks” game, in a desperate ploy to land and keep a female around as the U.S. economy is sold out by Congress and big business.

The desperation of wanting to escape the hell that comes with living with an old, worn out hag reaches a crescendo when a man either offs himself or his wife, gets a divorce and becomes a slave of the family court system, or gets creative and robs a bank in hopes of getting sent up the river for it. It’s an extreme solution, one we don’t condone but one we have sympathy with the man for doing.

This is the life of a Beta male who doesn’t stand up to his wife and becomes her servant instead of making her his. As with many aspects of human relations, there is a definite master-servant component to marriage. Betas make the mistake of turning themselves into the servants and often literally go crazy trying to keep up with all the demands and shit tests of wifey. Bad move. Better to break her in like riding a wild horse, and make her your servant as men did until feminism killed Western society.

Or, best not play the legally rigged marriage game – one with severe and life-altering consequences including financial rape – at all.

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  • The dude could have been eating 19 year old Indonesian tits whenever he wanted if he’d stayed single and secured a pension. Sad story. Even ‘maintaining frame’ and ‘inducing dread’ in a 40 or 50 plus women is an empty victory. Marriage is a joke. Women over 45 have absolutely no value whatsoever. 90% of them have no value post 25 either. How egregious does it have to be? A guy could be giving tongue baths to teen girls a few times a week for the same amount of money it takes to keep his Anglo wife’s diet humming along at 5000 calories a day.

    How bad does 40 straight years with an Anglo-bitch have to be before guys wake up?
    How fat do they have to get?
    How unfair does divorce court have to be?
    How desexualized does marriage have to be after the first year?
    How wide does the sexual value gulf have to be between third world 18-25 year olds and 40 plus Anglo whales?

    Who the fuck could make this mistake?


    • I totally agree. Women become worthless sometime after age 25-35. They have nothing to offer except expenses and baggage after that point in their lives. I’ve become so spoiled with age 20-25 nubile, tight young ass (women WITHOUT obesity and attitude problems) that I loathe to think of ever returning to the land of the damned. Even though I banged quite a few chicks back home, I’m so spoiled with quality and quantity now even the “good ones” I had back there pale in comparison to the hot girls I can effortlessly pick up now.


  • First off, nothing about our current culture of law is “Anglo”. Its never gotten to this point in any Anglo society.

    We all know who is responsible for the current state of affairs in our “Anglo” societies.


  • I filed for divorce a month before our 29th anniversary. Took some time and cost a lot but well worth it to no longer have to put up with an ungrateful shrew.


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