Rammstein Features Masculine, Red Pill Themes in Their Music


Pyrotechnics are a staple of Rammstein’s live concerts as they also burn gynocentric and globalist narratives

Unless you speak German, may surprise you to know masculine, Red Pill themes are nothing new to Rammstein. They’ve been recording music challenging conventional wisdom on everything from getting married, to puss pedestalization, Beta Bucks providers, the Hedonic Treadmill, Predatory Females, and globalism for a quarter of a century. This article will serve as an introduction to a few of their best Red Pill pieces.

Even though you might not know what their music is about, you may be familiar with the name. Rammstein is a popular Neue Deutsche Härte industrial rock band from Germany. Formed in 1994, they have sold 35 million records worldwide. Their award-winning concerts are renowned for their use of live pyrotechnics, and their lyrics definitely don’t conform to notions of political correctness.

They promoted freethinking ideas and politically incorrect men’s self-interest before the film The Matrix was even released and the term Red Pill coined. For that reasons, they’re musical pioneers in the men’s movement. These are some of the music videos and lyrics that echo popular sentiments in the manosphere.

Du Hast: The Anti-Marriage Song

Led by Till Lindemann, Rammstein scored their best known hit back in 1997. The lyrics of the song are clearly about avoiding the marriage trap:

you have
you have me
you have asked me
you have asked me and I have said nothing

Do you want, until death separates you,
to be faithful to her for all days

Do you want, until death, which would separate,
to love her, even in bad days

The lyrics can also be interpreted to mean “You have trapped me” in another interpretation of the meaning of Du Hast.

The video has dual meaning. Adding to the song’s theme of avoiding marriage for a life of male freedom and dignity, we see a woman in a red dress speeding to a warehouse with her lover in tow. A woman in a red dress is often used in art to symbolize socialism, and feminism/male oppression has been packaged with socialism in the West.

Her lover pulls a gun out of her handbag, ready to do her bidding. As her lover prepares to enter the warehouse, we next see men in masks, perhaps representing the elite fat cats he would be enslaved to in order to provide for this woman upon marrying her.

Once entering a dilapidated building in search of his target, the man driving the car realizes his friends are wearing the mask as a ruse, perhaps as a warning of the type of life he’ll have upon taking the vows. The men in the warehouse are screaming in the face of an unseen person, who is a symbol the of the state apparatus who subjugates men once they submit to a female and get married. After taking the masks off, the men all have one last hurrah together.

The woman, all the while, is nervous that she will not be able to subjugate him, and paces nervously outside, hoping he doesn’t uncover the ruse. The men then burn the symbolic state apparatus in the warehouse, and decide that freedom and male brotherhood is more important than becoming an indentured servant then exit the warehouse.

Upon realizing that the lady in the red dress (symbolizing socialism/feminism and a wife/slaveholder) was only using him to do her bidding, he returns, friends in tow, and the car explodes, taking the woman with it, a powerful expression of a man refusing to submit to either socialism or feminist orthodoxy.

Sonne: The Pedestalization and Beta Bucks Song

The theme of this video is based on the German fairy tale Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs. We all know most Western women see themselves as the equivalent of Snow White, and her Beta Orbiters are the equivalent of her Seven Dwarfs (or more) that she uses as meal tickets. Sonne uses these storybook icons to symbolize the typical, pedestalized Western woman and her supplicating Beta orbiters.

As the video begins, we find the Seven Dwarfs (i.e. Beta orbiters) slaving away in the diamond mine trying to find a gem that will satisfy the princess. Early in the video, Snow White initially accepts the offering of one of her servants, but quickly slaps the shit out of him once she has accepted his offering. Mirroring reality, women almost always mistreat Beta orbiters, well, because there are so many begging for a turn to mate with her. All the while, Snow White as symbolized in the video has a sadistic side, seemingly enjoying the mistreatment of her dwarfs/Beta orbiters.

Midway through, Snow White snorts some golden powder (clearly symbolic of cocaine), retires to a bath, and later dies. Her death can be seen two different ways: either she dies from overindulgence in the “powder” made possible by her Beta male slaves, or one of the dwarfs gets sick of her bullshit and poisons her. In any case, she is taken to the top of a mountain and laid to rest, only to have an apple fall into her hand at the last minute. This has the effect of giving her a second chance at life to the delight of her Beta dwarfs, and possibly to the chagrin of the dwarf who wanted to get rid of her.

Back to the diamond mine, boys.

Rosenrot: The Hedonic Treadmill and Predatory Female Song

Another song that shows men how manipulative females can be is Rosenrot. These selected lyrics tell the story of how a man will literally face his own doom if he hops on to The Hedonic Treadmill in an attempt to appease a woman with material things.

A girl saw a little rose
It bloomed there in bright heights
She asked her sweetheart
if he could fetch it for her

She wants it and that’s fine
So it was and so it will always be
She wants it and that’s the custom
Whatever she wants she gets

At his boots, a stone breaks
He doesn’t want to be on the cliff anymore
And a scream lets everyone know
Both are falling to the ground

In other words, supplicating to female desire will end up in disaster for the male as he takes himself to the edge of a figurative cliff only to fall off. These lyrics assume the couple is married, in which case both fall off the cliff into financial ruin. However, in modern times the female will just jettison the used up Beta provider and leave him to fall off the financial cliff alone.

In the Rosenrot video, a young girl manipulates a priest into killing for her in true predatory female fashion, then when he has performed his duty, thereby becoming useless to her, and she no longer needs his utility, she’s first in line to burn him at the stake. This shows the fact women have no shame and they have no loyalty when it comes to dealing with men. Be careful! Both the lyrics and the video serve as a dire warning to men who supplicate to female desire without thinking of their own self-interest.

Amerika: The Anti-Globalism Song

Another song and video that has manosphere themes is Amerika. What makes it all the more impressive is it was released back in 2005 before globalism even became a mainstream idea. Back then, the idea American corporations were scheming to take over the world would surely have been chalked up as some “crazy conspiracy theory.” But, a decade later the intentions of globalists are plain as day to those of us in the manosphere.

Of course, the song and video is about America infecting the rest of the world with its empty, materialistic culture through mass media, brainwashing other cultures of the world, and turning them into mindless consumers. As the lyrics warn, “freedom” is the product that’s being marketed, but what’s really being sold to people is chains.

We’re all living in America
America is wonderful
We’re all living in America
America, America

When there’s dancing I want to lead
even if you’re whirling around alone
Let yourselves be controlled a little
I’ll show you how it really goes
We’re making a nice round dance
Freedom is playing on all violins
Music is coming out of the White House
and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris

We’re all living in America
America is wonderful
We’re all living in America
America, America

I know moves that are very useful
and I will protect you from missteps
And whoever doesn’t want to dance at the end
doesn’t know yet that they must
We’re making a nice round dance
I will show you the way
Santa Claus is coming to Africa
and Mickey Mouse is standing in front of Paris

We’re all living in America
America is wonderful
We’re all living in America
America, America

We’re all living in America
Coca-Cola, Wonderbra
We’re all living in America
America, America

This is not a love song
This is not a love song
I don’t sing my mother tongue
No, This is not a love song

We’re all living in America
America is wonderful
We’re all living in America
America, America

We’re all living in America
Coca-Cola, sometimes war
We’re all living in America
America, America

The song and video both illustrate a world in which corporate American business interests will try to consume the entire world and turn us all into braindead consumers. “We’re all living in Amerika” is a prophecy about what kind of world American business interests want to socially engineer in the 21st century. If they have their way, the entire world will be cannibalized, and the world’s population will literally be “living in Amerika” as the country culturally expands beyonds its borders.


Red Pill Before Red Pill Was Cool

As you can see, Rammstein’s music and videos make bold statements about everything from the relations between the sexes to the effects globalism will have on wrecking the world’s cultures. It’s obvious they know the “diversity” pushed by major corporations will only serve to destroy true diversity as everyone becomes corporate drones enslaving themselves with their own desires to buy unending products they don’t really need.

Rammstein’s music is also a good way to learn German, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. While Rammstein illustrates one aspect of the German language (the harsh-sounding, rough side), if you delve deeper into the language and music it can also be one of the most tender, emotive languages you’ve ever heard. The similar artist Unheilig is a good choice for those wanting to hear the emotional range of German. Unheilig does both hard rock and soft rock, and showcases the stunning versatility of the language.

More than anything, these videos make it enjoyable to realize that men actually have a musical ally amongst the world’s popular musicians. It’s not all Miley Cyrus and other degenerate sluts…yet.

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  • Wow Rel, I had the exact same thoughts about Rammstein even before I read this. What about the song Mein Teil? If that isn’t red pill wisdom packaged in beautiful (and creepy as fuck) symbolism, I don’t know what is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBvwcH4XX6U

    No wonder I felt so drawn to Rammstein, even though I did not understand the lyrics. Some things are instinctual. I only wish that Germany stopped being such a nation of pussies (like the guy who got raped by a Somalian and then was sad that his captured rough lover would be deported and not get to live in Deutschland).


  • Have you ever listened to Type O Negative? They’re from the same mid-90’s era, have a similar goth metal sound. Until their bassist/vocalist/songwriter Peter Steele passed away in 2010, their music explored much of the same red-pill themes as Rammstein’s but with a heavy Brooklyn accent.


  • It’s funny that this article clearly shows tthat the majority of women aren’t worth putting any time or effort into, yet guys out there will continue to do so…. even the guys that make the excuse ” well, we want sex from women” seem to be blinded by the fact that women don’t deserve to be gamed in the first damn place since they’re just not worthputting the energy or struggle anymore…. Agree ?


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