Heeding the Warning of The Married Beta Male Stare of Despair


While princess gossips on the phone, one poor bastard realizes the trap he’s gotten himself into – the marriage trap

The 2015 film The Life of an Unhappily Married Man got the look right. That’s it, that’s it right there. Have you seen it among your friends? It’s what I call the Married Beta Male Stare of Despair. Beer in hand, he looks on, completely emasculated as his gleeful wife knows she has a meal ticket in hand and thanks to our wonderful legal system, can do pretty much whatever she wants to him short of murder and get by with it. Nay, be cheered on by a male-hating society.

Once the Predatory Female has a man’s balls in a legal vice grip, no matter what happens she will walk away with cash and prizes. She can talk about being a Strong, Independent Woman™ until she’s blue in the face, yet we all know she will never, ever turn down a large divorce settlement. What a paradox.

Other examples of the Stare of Despair: As someone snaps a photo of the “happy” couple, the wife is happy in her new dress and perhaps standing in front of some new crap she bought and wants to show off in the photo, but the husband has a deeply troubled look on his face. Or, in moments of solitude the husband looks as if someone has been pissing in his Cheerios every morning of his life since he said those fateful, life-ending words, “I do.” If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times. Usually among married couples who are friends of mine on Fakebook.

Just by looking at his face, one can see the weight hubby has upon him by virtue being saddled with the baggage of powering a materialistic lifestyle for wifey. He seems to be asking himself questions like: What have I gotten myself into? How the fuck am I supposed to pay for all this? Why can’t I ever satisfy her? Will she ever stop making so many demands? She doesn’t need all this crap I have to buy! What kind of creature can walk around bleeding for five to seven days and survive?

The smarter ones will be asking themselves questions like: How do I get out of this mess? If I fake my own death, can I get away from her and start a new life? If I put all my money in an offshore bank account under an assumed name, can I survive divorce?

At once, a Red Pill man feels sorry for the poor Beta bastard but at the same time realizes most of these guys are beyond redemption. Try to put an original thought in their head and a lifetime of cultural programming and brainwashing will make them lash out at you with the most incredible mental acrobatics as they voluntarily continue the life of a slave. Many won’t learn their lesson until they get put through the divorce meat grinder. Even then, once they’ve been stripped of their pride and their fortunes many men will still seek out another predatory female and let the new wife clean them out just like the old wife did. Just call it an unfortunate circumstance of nature. Many men have been programmed with the proclivity to become disposable meal tickets.

Not me.


The look of submission as the husband bows his head and reads the newspaper, caving to wifey’s increasingly ridiculous demands

Hopeless, And Sexless

Beyond becoming hopeless, most men get married with the mistaken notion that it will guarantee them a lifetime supply of sex. As we will see, this is unfortunately not the case even though women definitely use marriage as little more than a front for legalized prostitution. What’s worse, the young, nubile thing you’ve married will be losing her SMV at an ever-increasing pace as she ages. After all, men age like wine and women age like milk.

A photo of a happy married couple (at least a year into their marriage, and in which the emotions aren’t being faked for the camera) is as rare as gold-pressed latinum. Once the female has the submission of the Beta male legalized on a piece of paper and knows she controls his destiny, she can proceed to live out her materialistic fantasies without a wit as to the financial, physical and emotional stress she is causing her new provider slave. What does her husband get for his participation? The bill. And utter hopelessness about his situation. As an added insult to injury, sex, and the quality of it, decreases after marriage.

A highly respected University of Chicago study found that, while the frequency of intercourse decreases by over 700%  between the ages of 20 and 70 among the general populace, among the married the decline is even more striking. Even among couples who rate their marriages as very happy and say they are still in love, frequency of intercourse declines. In another survey, 60% of couples stated that marriage had “completely ruined the excitement of having sex.”

Meantime, the vagabonds of society like me – chastised and loathed by bitter Betas and opportunistic females alike for being single and living a swinging lifestyle banging the 20 year olds Betas secretly wish they could have and that older women are jealous of – are happy swapping out sex partners almost as often as we change underwear. After all, variety in women is the spice of a heterosexual man’s life. Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain knows, paraphrased by a blogger:

Men are evolutionary designed for having sexual variety. They simply have a powerful HORMONAL drive to have many partners. Sexual involvement does not include in many cases emotional attachment and connection from man’s point of view.

Notice how easy some women speak negatively about male sexual drive. Particularly when a man is in a relationship. The same way someone who never had hunger can’t understand what a starving person might be feeling. Their craving for food may seem unnatural and “over-the-top”. The only advice men hear – shame on you, suppress it, it’s easy. Blaming men for their strong sexual drive will not bring any woman far. Only understanding and eventual acceptance will.

If a man does not satisfy his need for having more than one sexual partner – his interest towards his wife/girlfriend will gradually decrease. No amount of so-called “relationship advice” such as wife wearing sexy lingerie, having sex in unusual places, etc. will help to solve this issue.

In other words, men crave sexual variety, and marriage destroys sexual variety inasmuch as it destroys other things that make men happy – freedom, minimalism and not materialism, and control over their lives.

So, the Stare of Despair also reflects a longing for some “strange” that most married men will never realize once they’ve become the legal property of a female. (Incidentally, bringing up strange also brings up an opportunity for a teachable moment. When women cheat, it’s an attack on their partner. When men cheat, it’s because we are genetically programmed to seek out and plunder strange. Men with our characteristics survived nature’s and the female’s shit tests for a reason. Our ancestors spread their seed far and wide. Modern men still have those instincts. If women want men to stop having those instincts, they should stop being manipulative and cunning and give men guarantees of paternity and fidelity. That is not likely to happen, so our philandering is not likely to go away. Nice guys who attach themselves to females in a sexual jungle most certainly finish last. Only when female sexuality is tightly controlled – no pun intended – do Beta males flourish.)


Al Bundy is another great example of the Married Beta Male Stare of Despair

But putting that all aside, instead of falling into the trap today’s men should realize that until the current legal system is set afire and begun anew, marriage has no benefit for men. Want kids? She can take them away on a whim. Want to “do the right thing” and get married? You are literally gambling your entire financial future and freedom on an emotional and disloyal creature, not a rational one.

Have you seen the Stare of Despair among your friends and family? To me, it is one of the most convincing warnings against getting married there is. Just look at men who are married? Are the happy? Or are the miserable. Are they trying to hide their misery? That said, 1 in 10 married men may actually be clueless enough (or even more rarely, dominant enough) to have a happy marriage.

But the risks of being miserable are far higher than those of being happy. I don’t want to look like a totally defeated, married guy like Al Bundy in a few short years. (Many men also gain weight and become pudgy motherfuckers with no incentive to take care of themselves, or give a damn about their lives anymore.) Make sure to show the unhappy faces of married men you know to other potential meal tickets before they make the biggest mistake of their lives and sign on the dotted line of a marriage certificate. If even one heeds the warning, you will have performed a public service of incalculable value.

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  • Brizendine’s book The Female Brain was almost entirely based on her review of other’s research and not either personal experience or others anecdotes. Her book The Male Brain was noteworthy at half the size of the first. Why? Men are quite straight forward about what they want and how they will get it. Women don’t have a fucking clue about either. That was clearly demonstrated in Brizendine’s first book; as it was also in Men are from Mars and others.
    Here’s the bad news boys, you are stronger in every way for a reason: it is up to you to reproduce, and save, the human race. Whether by spreading your ‘seed’ far and wide or in finding a real wife who will gladly have as many children as she can while loving you to bits.
    If left up to the women this species called ‘homo’ will not survive.
    One caveat; you must ensure she does not kill your lineage. Abortion is now legal up to the moment of birth in England.
    One suggestion; hit her with the shit tests before she can hit you. The ‘negs’, as they call them, will be required for a very long time until you get her trained just right.
    I did it. You can too! Best of all, she faded into the sunset when menopause came and left me free to resume the hunt.


  • Escape from the Anglosphere

    Stare of despair. LOL! I see that look everywhere.


  • My mate called me the other day just because he had to vent about how wife. She becomes a volatile banshee for a week every month and he has to flee his own house in the evening. I’m happy to hear his moaning because it makes me appreciate my own lifestyle.
    Do you have a link to that Uni of Chicago study?


  • Spot on article. Saddens me a bit because a very good friend of mine is heading towards divorce and he makes really good money (six figures) and has a good pension coming as well. Alas we were too young to see the marriage trap. I was the lucky one and never did it. Didnt know why but something inside always made me afraid. Thank god i trusted my gut. But anyways yea Relampago can u please recommend to me the best divorce guidebook u feel is out there. Would it be one of the books u posted in the article above? So i can at least help him come out with more than just his underwear.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The better of the two is The Men’s Divorce Playbook and I’d also recommend the documentary Divorce Corp so he knows what he’s up against – a monolithic, totally gynocentric system.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yea i actually seen divorce corp. He was telling me how she was talking about having an amicable split but i told him how the lawyers in judges are in cahoots and will tempt her with all the money she can get and make him spend a fortune on legal fees. By the way is it bad that i laughed when that dude in the end flipped out and shot that judge lol? Random thought. Nonetheless thanks for the info


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