Female Expiration Dates: Women Only Offer Baggage After Age 35


Women’s power in the sexual market lasts about 10-15 years when not bolstered by makeup, prosthetics, and Beta male thirst

Ah, the firm breasts, luscious thighs and tight, yet plump ass of a 20 year old. The female body is simply a wonder of nature and a work of art to behold. A woman at her sexual peak is like a ripe piece of fruit just waiting to be tasted. Few can resist the temptation, even though tasting the fruit comes at an enormous price for a man.

However, this isn’t a station in life or a position of power that lasts forever. As the metaphorical Buddhist wheel in the sky keeps on turning, women realize this power early in life only to see it completely disappear by the time they’re middle-aged. Their body betrays them, and male attention shifts elsewhere.

In the past, a more lucid society recognized that a female’s value to a potential partner was concentrated within this fleeting moment in her life. Over the period of only a decade or so out of an average 75 year life span, a female enjoys the peak of her youth, beauty and fertility. For the other 65 years or so, she’s either too young to be valuable – or too old.

Society made accommodations for men and women to invest in the next generation rather than living lives of pointless and empty hedonism. This model worked for literally thousands of years. In the traditional world, a man would willingly give his entire life to take advantage of this decade or so of a woman’s life. He, as well as families on both sides would expect offspring as a result of their relationship, and a woman would begin a happy life as a homemaker rather than an unhappy life as a corporate cog as in today’s world.

The problem came when women started expecting men to accept the lifetime of baggage with no reward, as they retire from a successful career on the cock carousel at age 35 or so. At this time the modern Western woman is finally ready to finally settle down as she sees her SMV and prospects waning. Modern men are understandably walking on such a one-sided deal. For once a woman’s fertility starts to decline, and her chances of conceiving indeed crash around age 35, she then offers nothing of biological value to a man for the rest of her life. And most women are not much company either as they constantly nag, gossip and covet possessions of other women. (This is what drives the consumer economy.)

What’s left is the Spruce Goose: Men may visit, and play with the controls, but her womb will never really “fly” again.

It’s often said a man offers his entire life for the 10 best years of a woman’s life. This is absolutely true from both a biological and economic viewpoint. Women now want to give the 10 best years to an Alpha asshole or Sigma bad boy and stick Beta boy with the bill and baggage they accumulate. This is totally selfish and disrespectful to men. And it’s time we said NO.

For this reason, men need to adopt a new strategy in which they view a woman in terms of an expiration date. If she offers nothing in return for the ensuing baggage beginning after her expiration date, men need to either refuse to have any romantic entanglements with them or make any rendezvous purely sexual in nature.


Smack dat ass: Men should start considering women in terms of SMV expiration dates

Expiration Date: 35 Years

Women “expire” at age 35 for numerous reasons. Their fertility declines sharply at this age. Their beauty declines, no matter how much makeup they cake on. If not already married to her, from this moment forward she offers nothing to a partner but a well-used piece of anatomy and a manipulative, even predatory disposition towards men and their finances.

The expiration date may fluctuate around age 35 for a couple of reasons, i.e. good genetics or a sweet personality (usually being faked) but this age is a good baseline for the “expiration date” for females.

The expiration date proposal comes in response to men needing to turn back to their own rational self-interest rather than the irrational desires of women.

Women, the soft targets for social engineers that they are completely threw men and society overboard when feminists promised them the Have It All™ lifestyle without the disposable male. Why have one of those meat bags hanging around wanting sex and love when you can Have It All™ girls? And they truly did get more than they ever bargained for. Women have lost their families and their direction in life as they try to be just like men instead of just like women. Now they toil at meaningless Joe and Jane jobs paying nannies to raise the children they should be raising themselves, if they bother reproducing at all.

It has left women practically worthless to men who have their shit together and aren’t ready to risk their entire financial lives and freedom on a used up wet hole. In modern times, as so brilliantly pointed out by MGTOW.com women only offer the following after age 35:

  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Palimony
  • False accusations
  • Gossip
  • Venereal Diseases
  • Boredom/Not interesting
  • Superficiality
  • Mental disorders
  • Manipulation

What kind of man wants a woman around who has given him nothing except occasional sex? Especially if he can get younger, tighter, more fertile women by investing in himself and being an asshole.

Indeed, the gynocentric system worked for a while, kept afloat by Beta male taxpayer money. But in modern times we are beginning to see economics and biology do not work in a vacuum. You cannot sexually and economically disenfranchise men by both taking their money and not giving them any nookie, or even human affection and expect them to continue rowing along like good little slaves, pushing along the Ship of State.

Why? The sexual market is the grandaddy of all the other markets of mankind. No matter how sexually repressed Anglo society may be or how taboo it tries to make heterosexual sex, the simple fact remains sex is the prime motivator in virtually every aspect of life. That’s true for both women and men.

So, in the current system which is debased from reality, as radio host Tom Leykis knows, women start out happy and end up bitter cat ladies. But the tragedy is they bring it on themselves by listening to feminists. Rather than having kids and family they “empower” themselves by taking on massive amounts of debt for college, missing out on the greatest fulfillment of their entire lives by becoming corporate cogs instead of married mommies.

Some women later realize working for a thankless corporate master pales in comparison to working for a husband and children that actually love them, no matter how many contrived company picnics and free food they dole out at office parties.  But, by then it’s usually too late and her eggs have dried up, her personality has adapted to the realities of the mean ladder climbing pyramid scheme – she’s too manly, she’s too fat, and she’s damaged goods as far as any Red Pill man is concerned.

In response to a system that is bad for both women and men, we are witnessing the beginning stages of a righteous rebellion by men who are being exploited by such a system. It is in men’s genetic and biological interests to return to the traditional sexual arrangement or not to play this stupid game at all.

Once a woman has reached her expiration date, a man should show her absolutely no loyalty since she showed him no loyalty when she was actually worth something. For that reason, both sexes need to be educated on the grim realities of female expiration dates.

Once past, the female has nothing to offer the discriminating gentleman. As they say here in the Caribbean, platano maduro no vuelve a verde.

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  • Posters have mentioned women being busted through hard living (and rightfully so), e.g., drugs, alcohol, excessive sun exposure, the cock carousel, etc. I haven’t seen it previously noted, but what about another behavior that has devastating effects on women — cigarette smoking! Particularly, if she’s been (and is) a heavy smoker, i.e., a pack-a-day or more. Not just the lung cancer, heart disease, and other related risk factors, but more studies are proving that smoking contributes to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and a loss of life expectancy of up to 10 years. Talk about “hitting the wall” at an early age!


  • Men carry just as much baggage and bullshit as any other human being… and a woman is a human being, is she not? A badass human being that can reproduce (if she chooses), that can run businesses, run countries, can run circles around you, if she wanted. You speak of women as if she were an object… an outdated car model. You want the newest model, go right ahead… and good luck finding true meaning in life. Women are naturally stronger and have more vitality than men… I’d rather be loved for my strength than my “undying looks”;)


    • Relampago Furioso

      Imminent wall impact, illustrated.

      Are you trying to tell men what we need to desire in women? Does that mean we can tell women what to desire in men, with a similar self-righteous tone?


  • i agree satan is ready to collect


  • Lisa Little, good thing you never returned after your February comment. You didn’t mention your nationality but mentioned non-American upbringing, as I, too, had a very non-American upbringing from a 100% Polish Catholic mother. Such mean & horrible responses in return replied to you. I relate to you completely as a 46 year old white woman who has never been married & does not have any children. How sad that I should expect to receive and worse yet DESERVE a bunch of horrible & downright inhumane remarks from men who do not know me at all, to be judged by what is conceived as these “Feminist” women, like the disgusting women they should you on mainstream propagandized newsclips on Zionist Jewry owned billion dollar media cartels, your CNNs and MSNBCs, especially during all of the crazy 2016 election hoopla, people actually thinking all American women are like and look like these dumpy, disgusting, unkempt, unfeminine looking “females”, who may or may not be “transgender”, it’s not like you can tell the women & men apart who are trans, or at least I admittedly can’t tell the difference…
    we have lost our voices thanks to what is shown to be the cultural norm…i have a story & i know my truths & I deserve a fair chance for a happy ending with love just like any other human being. i have never been a feminist, have never wanted to be a “powerful man”, have a man’s life or job or world, and have known since i was likely a teenager or even younger that i was born too late into this world…i am very attractive & in great shape, both from work & likely good genetics, and have had only a few long term relationships in my life…sadly, they didn’t end in marriage for me because I fell out of love & knew it wouldn’t be fair. i wasn ‘t out romping around like some stupid disgusting slutty whore, i wasn’t raised that way. the other side of this argument is totally ignored in this platform. i can’t tell you HOW MANY women like myself and Lisa Little are out there right now at this very moment, beautiful, intelligent, loving, funny women with much to bring to the table, who established independence for herself because she realized she couldn’t live at home forever, even though with her parents & upbringing they expected her to live at home until they got married…i wasn’t power-hungry & got lucky with good employers & took advantage of tuition reimbursement & in time was able to receive excellent pay for not even having a 4 year degree.
    I wanted very much to be married to my soul mate, but I was not interested in having children. i don’t know why, but I am sure it has something to do with not having met the right man. women are different in that aspect, and are raised differently. how many trashy women out there learn to exploit having children as a way to snag and TRAP A MAN…i never cheated on boyfriends or played other terrible manipulative games. you are condemning all of us & it’s not fair.
    how rotten & horrible to insinuate women over 35 are essentially better off dead. i dated men who also treated me poorly and it was MIND BOGGLING to me and when i would leave them & move on, they would always come back begging & SORRY and it would be too late.
    Also, be aware of the double standard. there are MANY MEN OUT THERE OVER 35 WITH PLENTY OF BAGGAGE, AS WELL. have no baggage, personally. No ex husband, no children, I was just very unfortunate at what i can only assume at this point in my life at the mercy of bad geography living where I have lived, as I have not met my soul mate and was never willing to settle to marry men whom I was not in love with. I also never used a man for his money. All women should be capable of taking care of herself, and I learned to do that. It doesnt make me a BUTCH or a power hungry bitch who wants a penis, give me a break. I was 25 and I needed my own place, not because I planned on wiring up a RED LIGHT for my whore house. It isn’t bad enough women like myself were kind enough to let men down easy & not use them, that we got treated like crap by men who were only pretending to be men but really were little boys who treated us poorly because some stupid gold-digging whore broke their hearts and made us their scapegoat, but we, meaning I, never lost faith or hope & take great care of ourselves and look better at 46 then half of the fat asses with purple hair walking down the main drag by University, and NO, some of us at 46 are not all dried up needing LUBE or other disgusting “aids”.
    Clearly I am now in the wrong country. I know there has to be plenty of men out there who would be thrilled to date a woman like myself and be happy for all of the non-baggage, fun, romance, excitement, humor, passion, sex appeal, intellect, wisdom, compassion, respect for men, mindset of total monogamy, NON-FEMINISTIC CULTISM, and classic & conservative ideals i would excercise in a loving, one on one relationship.
    Some of us were even still virgins until 2 years after graduating from highschool. please stop putting us ALL in this same horrible & disgusting & HEARTBREAKINGLY UNFAIR bucket you men on these extremely feministically stereotyping websites are! I love Henry Makow’s website & articles & am a good Christian woman with healthy ideals & character & do not deserve to be labeled as you all label women over 35. It makes me physically sick & just because I am single doesn’t make me some big fat disgusting piece of dried up meat. I wasnt susceptible to feminist brainwashing but apparently some men were. we are not all disgusting monsters. you are not true gentlemen to be this way, its wrong.


    • Hi, Danielle. First, best wishes to you, for your views about men, chastity, and physical fitness.
      That said, a serious question: why, in this culture and legal climate, do you think that a man should consider marrying a woman who intends to avoid having children? Having no children is what a single man (if not a ghetto type or paternity trapee) already has. There are multiple prices accompanying marriage for men, and that is the only commonly-viewed possible compensation for engaging in it. (A loyal helpmeet or easily-available sex is NOT a reliable gain from marriage for men in America now.)

      Oh, and you might want to take a look at the first ten minutes of the movie “Idiocracy” and the book “Creating a Life” by Sylvia Anne Hewlett ASAP, before you age out of your childbearing years (really, past early 30s), and your choices are foreclosed by time.


  • There are a few unicorns left that are over 40, (46yrs me) and look 30 , still fertile and juicy below the belt. Still very feminine and soft and love alpha men. I’ve never been a feminist but where are these men that are seeking women like myself??! I don’t want to compete with a man but show him love and be his rock when he comes home to recharge. I’m flexible, open and not afraid to show vulnerability but what i encounter is men are so used to being emasculated by power driven women, that women like me are almost considered strange. I was groomed by foreign women in dealing with the male species. I don’t put out sex and only want to cultivate a relationship and connect mind, body and soul..so many men are jaded and emotionally unavailable. You must make a conscious effort to water the grass in front of you. Young women are lush to some degree but most are spoiled fruit by the time they are 25 as they have been brainwashed with feminism and have been so promiscuous since their teen years. Please be open to know that there are older women in America that are still healthy, fit and feminine. I’ve seen many find mates and get married well over 80 years old!


    • 46? Fertility? … alpha male? You have no idea what an real alpha male is.
      Where are the men who wants a sweet 46 year old? …
      They don’t want you, all you can hope to get is a pump and dump and an abusive deadbeat. Is fair I mean, you shoul end with the kind of guy you been fucking in your 20 nies.
      My dear you are 20 years later and too many dollars short.
      Could I recomend some cats?

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    • 46 years of age. Your eggs are as shriveled as raisins. No thanks.


  • According to my daughter in law, Women have fertility peaks, and one occurs in a womans forties

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    • Henry, your DIL is quite simply wrong. The term she should have used was “reverting to age 10 fertility”. That’s much more accurate. Perhaps she meant “briefly renewed feigned interest in sex if single, just long enough to fool a man with a job into committing to her”? Again, I suggest reading the book “Creating a Life” by Sylvia Anne Hewlett.


      • Escape from the Anglosphere

        A woman in her 40s with a fertility peak? LOL!
        About 20 to 25 years too late.
        Proof enough most women in this country suck at STEM…and common sense.


  • I´ve just found this site and I´m hooked.
    This article could have been written by me – every word, every phrase.
    Spot on!
    And yes, I am a proud White Heterosexual Man. No guilty, no remorse, no shame, no fear (I´m like Dirk – LOL).
    In my personal case, I was a faithful loving working husband and father.
    She left me when I become unemployed.
    No money, no pussy.
    Ah! Ah! Ah!
    I still have an active sexual life and I still can have kids. But I recall that she at age 43 needed lubricant because her vagina was becoming drier. Not even a cunnilingus or my finger over the G-Spot could bring back that pussy easily alive. Her biological clock was ticking and I could feel it – TIC-TAC-TIC-TAC.
    Watching recent photos of her, she is not sexually atractive anymore. The beauty that hardened my penis and made my heart beat faster has long gone.
    She is alone and bitter among failed relationships trying to find ´love´ again.
    For me, I have learned to be free and I´m loving it. I want it.
    Welcome to the Jewish Feminist World. Enjoy the ride.


  • Isabel, if you’re over the age of 22, not married and no children, you already have. That’s just the way that is. Cheers.


  • It would be better to target the teens in high school with this info then the 30 somethings at the altar. They still have a chance to turn this insanity around. You’d be doing a real public service.


    • My 13 year old nephew already reads this site and he is sharing it amongst his classmates.


    • Let the kids alone.
      Let them learn on their own we tried to “educate” for too long.
      You wanna go back to the old sistem?
      There was no benefit for men back there, is more convenient for us now, don’t marry, don’t procreate, stay single, buy nice clothes, nice cars, keep your cash, bang young 20 something and retire young with no alimony no child support 😁👍


  • And yet, there are still millions of men who fall for this trap. Just in the last year I attended two weddings of guys in their 30s marrying ex-carousel riders also in their 30s. They were very depressing. I felt like I wanted to say something to the guys but it wasn’t my place, and they wouldn’t have believed me anyway. One of the guys even married into severe health problems and she probably will not be able to conceive. How do we reach more young men?

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  • Relampago, another absolutely brilliantly written article. Along wth Female Expiration Dates, another great article could be, “The Best 10 years of A Woman’s Life.”


  • I’m in my forties and still having some good privileges in Asia. It’s beyond ‘yellow fever’. It’s just tits and ass. It’s all the same. I would say that Japanese and Chinese would be your best bets if you’re 60 plus and want to get a hot 40 year old. Weightlifting and crossfit etc are gaining traction with women in East Asia as well. Once the women make the connection between lifting and prolonging their youthful bodies into their forties and even fifties, they will go after it hard. They are so physically vain.

    I have seen extraordinary 40 somethings here who don’t even lift. Asia will be a good place to pick up a well-off childless, barren, 40 something once you’re 60 and want to settle down. While South American women have Northies beat to a laughable extent, I didn’t notice any kind of awesomeness in the 40 and up set at all. I never saw an attractive 40 plus when I lived there.


  • Nikolai, in Latin America they’ve absolutely got staying power because of the absence (usually) of drug use, constant drinking and carousel riding, and unlike American black women – no tattoos, blue hair and gold teeth. The traditional nature of the culture here means Latin American blacks are the polar opposites (in a good way) of most American blacks.


  • A woman’s fertility begins a sharp decline at age 27, and falls off a cliff at age 31. By 35, they’re way beyond the wall.

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    • Good point. Maybe I was too judicious. I do know the likelihood of conception is virtually nill from 35 onward.


      • Depends on various factors. Japanese women can be attractive well into their 40s if they look after themselves. If they’re drinkers, 35 or so.
        In South East Asia they seem to hit the wall in their early 30s. I think this is because of the increased sun exposure.
        Women of any ethnicity and location will be busted early through hard living. I’ve had a couple of white women tell me their ages and I tried rudely not to gape – they looked a good ten years older than they were. Drugs, alcohol and sun.
        These principals seem about the same for men, not that it matters.
        What about those black ladies, Relampago? Got staying power?


  • Hell, women over age 25 seem to have just as much baggage these days given the prevalence of social media and hook up apps.


    • I agree. Most women offer only baggage from the get go. However, at age 35 their one bargaining chip – the ability to become pregnant – is in sharp decline. If a woman cannot bear children for me (or society) she is for all intents and purposes just dead weight on that system as her life is one of nothing but consumption.


      • I would think the laws in western countries being as draconian as they are towards men in favor of women no matter what, that all women within said countries would cease to have reproductive value.
        Seriously bro, there is only so much bullshit a man can tolerate before giving up on such a powerful human drive as reproduction.


      • I think it’s time to take suicide, then, for me and for many other women.


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