Self-Interest Reigns Supreme on this Planet: The Need for White Identity


Our history and pride in ourselves must not be erased

When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state. -Euripides. Great woes are befalling the American state and the states in Europe as political hacks play endless games of divide and rule, and scapegoat an entire race for all the ills of the world. They tell us to be careful not to label Muslims terrorists, but then Hillary gives a speech saying white people need to check their privilege while Marxist mobs burn down cities over baseless “protests” which are really riots.

Politicians promise a better world will magically appear when they complete their New World Order social engineering project, which effectively places everyone into a collective ethnic blender and presses puree. Meantime, those in the blender self-segregate to be among their own tribes. In mad pursuit of Utopian dreams, politicians destroy the world we knew and loved. The better world they claim to bring will be one of micromanaged, corporate-government tyranny. It is the hell Orwell, Huxley, and Bradbury tried to warn us of.

To stop this descent into Dante’s Inferno, it’s time for white men to stop being pudgy weaklings who mindlessly float around from corporate jobs to the buffet and then back to their air conditioned apartments in socialist boxes on wheels. Mindlessly taking orders and blindly pursuing an American Dream that isn’t there to collect for increasingly larger numbers, while obsessing over men tossing balls around. This is the path to destruction.

We need to forge an identity for ourselves, and join with rational people of all races to fight against the coming world tyranny.

As much as any other race, we have a right to identity and a right to self-interest. If there can be a Congressional Black Caucus, a National Council of The Race (La Raza), and Asian Americans for Equality, why is it racist for white people to organize in defense of their own self-interests? If we do not forge an identity for ourselves, it will soon be illegal for us to exist.

The days of being silent doormats must come to an end. We must have equal standing with every other race in a country in which we are fast becoming another minority. What other nation on earth would let other races tell them they need more diversity. What if white people went to China and told them they’re racist for seeing themselves as Chinese and they need to bring people from all over the world in to atone for the crime of having a national identity?

Or, we told those in the Middle East white people are going to start moving in because they’re not diverse enough…there are too many Arabs in Saudi Arabia, for example. As one can see, this is total insanity yet white people are expected to to the same, and do it with a smile on their face in the U.S. and Europe.


Remembering who we are and what greatness we achieved has become an anathema in today’s world

Racial Bolshevism

What is effectively happening in the United States is a program of Racial Bolshevism pushed by the Marxist left. Under this narrative, white people, and especially white men, are to blame for all the evils in the world and they must be suppressed and eventually eliminated from society so that those with superior virtue (i.e. every other race) can live in perfect harmony. This is literally what one hears when a leftist politician speaks in America.

This narrative has been gaining steam for 50 years, so much so that whites have become suicidal politically and demographically. We are shamed into not having pride in ourselves and our past.

As we transition away from collective racial cuckolding into self-preservation, we should expect to be called every name in the book and have every road block tossed in our path for daring to stand up for our self-interest.

But righteous causes always encounter opposition. We are the world’s only race that is not allowed to take pride in our achievements and our accomplishments. Our children are shamed at school and our symbols are relentlessly attacked and our history rewritten to praise everyone else but ourselves. It is fast becoming a crime to even be white.

This is part and parcel of a growing tyranny intended to debase if not destroy us. Some call it genocide. Whatever it is, it’s most definitely aimed at reducing whites to being less than human and males to being less than a man. If one truly believes in equality, they must believe in the capacity of men to be equally evil. No race has superior virtue because we are all equally culpable. As soon as another race gains the upper hand, they’ll go on to be the oppressors.

In a real sense, that’s what the entire facade of equality is. The pushers of the politics of racial division don’t want to be equal as much as they want to have their turn being the oppressor.

White men need to grow a set and stop being weakling nice guys if they’re to have a future. We aren’t going to forge a future for ourselves and our posterity if we behave like wimps. It is often said the meek shall inherit the earth, but in reality the meek inherit shit. If we do not stand up for our self-interest, we will be marginalized by races who do assert their interests culturally and demographically. 

European culture is worth saving. We do have a right to be on this planet and we do have a right to push for our own well-being. All other races promote their own agendas and it is becoming increasingly suicidal for us not to do the same thing.

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  • White people do need to defend themselves. This is true. We also have to look at demographics. Normally in politics the majority rules. Whites need to be the majority population in their own countries. White people are quickly becoming a minority in their native lands. White people need to marry and have children. The children should be brought up carefully and properly. (I understand these things are not always easy.) The children need to be healthy and grow up to be productive and politically involved. If white people are in a minority we will not be able to pass legislation. We will not be able to influence society. We need to look at the numbers of children in our countries. If the kindergarten and primary schools are full of children of other races then we have a very limited future. In politics the numbers are crucial. Legislation is passed based on the numbers. We need more white people being born. We need to study the birthrates for each race. We can not teach our values to the next generation if that generation does not exist. One of the arguments for high rates of immigration was falling birthrates. If birthrates for white people can increase then there will be less grounds for immigration. We live in an ageing society. There may be an immigrant population that has an average of 4 or 5 children per family. After 3 generations the immigrant population becomes the majority population. There needs to be more white people in their native countries. Do we want to be the majority population or not?


  • I understand the need to perhaps galvanize said white males to join the cause against those dem minorities, but the forces you compete with are so sinister, they’ve poisoned every well, stolen your daughter, infiltrated your schools, commandeered your way of life. Do I need to go on? These are the same guys who masquerade as your own. Open your eyes and recognize them.

    When guys with deep Jewish ties like Trump step up to run your so-called country, what do you think? What if he had the name ‘Cernovich’ or was a flaming sodomized homosexual named Milo. These are the clowns that have conquered the new right with entryism. White identity is a farce. Get it through your head.


  • The hordes are already on our doorstep. White men need to try to get as many others as possible to wake up.

    We created civilization. I see no coliseums in Ghana nor Democracy in Kuwait.

    White men need to answer the call to save our civilization, and be prepared to fight until death to preserve it. Deus Vult.


  • This needs to be said OVER and OVER until the lazy, fat and apathetic white males get it through their fucking skulls. They are coming for your bitch ass whether you like it or not.

    Turn your fucking tv’s off and start preparing for violence. Make yourselves stronger, meaner and colder than the rest of the pathetic swine suckling at the government tit.

    The New World Faggot hivemind has said we are psychopathic killers hell bent on destroying everyone and everything else. I think it’s time we gave them what they want.

    No retreat. No surrender. NO MERCY!

    Become a god and a beast who will bring judgement to the fagged out blob of inferior genetic specimens.

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