Don’t Date Single Moms – Stopping the Gravy Train


Disposable Dads: A whopping 72% of children born to black mothers are born out of wedlock

The Disposable Male has turned into the Disposable Dad in a demographically and culturally failing Anglo culture. Men are now seen by women and the legal system as nothing but sperm donors and check writers if one considers the statistics rather than emotionally driven propaganda about how women are always the victim.

One of the main causes of this malaise, rent-seeking maternal behavior, must come to an end. Women have increasingly taken a ride on the Uncle Sugar gravy train since the welfare state kicked into high gear in the 1960s in America. They abandoned “good guys” for “bad boys” until we reached the modern day dystopia. That’s speaking of the ones that bothered to reproduce at all…a demographic dearth is leading to the semi-peaceful conquest of the United States in the early 21st century by immigrants and so-called refugees.

No, it’s not time for good guys to “man up” and strap on the burden brought on by hamster-driven feels and irresponsible female behavior.

The only way to stop single mommery and its attendant ills – fatherless children, an increasingly lawless and irresponsible society, and the feminization of men is to adopt an age old cultural practice once again. Single moms must be shunned and no excuses accepted for women breaking up their families. They can make for fun pump and dumps, but that’s where it ends.

In addition to the broader generalities outlined above, here are some specific although less profound reasons not to date single mommies.


White moms are catching up as 1/3 of white children are now born out of wedlock

The List

You will never be her top priority. In fact, you’ll more than likely be dead last on her priorities list.  Expect her never to be available for you, and when she is most of the time her kid or kids will be bouncing around. Headed to the bedroom for some naughty times? She’ll more than likely have a kid barging in, knocking on the door, or making noise. Why put up with this if it’s not your kid?

Expect her to expect you to start paying for another man’s spawn, even if she collects child support from him. She will initially deny (as all women do) she’s after your money, but sooner or later she will “have something come up” i.e. female code for she spent too much money shopping for a new weave or on Starbucks and other recreational eating activities and now she “needs your help” to buy something for junior or princess. Being the good guy who has a heart and helps out only opens you up to financial abuse.

The Baby Daddy is always lurking in the shadows. A man who dates a single mother isn’t just dealing with the mom, he’s dealing with her kids and now her man. If she isn’t banging him secretly on the side, he’s always going to be trash talking you when you’re not around. Worse, he may even sabotage you for “taking his girl” away from him.

In many cases, your girl will be using you to make the Baby Daddy jealous. Don’t be a pawn in this game. Women, emotional creatures they are will often date another man just to make the man they really love jealous or to get back at him for banging some other chick. This is yet another risk of dating single moms.

You will never be respected by her kids. If it isn’t bad enough that most women see men as disposable, walking ATM machines, her kids will see you as a cash machine as well. They’ll also never have feelings for you like their real father. Sure, they be feign “love” for you as long as you are of some financial or material benefit to them, but don’t expect any kind of loyalty. As soon as you buy them the new Nintendo and mom decides she doesn’t want you anymore, the kids will follow suit with what mom does and toss you aside like refuse as well. As with women, it’s never what have you done for me, it’s what have you done for me lately when it comes to their children.


The Disposable Dad problem is now infecting once traditional Latin moms in a toxic Anglo culture – it’s not the women it’s the culture they’re in

Single Mom Epidemic

As fathers and men in general are banished from society but the benefits of their labor legally expropriated from them, the number of children born without a family, i.e. out of wedlock has exploded. While feminism and Cultural Marxism certainly bear their share of the blame for these statistics, a legal system designed to take advantage of men and turn them into slaves certainly hasn’t helped the matter.

Check out these troubling numbers compiled by the National Review.

Preliminary data indicate that 40.7 percent of all 2012 births were out-of-wedlock, which is appalling, and there are vast differences among racial and ethnic groups. Among non-Hispanic blacks, the figure is highest, at 72.2 percent; for American Indians/Alaska Natives, it’s 66.9 percent; 53.5 percent for Hispanics; 29.4 percent for non-Hispanic whites; and a mere 17.1 percent for Asians/Pacific Islanders.

The editorial then goes on to deliver this blow to the Strong, Independent Woman™ and Don’t Need a Man™ narratives.

It is, of course, no surprise that the groups with the highest illegitimacy rates are the groups that are struggling economically, educationally, with crime, and so forth.

Expect more struggles economically, educationally, and criminally as this is the cost of relegating men to the sidelines and treating them as nothing but productive machines that power the socialist economy.

In addition to refusing to date single moms and deal with their messes, a man can Go Galt and reduce the amount of money he is paying into a system that incentivizes this type of behavior. Why work hard to become a disposable meal ticket when it’s so much easier to live on less and chase intrinsic life goals (things that naturally make men happy, plenty of sex with different women, traveling the world, living a minimalistic lifestyle, staying out of debt, etc.) rather than the extrinsic life goals women pursue i.e. materialism, competitive consumption, recreational eating, etc.

Shunning single moms rather than encouraging their behavior, as well as starving the beast that lets them behave this way (cutting government revenues by working less) is one of the best ways men can resist and even reverse their third-class citizen status in Anglo America and the West in general.

The Gravy Train must be derailed.

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  • Agreed. I’ve seen a few cases where single mothers have married another man and it’s worked out but that’s only because the wives let the new husband assume the role of father and not merely the step-dad. The thought of spending absurd quantities of time and money raising someone else’s child and not even getting the respect of being called the father abhors me.


  • It seems that men want to be second string daddies. Otherwise they would choose someone else without kids. Most men just don’t care.


  • Great post and I echo these sentiments. I wrote an article about the numerous ways in which single mothers fuck their children over due to their horrible, selfish decisions. Single mothers are TRASH!

    Men who get with them allow this shit show to keep rolling on and they enable piss poor women to continue being shit bags. Fuck the both of em! Burn in hell!


  • What’s more, live with her for a while and you’re now, for all intensive purposes, married. Through carefully disguised, benignly name laws and policies, she’ll get the same rights to alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++) her officially married and now divorced counterparts so enjoy.

    Forced marriage for men has a name. Actually, it has many names. They’re called ‘de facto relationships’, ‘committed intimate relationships’, the ‘Cohabitation Rights Bill’ – and even simply activist, feminist judges giving women men’s money following a breakup after a relatively short term relationship.

    VAWA and affirmative consent will both apply in cohabitation – leaving you wide open for false accusations following the wrath of a woman scorned. It has happened to me. Do not let it happen to you. I got extremely lucky and she lost. Never again. If you break up with her – you had better have it on tape – because she will lie through her teeth – fully aware there’s no penalty if her lie is uncovered – and you had better pray – if this happens to you – that it is uncovered. A misdemeanor or felony arrest/conviction based on a false accusation of DV or assault will end your life – and she knows it. Let me say that again: A felony or misdemeanor arrest/conviction and you might as well eat a bullet – because it’s over. This is why tens upon tens of thousands of men commit suicide every year – and women couldn’t care less. Hades hath no wrath… What’s more, even though ALI (American Law Institute) rejected affirmative consent as a legal standard in criminal cases – activist, feminist judges are using affirmative consent as a standard regardless. Why? Activist judges legislate from the bench. Always have. Always will. Just ask any post divorce raped man.

    It’s called forced wealth transfer from men to women guys. It’s been going on for several decades now. Women have effectively removed men’s ability to ‘compete’ through Affirmative Action, Title IX and various other quota system laws and policies – all giving women an advantage over men in every context. Next up is paid maternity leave. You’ll be told this benefits men as well – but as we all know – marriage and birth rates are at their lowest points in recorded world history and have no place to go but down – thanks to ‘affirmative consent’, VAWA, false accusations, alimony, asset division, child support, male disposability and cultural misandry. Paid maternity leave will be funded simply by paying single men less money and having them work more tasks and longer hours when women take what will amount to potentially months of paid vacation.

    Guys – the man taxing started back in the sixties. They’re not dumb enough to call them ‘man taxes’ anymore. With men abandoning marriage – they’ve adapted and have evolved new ways to strip men of wealth and power. Many trillions in wealth and power have been forcefully transferred from men to women by the man-hating, hyper gynocentric state over the past few decades alone – and it will only get worse from here. Do not help them to destroy you by giving a single woman – specifically one with children – ANY legal or financial power over your life. Know the laws – or suffer destruction at the hands of our misandric, pro-male-disposability, hyper gynocentric society.


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