Comment of the Week | October 23, 2016


A great comment from the past week

Comment of the Week

Commenter Kaminsky wins comment of the week with his comment confirming my bad experience in a white strip club in America wasn’t an anomaly. In response to Stories from the Road: Visiting a White Girl Strip Club he wrote:

Ditto here. I travel and have expatriated many times. I made it a tradition to hit a strip club, alone, the night before I shipped out. I used to love strip clubs. Loved the white girls (then). Really loved nude Asians while in America. Something about that really got me going. Anyway, I’m saying I used to LOVE strip clubs. The last few times I went, it was stupid. One girl (a 6) sat with me unasked and immediately called me ‘mediocre’ right off the bat. I wasn’t rude back to her but I wasn’t enthused at all about talking to her. She got the hint and very sarcastically said, “Well, I’m suuurree the girls will just love you,” then she stormed off. I’m not that bad of a guy. I lift etc but I’m very much the boy next door. Another girl did her set on stage and I was watching her jiggle around as she put her (two) pieces of clothing back on before making her rounds at the tables. She (despite being a stripper) was apparently very offended that I would watch her as she sat there naked. She barked at me. So, no lap dance from her. Another white girl with amazing naturals came up to me. I asked if I could touch them during a lap dance (strict-style NW laws). She agreed but said I couldn’t kiss them because she “didn’t want to spend the whole night being everyone’s mom.” The sullenness and outright hostility was such a turnoff. Those three stories accrued over two or three visits. I can’t remember. I no longer go. Strip clubs from 94-2002 used to be heaven for me. I was a major incel and just watching hot girls asses for 3-4 hours as they walked around was the greatest heaven on earth. ‘Stripper’ used to be synonymous with ‘hot with a great ass’. No longer. The girls were fun and slutty and actually did their jobs back then. Now they ooze feminist indignation while making 1000 bucks a night for sitting down and moving around a little bit. It’s not worth the 70-300 dollars anymore. I no longer get that horny at my age where just getting 3-4 lap dances means that much to me. Not worth it especially since I’m a career expat and get waaaayyy more for that same amount of money by waaaayyy better women, younger, cleaner, waaayyy better bodies. Another thing is that the quality in the US had lowered significantly. Strippers used to have great bodies…because…well, duh….but the last few times was full of 5’s. Only the foreign girls had anything to offer. A strip club habit and poor impulse control is a mistake. A few misguided trips and you will burn through 3 times more cash than a quick jaunt to Guadalajara for the weekend or something.


I would have nuclear negged the ho that called you “mediocre” when she’s the one taking off her clothes for cash. I would have asked her how she got a job there because I didn’t think they hired ugly bitches. But, that’s just me. I don’t give a fuck anymore.

The cost-benefit doesn’t work out when you’ve got man-hating strippers who barely know how to dance and most of them either: have no ass, have no tits, are fat, are ugly, don’t know how to move, or all of the above. You want my cash for basically nothing in return for me except a stiff dick (if I’m lucky because most of you girls are boring as fuck and have no sex appeal) and for you to treat me like nothing but a cash machine you hope to vacuum dry.

Fuck that shit. At least the Latin and black strip clubs I go into leave me wanting to come back again. And that’s when I have to be “slumming” it by coming to America to visit family. I’d rather not be in that fucked up country, anyway.

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One comment

  • Christ I was actually thinking of hitting a strip club to celebrate successfully hitting some financial goals. My plan was to blow 1k somewhere that night. This is what I needed to hear!

    Back in 06-07 I my buddy took me to a strip club for my bday and I begrudgingly went despite the fact that I’ve never liked them in the first place. I ended up taking a stripper home and fucking the absolute dog shit out of her.l It was great. Based on what Im hearing now though I doubt I could repeat that.

    So I might just rent a higher end escort or two and get geeked out all night.


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