Real Objectification: Men Are Nothing But Utilities in Womens’ Eyes


Women are objectified for their sexuality because they bring little other value to the table for a man in Anglo culture

Women often complain about being seen as nothing but sex objects in men’s eyes. What few people realize is men are nothing but utility objects in women’s eyes.

As a man, you are not a human being in a woman’s eyes as much as you are a utility to be used for her convenience. Women prove this time and time again in their dealings with men. From the time they meet a man until he is disposed of female behavior towards the potential partner can be broken down into three major phases:

  • Meeting Phase: Male is invisible unless he has either more money, higher status, or more power than the female and surrounding male competition, or he shamelessly breaks the rules. Hypergamy is the most powerful force in the mating universe, but bad boys short circuit this wiring.
  • Relationship Phase: Male is tolerated as long as he provides material and/or social benefits to the female. Bad boys are of course, excepted in most circumstances.
  • Disposal Phase: When the male’s resources have been consumed, his social status is downgraded, or the female wishes to “monkey branch” to a higher status male, he is then disposed of. The severity of the disposal depends on how Beta he is. Hardcore Betas will be dealt with most severely by females.

So, this is why men are pushed to become walking, talking utilities by society from a very young age. Men are regularly objectified by women and society in terms of:

  • Income
  • Earning capacity
  • Potential earning capacity
  • Job
  • Popularity (younger age)
  • Social status (older age)
  • Power (48 Shades of Grey)
  • Clothing (clothes make the man!)
  • Height/Looks/Muscles/Baldness

In contrast to what we are led to believe, men are perhaps the most objectified creatures on the planet. We are most often seen as nothing but provider drones for women to take advantage of at their will.

That said, in a society that is functioning properly objectification is really a two-way street as men want women who are young, pretty, fertile, and good in the sack. But women have so manipulated the playing field (they can objectify men, but men can’t objectify them) they now regularly push subpar merchandise on men with no shame and no apology.

In short, women can now openly objectify men but it is verboten for men to objectify women. This screws everything up, and before long demographic decline sets in as we are seeing in America and Europe as the once world-dominating Caucasian peoples go out with a whimper instead of a bang – i.e. the aging/dying population we have today.

Too much power in the hands of either sex is a bad thing. Right now, women have all the power.


Want some action with her? Better have one of the following qualities to bring to the table, utility man

Male Roles in Female Lives

Female objectification of men also extends down to the roles men play in female lives. Analyze any relationship objectively and you’ll find women either use a man to fill one of the following roles in her life, or said man is completely invisible to her.

Stabilizer. Emotional creatures that they are, women often want to have a strong, asshole of a man to stabilize their mood swings and general insanity. The lack of a male stabilizing force in modern Anglo society (fuck you very much feminism) helps one see why women have generally turned into massive train wrecks in modern times. (Three kids from three different baby daddies, tattoos from head to toe, totally out of control lives, etc.)

Resource Provider. There’s the male role everyone knows well – the good old resource provider. As long as his checks clear, she hangs around. These days however, women enjoy having the resources but don’t want the pesky male hanging around, which is why the modern court system has evolved to filch men of their hard-earned money.

The Clown. Yet another male role is that of the entertainer. As The Primal Male so masterfully noted, she is the Queen and he is the jester providing her with amusement. A woman will be drawn like a moth to a flame to a man who is fun or exciting to be around, but once his entertainment value runs out, she gets bored and continues her carousel ride.

Social Status. Just as with handbags and other accessories, women want the best man to show off to their petty friends. As when purchasing a handbag, if she has money for Micheal Kors, that’s what she buys. If she has money for a Gucci or Louis Vuitton she will purchase that handbag. So, with your social status you represent the best she can “purchase” with her SMV and anatomy.

The key to understanding this behavior is whoever or whatever she associates with is only to give her the edge over other girls in her clique, as women are intensely competitive. Just realize, that with social status you are the equivalent of a new handbag in her limbic brain.

Emotional Tampon. Beta orbiters fall into one of two areas. The first is the emotional tampon, listening to her concerns about other men she’s fucking while he faps hoping for some crumbs to fall off the sexual table. This is perhaps the most pathetic of the two Beta orbiting positions, but it’s a close contest.

Friendzone. This is the other area Beta orbiters fall under. He becomes her friend hoping she’ll see what a great person he is and thereby let him visit the tunnel of love. But, this is most often a hopeless venture, and in the rare circumstances a female fucks one of her Beta orbiters it will inevitably turn into an awkward experience, and she’ll quickly dispose of him as both her friend and lover. Don’t become one of these used and abused men for a piece of ass, or as is most often the case, the vanishing mirage of a hope of a piece of ass.

These are only few of the ways women objectify men. Next time you hear a woman complaining she is being objectified because of her sexuality, remind her that men are objectified for our utility.

Some of us are sick and tired of being treated like walking, talking ATM machines and disposable meal tickets, ladies. When we can have that conversation, maybe I’ll be more willing to listen to some of your emotional hamstering about objectification of women. I feel pretty fucking objectified every time I come to the train wreck of a society known as the USA.

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  • Men have long been promoting their gender as “providers and protectors”, and now you’re mad that women use it to their advantage?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Not mad. Just educating men on the new rules of the game. Women also promote their sexuality with everything from lipstick to skirts and then get mad when men pump and dump?


    • I have to agree with Relampago on this… he’s not mad, he’s winning the game. He’s teaching guys insight and wisdom on Game and women. Unfortunately, on other blogs and sites (of which I have been visiting the last couple of months) all you hear and read is guys bitchin’ and complaining’…. these guys are the ones who are mad and their bitterness has turned into hatred…. it’s so sad and pathetic. Hell, I love women and I love the Game and always will.


  • Relampago, another great, but poignant article.

    Here’s why I say that… although what you state is true, how much of this is on the men themselves. When I study, Pimps, Players and Gigolos, their experiences are totally different then these poor sucker/Beta Simps. Isn’t this just a situation where guys are just giving away their power and then becoming whiny, little bitches, then later..blaming the women because they aren’t getting laid and getting played.

    In life you are either a Winner or Whiner..and from my understanding ONLY Losers, whine… like little bitches.

    Lastly, can this just not be a case of life itself. Meaning, some guys are just born, hopeless Losers and nothing you do will change that hard-cold fact. Even if and when they make a lot of money, some girl will (in your words) juts come along and “filch” them out of it.

    I’m just coming at this from another angle, because I tire of so many guys, acting like “whiny, little bitches” on the internet 24/7, 365..(bitchin’ makes any man look weak…and no one respects weakness).

    Yet, what it all comes down to is, their dumb-asses gave away their power. Now, their bitchin’ and complain’ online about women, who aren’t fuckin’ them but are fuckin’ others guys… bottom line to me is..Quit your bitchin’ and step your Game up.. and if you can’t, then shut he fuck up and settle for your miserable LOSER status in life, because it’s your own damn fault, not women’s fault that YOU ARE LOSER!!!!

    P.S. I might add, I have NEVER, EVER met a woman who wants to be with a LOSER.

    Again, not here to offend, but when the hell will men quit being bitches and man the fuck up!!!!

    Thanks and I look forward to either your rebuttal or additional insights.


  • Great points, every woman in the west and most in the world are like that.

    I swear it comes from:

    Feminism making fathers/nuclear families extinct/irrelevant

    Two generations of boys raised by women

    Those said boys dont know how to act like a man due to cucked fathers if they’re around at all. They develop a toxic pedistalization of anyone with a pussy.

    They throw everything down the drain, have no honor, nor soul other than the “holiest of holes”that their wife/gf dangles on a string.

    Women see that, and now they have all the power. Look at the US, France, Germany, Sweden etc. Anywhere that has been indoctrinated into this femi-socialism we’re being exposed to is royally fucked.


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