Boys Committing Suicide at Nearly Double the Rate of Girls


Males are reviled in Anglo culture and adolescent boys are committing suicide at nearly twice the rate of girls

As yet another barometer of the decline and disintegration of Western culture, suicides of kids aged 10 to 14 are now at an all-time high.

The lamestream media is all over this story, but as usual one has to do some digging to come up with the fact far more BOYS are committing suicide than girls. Almost twice as many young boys kill themselves than young girls in this age group.

Don’t expect to hear anti-suicide campaigns aimed at saving young boys in an anti-male Anglo culture. As just one example of how deep the “protect the pussy and exploit the dick” mentality runs in this culture, there are lots of pink ribbons for tits but no ribbons for prostate cancer. That’s just how it works in the matriarchy.

Dr. Marsha Levy-Warren, a clinical psychologist who works with young men and women in this age group told the Old York Times something that sheds some light on the problems of a Puritan work ethic and sexual repression juxtaposed alongside a totally degenerate and sexualized media making everyone miserable – and apparently it’s not just adults who are alienated:

Cultural norms have changed tremendously from 20 years ago.

That’s definitely an understatement. And worse, the cultural norms are getting worse. Much worse. We all know this.

Then we see stories like this that pain the human cost of this tragedy. A recent suicide reported on by the Daily Mail highlights the reality behind the numbers as a high school boy recently added yet another name to the body count.

A 16-year-old boy died early Tuesday morning after police said he jumped in front of an oncoming A train at the 42nd Street subway station under the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. The teen had a ‘history of depression’ and cop sources said he had been hospitalized in September for suicidal thoughts, according to the New York Daily News.

There’s no word if the boy was on dangerous SSRI antidepressant drugs that The New Modern Man has reported on in the past. But drugs are only one part of a series of problems leading to these grim statistics.


A teen with a history of depression leaped in front of a subway car in New York in recent weeks – no word if he was on dangerous SSRIs

Culture of Death

Anglo America continues to bask in a sewer of what could be collectively called a culture of death. Whether it be drugs designed to keep people functioning profitability in a miserable system, a culture that figuratively if not literally tries to de-ball boys and men, sexual repression designed to communicate the message the only way to get your urges alleviated is by buying the right combination of products, or an education system biased towards females, the Matrix is designed to keep people producing money no matter the human cost of doing so.

So, abortion worship isn’t the only way this culture has become a culture of death.

While part of the statistical uptick in adolescent suicide is no doubt related to the decreasing number of annual deaths in car crashes, the number of suicides in this age group has doubled in the past decade – to around 400.

Between 2007 and 2014, the number of middle schoolers dying by suicide grew from an annual rate of 0.9 to 2.1 per 100,000.

Here are four reasons the number of boys who are committing suicide is rising sharply.

1. Drugs. Ritalin. SSRI antidepressants. The modern day equivalent of Somas in our Brave New World. An astounding 1 out of 5 high school age boys have now been diagnosed with ADHD and many of them prescribed Ritalin in a move that is directed at keeping them from acting like boys. Only 7% of girls have been diagnosed with ADHD. These drugs mess with the developing psychology of boys, and turn many of them into basket cases in an already difficult period in life.

2. Anti-male culture. Just the fact the male suicide rate in the age 10-14 age group is nearly double that of the female suicide rate was buried by the media speaks volumes about the anti-male biases of Anglo culture. From the time boys enter school, maleness and testosterone are brainwashed and drugged out of them. It is not a pleasant time to be alive if your are a male, whether you’re a child or adult.

3. Repressed sexuality. Puritanism is still alive and well in modern day Anglo culture. Anglobitch sums this aspect of modern life for pubescent boys and men extremely well:

Straight men are the monstrum horrendum of the Anglo mass media. One cannot read a newspaper or watch a news bulletin within seeing men being vilified as rapists, pedophiles, cannibals and mass murderers. No word at all about the millions of responsible fathers, husbands and employees out there – the Puritanical Anglo media hates sexualized beings, and so it hates men, period.

Strangely, Puritanism has morphed from a religious practice to an atheistic practice of New World Order socialism in the 21st century. But make no mistake – it has its roots in Puritan Anglo culture.

4. Education system. Kids now spend less time outdoors than prisoners do. The education system is designed to turn young people into efficient, professional consumers and debt slaves, nothing more. It is also designed to begin a process of de-sexualizing both sexes that continues once the newly minted consumers begin consuming corporate media and being subjected to corporate HR policies which are also designed at de-sexualizing human beings.

Once these four problems are recognized and solutions formulated to bring an end to this quadruplet of insanity, the suicide rate will go back down. Don’t expect this to happen as the media is already concealing the fact boys are suffering the most under this social scheme.

Until then, it’s full speed ahead with the New World Order, and as always male sacrifice and the social costs boys and men pay take a backseat to whatever is best for those born with a vagina and what is best for those profiting from the current system.

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  • Eduardo the Magnificent

    Ages 10-14 is typically when young men are given their first taste of manhood. Responsibilities and talents are gradually increased, and eventually there is some rite of passage marking the official transition when he’s ready. There is a real, tangible feeling of growth and confidence at this stage, and the chest swells with pride. We have ripped this millennia-old natural sequence away from young men and replaced it with ennui. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, nobody to be. Unless someone shows you the way out, the only other possible alternative is to jump in front of a train. And nobody in charge is interested in showing them anything.


  • Everything is “by the book”:
    – Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals

    Click to access Rules_for_Radicals.pdf

    How to create a Socialist State by Saul Alinski

    Hillary and Alinsky


    – Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky and Lucifer, explained


  • Here’s how you save boys – and it will never happen because society thrives on male disposability and cultural misandry and always has:

    Teach boys that the #1 way in which men’s lives are destroyed is through giving women financial, legal and psychological power over their lives. Never give a woman these powers and your chances of living a good life increase astronomically. Tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been destroyed, in the US, in just the past few short decades, just by men giving women financial, psychological and legal power over their lives. Don’t become the next in a long, long line of suckers.

    Teach boys that society, women and the state view them as disposable utilities for purposes of enriching women and the state. Deny women and the state male disposability and watch them cry like a spoiled child that has had their toy taken away.

    Teach boys that the reason for male-only conscription and an all-male front line fighting force is so that women and the political elite can retain power for themselves while simultaneously disposing of lower class men. Don’t enlist. If conscripted under the male only draft – sue for anti-male gender discrimination.

    Teach boys that no-fault divorce, Title IX, Affirmative Action, the male-only draft, Affirmative Consent and the plethora of female-first/female-only quota programs were designed to force wealth and power from men to women and the state. Under Obamacare, men now pay for the bulk of women’s healthcare. Men and boys utilized far less of these resources but pay for the bulk of them. The same is true of taxes. Men pay the majority of taxes but the majority of spending on health, education and welfare goes to women.

    Teach boys that everything they see when they drive down the road – including the road – was built by men. All progress in civilization has been invented and created through the suffering, death and disposal of men at the behest of women and the state.

    Teach boys that women and the state hope to keep them from being successful in life so that they’re more vulnerable to women’s and the state’s desire to keep them in their easily disposed of condition. The more men and boys deny women and the state male disposability and the more men and boys focus on their own life success – the less powerful women and the state become.

    To save boys, there has to be someone to tell them the truth. Good luck with that, because women and the state don’t want men or boys to know the truth. Men and boys are force-fed gynocentrism through movies, books, TV, music and their mothers 24/7/365. Doesn’t serve their personal agenda for men to awaken – so they prevent men from learning.

    The entire purpose of feminism is to hide these truths from men and to shield women and the state from men waking up en masse and recognizing women’s and the state’s inherent psychopathy and cowardice. If boys and men wake up to these truths en masse – women and the state are done for – hence the skyrocketing misandry (supposed toxic masculinity, stare rape, manspreading, mansplaining, white male privilege, etc) we see today. Women and the state are the privileged – not men and boys. Women and the state know that if men and boys wake up to these truths – they’re done. Here’s hoping men and boys wake up.


  • Boys always committed suicide at higher rates than girls. Men are born with higher intelligence, higher imginative abilities and the geniuses of the world are all male. This evolutionary advantage has a disadvantage – men are less stable under certain conditions.

    However what is troubling is that the suicide rate among young boys is rising – and rising fast. I would also point to another factor beside the ones given. The rising trend of being both fed toxic food (tons of highly poisonous ingredients that will be banned in future saner times), unhealthy overdosing of available foods (caffeine high on the list) – as well as a strangely corresponding lack of nutrients. All currently available nutrient density comperison studies point to the fact that simple veggies, breads or meats had higher nutrient concentration. Sometimes the levels were depleted 98% – less vitamins.

    There are schools in the US which treat ADHD and behavioral problems with healthy food and lack of toxins – they are far more effective than Ritalin or anti-male psychology lessons.


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