The Burden of The Disposable Anglo Male


Western men have endangered their own survival by creating a society so prosperous women don’t need them anymore…they just avail themselves of the Female Free Ride through life

On my recent trip back home to The Matrix there was an idea that occurred to me that I just couldn’t shake. As I looked upon a nation that scarcely resembles the one I grew up in anymore, I was constantly reminded of female solipsism and females’ total lack of respect and regard for what the men in their tribe have done for them.

It’s never: “What have you done for me?” It’s always: “What have you done for me LATELY?” when it comes to women in this moribund culture.

Anglo women have disposed of the men in their tribe and family even after both gave them the most prosperous society in the history of the world. Men literally created everything you see around you through their genius and creativity and the children they once had powered the economy and protected the tribe.

Everything you see around you in the Western world is the result of sexual selection and the male attempt to appease the female of the species.

Now that she has everything she wants, the male has become completely worthless to her and the house-band’s (husband’s) “primitive” notion of family is no longer of interest to her. Men hold the family together…but their ability to do so has been almost completely destroyed by a gynocentric culture and legal system.

When reminiscing about the situation as I return to the warmth of the Caribbean, I feel the pain of my brothers who have no sense of purpose in life now that the traditional reasons for them to strive, achieve and create – wives and families – have been taken away from them.

It’s a sad commentary as one writes the obituary of Western civilization. I’m flabbergasted as I tour areas what were once European American strongholds that now look like foreign countries. I harbor no ill will towards those moving in to fill the vacuum left by a dying race of people, but at the same time I know deep inside the reason traditional Americans are dying off is because their women have become useless from a biological and reproductive standpoint.

Women now have no incentive to play along with the marriage/family game because all their needs are taken care of.

And that’s all men are good for, right? Utility value.

In short, Anglo women’s frigid nature led Anglo men to greatness and world domination as they strove to appease it – but it is also destroying them as she simply has no further use for them because his creation has become self-sufficient and replaced him as the provider in her life.

Which shows us once again very ugly aspects of the female psyche and behavioral repertoire (especially in K-selected females) that are taboo to speak of in most circles and verboten to criticize in a pussy pedestalizing society.

As we play out the string and watch a once dominant nation succumb to generations of women’s liberation, documenting the decline will serve as a cautionary tale about becoming too prosperous and loosening restraints on female sexuality and behavior a little too much.

And at least one corner of the blogosphere will mention the truth that others dare not speak of – that of the burden of the disposed of male. What do you think? Do you have any personal stories to share as a disposed of male? We would love to hear from you. Post a comment below or send us an email.

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  • Rene Guenon- Crisis Of The Modern World Evola was largely influenced by him.


  • Zan,

    No need to solve anything. Certainly don’t try to change Western women. It’s impossible. They have no wiring for accountability. None. There is a computer programming level of mental wiring that disallows any slight smidgen of shame or accountability. They’re gone. Over. Look elsewhere. Just lift, minimalize, stack cash, read, and visit EE, Asia and Latin America for your needs. DROP OUT. The signs couldn’t be more obvious. How bad does it have to be for some of you to wake up and gtfo?


    • “No need to solve anything. Certainly don’t try to change Western women. It’s impossible. They have no wiring for accountability. None. There is a computer programming level of mental wiring that disallows any slight smidgen of shame or accountability. They’re gone. Over. Look elsewhere. Just lift, minimalize, stack cash, read, and visit EE, Asia and Latin America for your needs. DROP OUT. The signs couldn’t be more obvious. How bad does it have to be for some of you to wake up and gtfo?”

      @Melmoth… I actually agree with everything you say…but here’s the deal….leaving is not an option for 99% of my friends. They love America and American women. Their families are here…and now that Trump will make America great again, problem solved. More guys will make more money, now. Which leads to dating more women. No more will guys be depressed or feel like losers because a Trump victory is a victory for all of us. Also, many guys do not like Asian girls or are willing to learn to speak Spanish.


      • Trump won’t do nearly as much as you think. He’s already stated that he will increase military spending. That is so incredibly expensive that some little tweak to welfare to appease the Tea-Partiers will only be a drop in the bucket. The mule status and lack of options for lower, middle and upper middle class Americans won’t budge. This stuff was decided a long time ago. Like back in FDR’s day. A moneyshifting government is now entrenched.

        Screw your friends and their wants. Just worry about your own. Also Trump won’t magically turn women thin.


      • @Melmoth… well good points again. But, with Trump things will get better. Girls attitude will change as guys make more money and gain more success. Now they will be happier and start families and have no need to leave America.


      • Well good luck to you then. I guess I hope you’re right. Trump won’t make women thin though. If guys somehow get magically wealthier with what will likely be a similar tax burden, then the women will only be more spoiled. Anglo American men have always have stepped up game. It only turns the women into pigs and then the cycle tightens up even more: more acute competition among the males, fatter women still. But good luck.


      • Right, but your only focus seem to be on their bodies…which I agree, does make a difference. But a good 30% of women do have nice bodies…the biggest problem was their attitude and if by being more successful as a man causes women to adjust their attitudes..then all is well….also remember…the majority of my friends prefer someone they feel they can feel connected to and build a family with….. when you date girls in other countries, yes they may be thinner but honestly, is there any real connection… but keep in mind, I’m personally with you and RP’s solution about all of this…I can count with two fingers, friends who agree likewise….while the hundreds of others do not.

        Have you left the country too, like RP (he’s in DR)…if so..what’s the best 3 places to go and why?….thanks.


      • Eastern Europe. Thailand. Hong Kong. Or like our host, down to Central America (where I’ve never been). It’s all amazing outside of Anglo countries


      • Thanks, oh yea..Ukraine, I hear is nice. I have a friend who will be leaving for Thailand. Hong Kong is very expensive.


  • A well written article exposing the true intentions of women…after they get done using you, they dispose of you. They use you, then lose you.


  • So if Anglo women is the problem…how will you solve this. How are you going to change them into the person you want them to be?


  • Its not JUST the western woman that is abusing the western white male. It is literally the entire world that is looking the gift horse (hard working anglo male) in the mouth. I live in Thailand after having expatriated from the USA (Chiraq). Thailand is becoming first world at lightning speed and in many repspects has already surpassed the west both economicallyl and overall quality of life. When one steps back and consider everything that has led to the boom in South East Asia (partticularly those that are open to Western thought), they can see innovations of the white man at every turn. Essentially, Thailand’s strategy is first a) copy any technology coming from America but put it under a Thai company umbrella. If they can’t copy (i.e. Apple, AirBnB), let that company inside the country but then gov’t ensures many Thai nationals are employed. Yet, there is very little respect paid to the white male in SEA. They are literally culturally appropriating with no remorse or gratitude. Western men have been told to “Man up” for the past 30 years when it comes to transgressions against us. No longer. Its time to take our dignity and humanity back. /rant off


  • So how does a western man win? What do we do to find happiness? Where and how can we give ourselves the best chances to achieve it?


    • Perhaps the answer lies buried within the question itself.

      Has it ever occurred to you that seeking this elusive phantom called “happiness” could be the very reason you are not happy?

      A man must achieve self awareness. He must learn to trust himself and his instincts. Many facets of a modern technologically rich society breed this out if them.

      Why is this?

      A self actualized man, one that has journeyed long down his own heart of darkness is a dangerous man. But while he is dangerous, it is thus very type of man to innovate, blaze new trails and open new doors.

      Is freedom happiness to you?

      If so you must realize that the more freedom a man has the more dangerously he lives.

      True freedom cannot exist without danger.

      So if one says he pursues happiness, I know that’s a man who will likely never be happy. He seeks to find from without to satisfy something from within.

      He has it backwards. He must turn inwards. To that dark river.


    • the “Bhagavad Gita as it is”. Read it!


    • For fiction I would reccomend Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. It’s basically a story about this heart of darkness metaphor. Going down a river into the savage wilds.

      As for philosophy I personally enjoy Julius Evola for how he conceptualizes mankind seeing divinity in the cosmos(the stars etc) as his spiritual striving ever upward.

      When he loses this he loses his soul. When society loses this you have slavery. A slavery of the soul. Which is why Evola says we are in the Kali Yuga now. The destructive part of the process in our current life cycle.

      I have other recommendations but I’d start there.


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