Black Friday is as Black as Consumers’ Souls


It’s the last TV on Earth! Everyone for themselves!

God help us. Black Friday really brings some of the nasty undercurrents of a materialistic, demographically moribund society to the surface. In America and now Europe, people fight each other to the death over material crap they’ll likely forget all about as soon as Christmas is over and then go on to look for the next “fix” of consumerism soon after.

Black Friday shows the ugly side of socially engineered human psychology, a psychology thoroughly manipulated by Freudian psychology for nearly a century. Fights regularly break out in the Churches of Consumerism, a.k.a. malls as people use money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.

Every year we see millions of programmed drones trying to by some happiness because they’ve been conditioned to believe buying material things reflects their social status among family and friends.

Sometimes shooting, sometimes trampling each other to death, acquiring some ultimately inane device turns into a survival of the fittest operation. Americans will fight to the death over a TV made by slave labor in Asia less than 24 hours after (supposedly) giving thanks for what they already have.

The New York Post details the rabid lust for crap gone wrong:

An Atlantic City man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in the parking lot of a New Jersey mall – one of at least two fatal Black Friday-related shootings nationwide, officials said.

In Reno, a Walmart customer was gunned down during a fight over a parking spot just after doors were opened Thursday night.

And in Tennessee, a person also was shot Thursday at a Memphis mall while shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

Make no mistake, this orgy of shopping and eating out is in many ways a direct result of a female-dominated society. Women prove time and time again in life and their dealings with disposable Anglo men that they’re only interested in material gain and utility value from males. (Even A-list actors are not immune, as this blog regularly documents with their high-priced divorces!) The fact women spend 90% more than they earn over the course of their lives and the fact large corporations don’t conceal the fact women influence or are directly responsible for 4 out of 5 purchases in this waste economy proves this point.

Women treat society similar to the way they treat men. They only want their “fix” of materialism no matter the personal and social costs to fill their gathering desires. (Women are consummate gatherers, and humans as a species are of course hunters and gatherers.)

Ironically, in being “empowered” to satisfy their innermost desires to gather things and out-compete their female friends, women have been empowered to destroy the very environment the claim to want to protect, by trying to use material items as palliatives to soothe the emptiness in their souls, an emptiness quite possibly brought on by the lack of a strong man and loving children in their lives. And of course, the emptiness brought on by a lack of a religion in their lives other than the Church of Consumerism.

This behavior powers the economy, but there are better things in life than being rich. That trite wisdom is something the West has definitely lost sight of as it sells out everything that makes life worth living so it can get another fix. It then uses that fix to make a payment on a McMansion, a box on wheels sedan, or its MasterCard – paying off an overpriced meal from last year and some Made in China plastic crap it didn’t like once it got home, anyway.

So, when you think of the horrors of Black Friday, think about feminism and think about how this orgy of waste would not be happening if men still instilled the values of thrift, intrinsic happiness, and family in society. Men waste, too. But the statistics of who wastes exponentially more don’t lie. Femininity will always sway a society towards materialism and overconsumption. Masculinity is supposed to step in and balance the scales.

But a society that hates men has no checks and balances on female behavior, so we get to watch a show like Black Friday every year.

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  • God I hate Christmas, even buying a few really cheap gifts wastes a bunch of money I could have used to pay the electric bill. Once I grew out of the “toy” stage, Christmas just isn’t that exciting anymore. Now I’ve heard my fill of Christmas music I really could care less about ever having another Christmas. For me now Thanksgiving is the holiday highlight of the year, a delicious Turkey dinner and 9 hours of NFL football, about as good as it gets when it’s cold out.

    Don’t even let me get started on birthdays, I can’t stand the sight of a full grown adult celebrating their birthday as if they were some 8 year old. I have zero celebration on mine, it’s gloom and doom if anything as the reaper draws nearer. I agree whole heartedly with Don Draper in Mad Men when they had a important job to finish and one of the girls there was whining about it being her birthday he looked at her and said “aren’t you a little old for birthdays.” I guess in the new Anglobitch America men never get shamed about acting like boys so you can expect all these 30 year olds taking the day off to celebrate a children’s holiday.


  • Good piece that gets to the HEART of the matter. FWIW, the more the man and woman adhere to traditional sex roles in a relationship, the HAPPIER they are! My brother & SIL have a traditional relationship. My brother brings home the bacon, while his wife fries it up. She made a YUMMY dinner for Thanksgiving yesterday too-ow! I pigged out till my heart was content, hahaha…


  • Great post going to the heart of things. Yes, the source of women’s power is their ability to spend. They have turned the economy around from one based on production to consumption. I didn’t know they were spending ninety percent over what they made. this can’t stand indefinitely. Not with fifty percent of adults being married and less than thirty percent of 18 to 34 year olds. Debt is going to wreck women. It is only a matter of time.


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