Paging Dr. Freud, Your Penis Envy Theory Is Once Again Verified


Yet more evidence American women want to be just like men instead of just like women – new plastic penis equivalents allow YouGoGrrls to pee standing up

If ever there was any doubt about the validity of Freud’s Penis Envy theory – beyond the fact it has been one of the driving forces behind a consumer economy for a century and Western women routinely try to act like, compete with, and displace men from their roles in society – here’s unmistakable confirmation.


K-selected white women struggle the most with their femininity – no surprise they’re featured in advertising for the product

In an androgynous twist on the YouGoGrrl™ mantra, there’s a company now making it possible for women to pee as if they had their own penis. The Go Girl promises to free women from taking life sitting down. Now, instead of popping a squat they can stand up and pee. Take that, evil men!

Unsurprisingly, it’s a white girl trying on her new appendage in the promotional photo. Anglo women were the genesis of today’s rabid feminism, after all, and are the most vocal haters of men out there among the world’s major cultures. They’re also the most ashamed of anything traditionally associated with being female, so a plastic pee pee is a natural fit for them.

Think it’s just a fringe device? Wrong. Walmart, the nation’s biggest retailer sells them for under $10 and it’s rated 4 out of 5 stars by women who have bought them on the company’s web site.

For those unacquainted with Freud’s theory, here’s a little background:

In a 1933 lecture simply titled “Femininity,” Freud said that women become envious of penises at a young age, when they realize boys derive more sexual pleasure from their penises than girls do from their own sexual organs. Freud said this penis envy grows over time and manifests in a daughter’s love for her father and the desire to give birth to a son, because those are as close as a woman can get to having a penis of her own.

Since Anglo women no longer give birth in numbers sufficient to sustain the population, the last sentence of the above paragraph can be revised. Now a Go Girl is the closest a YouGoGrrl can get to having a penis of her own, rather than a pesky son who would only take away from her ability to spend lavishly. That is, without having a dick physically sewn on at a genital mutilator/sex change doctor.

It’s a topsy-turvy world with all this social engineering.

An already androgynous America just got a little more confusing as women are not only embarrassed to be maternal, feminine, and kind in the 21st century, they’re now making strides towards having their very own penis. And men are encouraged to sit down instead of  standing up when they go potty.

Plastic penises like the Go Girl help promote the androgyny agenda as forces are already at work to completely eliminate primary and secondary sexual characteristics in the West, turning us all into sexless pods.

Arguments about hygiene – i.e. not having to sit down on a toilet seat are immediately dismissable as women who use this product are carrying around plastic soaked in urine in their pocketbooks, man bags, or whatever else they’re using as a tote for the device. Either that or they’re dropping ten bucks every time they take a piss and creating an inordinate amount of environmental waste, proving our “women are consummate materialists and environmental destroyers” hypothesis correct.

What a fucked up society. See why I left? And don’t want to come back.

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  • In a 1933 lecture simply titled “Femininity,” Freud said that women become envious of penises at a young age, when they realize boys derive more sexual pleasure from their penises than girls do from their own sexual organs

    This is the part of Freud’s theory that I cannot get behind. His claims are far too erroneous.

    First of all, at what point in the early 1900s, a time of relative prudishness, would numerous boys and girls have seen one another naked? Likewise, why would the girl incorrectly assume that she would have less sexual pleasure than the boy? Just because her clit is located mostly inside her body and his penis is mostly outside? It is also strange that Freud believed that such young children, who are not even close to reaching puberty, would have sexual thoughts about their bodies.

    When we were very young, about 5 or 6, my male neighbor and I were “playing doctor” and looked at each other’s genitals out of curiousity. Neither of us had siblings at that point, and we wanted to know how girls and boys are different. I told him he looked a little like a mushroom…he told me I looked a little like the orchids his grandpa grew. We both agreed that they felt nice to touch. Never once did I think his penis should feel nicer, and after becoming sexually active at 22, I learned that it isn’t true, anyway.

    When I’m with my lover, I can give him one…*maybe* two…orgasms. However, I always have anywhere from 3-10. Honestly, I wonder if Freud created this theory prior to having sex with a woman, because he would have realized that nature was cruel to the male of the species, in only allowing the penis a portion of the pleasure the vulva is capable of. Though I suppose most other females go on to bear children, so perhaps that evens the scales.


  • This is a ridiculous and unnecessary product. The female genitals are able to piss while standing without the need for a silly little device. I used to go camping and hiking with my (male) friends as a teen, and soon found that it was harder to get myself into a squat position than it was to simply tilt my hips forward and pull my vulva up a bit. True, I can’t write my name in the snow, but I can piss standing up with a decent degree of accuracy…and have no need to carry around a disgusting, urine-coated device.

    Guess it *is* possible to make idiots buy anything nowadays.


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