Comment of the Week | December 4, 2016


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Commenter Melmoth wins Comment of the Week and gets $5, enough to have a beer on us. He responded to Demographic Statistics Reflect the Ongoing Decline of the West with an optimistic outlook on the plight of the Western male, after righteously making a hilarious dig at Angelina Ho-lie:

Angelina Jolie sucks. She has the box hips of methy truck stop hooker. You never made the connection that her ass hasn’t been seen on film in 15 years?

I say forget about the wars, demographics, your own country’s legacy etc. Just realize how lucky you are to be the first generation of white males to be given such a clear view of how gynocentric Western Civilization has always been. We’re the first to escape it. That means we’re the ones who will have the freedom to eat twenty year old Asian ass until we’re 75. You really want to return to the traditional life? You wanted to be a soldier fighting to protect these cunts? You wanted to be faithful to the same women for 40 years? Jerking it in frustration to the neighbor’s college age daughter while your 180 pound ‘love of your life’ (who you’ve banged 1500 times) drops another log in the bathroom? A good wife….blah, blah. Let the identity collectives have what they want. Feminists (women) really do want men to be worthless. They really do want to think that no man is good enough for their cottage cheese ass. Okay then, bitches. I’m not good enough for you. If you need me, I’ll be in Jakarta. Go abroad and eat perfect ass for decades. Western Civilization has been a sham of manipulation for centuries. We’re escaping it. This is cause for celebration. Once you understand the redpill, misandry, chivalry, the truth of long term marriage, gender politics etc. And I mean fully understand, then you realize how lucky you are to escape it. I know guys making 400k who I don’t envy at all. Why? They get bitched at by their wall-bashing sixes for never being around. The fact that they are never around due to work apparently doesn’t factor into the discussion. This guy travels all the time to yank down his 400k. He’s already in the doghouse due to work. He basically has to pull off a Houdini caliber trick just to go golfing while his cunt has about 80k a year of pure discretionary cash for her baubles, massages and whatnot. SHE IS A SIX. If the guy so much as tries to slip away to watch a game with his buds then he has to kiss his wife’s ass for the entire next month. Kids are cute, great. So what?

He’s got a good counterpoint to the usual pessimism that we are all guilty of at times. We can look at the Decline of the West and the disintegration of America as a monumental problem, which it obviously is…but we can also adapt to take advantage of the situation by escaping the cage we were born into. In adapting to the situation and refusing to march in the parade of gynocentrism, going our own way in life can be a way to figuratively float away on a lift raft while the ship of state sinks under the weight of Marxism and feminism.

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One comment

  • My sister was “too good” for the midwest and moved to the east coast and married a lawyer who makes big cash like the guy in the article. My mom whines away about how much the guy works, has to go out of town, blah, blah, blah. Don’t really talk much to my sister as we live in different worlds so don’t know if she is as delusional as my mom, but what on earth do you expect with a job that pays like that? A cushy 9-5 schedule like your some bimbo handed free money in a bureaucratic school system job? If I was running some top tier operation I certainly wouldn’t be paying out that kind of money to someone who thinks their work week ends as soon as they hit 40. That’s the kind of pathetic American men my company seems to find to hire on at a salary. One guy who briefly worked there made a comment that was dead on. Our bonus was delayed till the next check two weeks later because the HR guy (who spends most of the day doing nothing like forwarding “wellness” emails about eating alfalfa sprouts instead of hamburgers) had hit his “40” Friday afternoon and was off to chill instead of stay another two hours and do the math so the 40 odd employees could get that extra Ben Franklin in their paycheck. All these 25-35 something American guys in management pulling salary were like this, show up for a straight 40 like they were some woman piddling around in some breadwinner job she stole from a man. This new guy commenting said he knew straight out what was wrong with the company, he’d never seen a workplace before where “management is doing 40.”


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