The Psychology Of The Sheeple

Feminized humans are sheeple

Most people follow the herd, no matter how ridiculous the herd’s actions may be

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

Feminized humans are herd animals.  Those who truly think and act for themselves are exceedingly rare.  To live in this kind of freedom requires risk and danger.  A feminized and spineless culture is loathe to take any risks or stand apart from the herd.  Society in the west, since granting universal suffrage has conformed to the feminine mindset of rules, regulations, safe spaces and alleviation of any perceived dangers through use of state force.  With the group think mentality pushed by schools, the media and virtually everywhere else, it makes perfect sense that we have a docile mass of sheeple.  Their psychology is very simple.  They want to be accepted within the group and they want to be entertained.  They use technology not as a means to better themselves or humanity but something to give mindless distraction while inflating their fragile egos.

Weakness Personified

With these motivating desires in mind it is easily observable why most people do all the stupid shit that they do.  When you see a white person virtue signaling to others by denigrating anyone else past or present who have a similar skin tone it is because they are appealing to a perceived group think consciousness of morality.  Anyone who is assertive of views which would place them outside said moral construct are to be quickly reprimanded to get back in line by the drooling sheeple.

To show unique qualities or viewpoints is simply wrong to anyone whose ego is invested in the status quo.  For most of the sheeple, to be singled out and scrutinized causes tremors of fear to rattle through their brittle bones.  Likewise when they seek to punish stray sheep for daring to be different, it comes by way of this fear.  It is fear which is the locus of control for the mind and heart of the sheeple.

It was Machiavelli who said it would be best for one to be both feared and loved.  If one had to choose however it would be better to be feared.

Knowing that fear is largely the impetus for action among the passive, one can more accurately assess how to corral the herd for a savage man’s own end.  Knowing someone’s fears is the lever by which you can exert total control over them.  Much of the modern media platform is based around fear and repetition.

This is key to understand.  When you are able to see outside the narrative, it is possible to observe the techniques they use to control the sheep.

For Every Sheep A Shepherd

For sheep, the shepherd is whatever force in their lives which directs them the most.  For nearly everyone this is the mainstream media narrative including television, commercials and movies.  The process to shape and mold someone’s perception of reality is with constant repetition blasting images, sounds, whatever to reinforce the candy coated turd they are feeding the sheeple.

It is possible through this method to reinforce someone’s opinion of yourself and also to affect their mood/emotions when around you too.

If you want them to think well of you simply construct a narrative of a near ecstatic state due to amaaazing things happening in your life and within your sphere whenever you are around this person(s).  Remember constant repetition and reinforcement of the narrative.  This will project your constructed reality into their feeble minds.

There will be other times where you do not wish to take the shepherd role but would rather work unnoticed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  For this you embody the weakness and pathetic conformity of the sheeple to slide in without resistance and plant yourself among the docile.

I devoted an entire article to this subject here.

Lastly you may actively take on the role of hunter at other times and openly poach the sheeple in whichever ways you please.  Hey, every sheep needs shearing.

Hearts And Minds

To win someone’s heart you must constantly occupy their minds.  To occupy someone’s mind you must affect their heart(emotions) deeply.  As I have stated….fear and repetition.  This is the means to control the sheeple.  Love is transient and fickle.  Fear is a natural biological response to threat.  Therefore fear is a much more powerful emotion.

When it comes to the shallow hearts of females I personally don’t believe any woman can truly love a man she does not also fear.  Keep this in mind in regards to the sheeple because I’m sure most readers here know we live in a feminized cesspool.

Often the only requirement for you to take center stage among the sheeple is to simply be the loudest and most obnoxious about your message.  Those who dissent are drowned out amidst your cacophony of projections.

Finally understanding the psychology of those around you will better prepare yourself for future endeavors.  If you are like me then you are loathe to endure the trite social malaise of the modern world.  Knowing the psychology of the sheeple though gives me the perspective with which to take action.

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One comment

  • Women even in our society base their emotions and actions on scrutiny. This is why they spend so much time primping themselves up. Their entire being seeks approval from the outside world. Likewise, in a feminized society everyone seeks acceptance and approval from others. The best way to control this is as you stated, but the media they endlessly consume.

    When you show women and society in general that you don’t give a fuck about their approval, they go batshit crazy. When you take away their ability to instill fear in you and shame you, they lose control.


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