Eye Candy of the Week | December 18, 2016

Indian hottie Akisha Pratt looks good dressed in black, whether it be a in a nightie or lingerie. The selections compliment her flowing mane and silky skin. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for December 18, 2016.



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  • Yes blonde is a good category … though really it’s more about forehead shape. There is a lot of overlap there of course, as different races will tend to generate different brain structures. And yeah true that this one is Indian — but she has basically the same look as the Caribbean types you normally focus on! Funny in a way — we always go back to our preferred template. I find in online dating, for instance, that the same kind of women respond to me with very little variation in terms to head and body shape, regardless of race. So they have a natural template they are working from too. It’s like we look for the mirror image of ourselves in the other sex …


    • Relampago Furioso

      Nah, bro. There has been 1 Caribbean girl all year. Nigerian, South African, Romanian, Arabian, Korean, Thai, Filipina, German, American, Mexican, Brazilian, and English are just some of the ethnicities of Eye Candy girls from this year. Often, top models from those nations.


  • It’s always amazing to me how guys have a type that they always keep going back to. A buddy of mine and I have absolutely zero overlap in taste in women. I have the same experience with these eye candy photos. None of them do anything for me. I have a totally different phrenological type. I like the big high-IQ forehead like in northern Russian women. Natasha Richardson for instance. Of course I know that is not within the mandate of your Latin America-centric blog …

    Love the work.


    • Relampago Furioso

      So, more blonde Eye Candy for you? There are numerous blondes in the archives. Just to clarify, this week’s girl is Indian, not Latin.


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