Insolent Bastards: Thinking Ahead to 2017


Fuck the world! That’s our goal in 2017 both literally and figuratively

As we get ready to celebrate our first full year of publication here at The New Modern Man, the insolent bastards behind the scenes are already thinking about ways to expand our countercultural mission to enlighten men and give them the hard truth about both women and the world. We also want to enable them to live a ZFG (zero fucks given) lifestyle centered around their hopes and desires, affording them the same luxury women have enjoyed for so long by enslaving men to power a ridiculous economy of materialism.

But, there’s so much more to becoming a New Modern Man than knowing how badly you’re getting fucked by a gynocentric system full of predatory females. The next step, beyond destroying the lies, lies, lies of the system is to live a life on masculine terms and show other men how they can do the same by example. Expect to see more articles about living a better life after giving the finger to The Anglo-American Matrix.

For the editor, one of the biggest highlights of 2017 will be continuing a worldwide romp the second half of the year as Rel endeavors to spend several months in both Africa and Asia this year enjoying the food, the culture, the scenery, the wildlife, the nature, nightlife, and of course bedding women on both continents using the principles of Game and Hypergamy.

Expect to see more photography from exotic locations as the year wears on, and the beginnings of a travel guide designed for the Red Pill man. You might have already noticed the addition of a Dispatches from Rel photo gallery on the sidebar.

Jack Ronin of The Savage Lifestyle has been an exciting addition to our publication, and we hope to find additional talented writers like him in 2017. Be Like Dirk comics will also return, with an even more impudent tone sure to make feminists and White Knights once again reach for the Prozac while spitting venom from their cybernetic keyboards.

There are also long-term plans to expand the Eye Candy of the Week section, enhancing it with more photos that will be shot sometimes by Relampago himself and sometimes user submitted. Ideally, we’d like to publish a dozen or so sexy photos with each model.

So stay tuned, as the train is just gathering steam as it prepares to leave the station. As always, your ideas for improvement are always welcomed. Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year with your purchases from Amazon, our sponsor who bought the first sidebar advertisement, and those who donate monthly to the cause.

With your readership and support, we can go places together as ZFG men showing the system we aren’t its pawns, anymore.


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