Drunk Oaf Don Lemon Further Tarnishes CNN’s Damaged News Brand


Take note, fake news sites: This is how “real” journalism is done

Here’s a note to all the “fake news” web sites out there. Take a lesson, CNN just showed us how a “real news” agency comports itself in front of a global audience.

This is how you are supposed to do journalism, not by posting impeccibly researched thoughtcrimes online.

A drunken CNN anchor, somebody named Don Lemon, downed tequila shots live on the air, pierced his ear, and waxed sentimental about his love life, before finally getting his mic cut off in mid-sentence by producers apparently fed up with his junior high school antics. Lemon egged on his detractors with this classic line:

People are saying that I’m lit. Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares?

So you see, that’s how a “real news” network does things on New Year’s Eve, unlike “fake news” sites that retained a little more dignity as 2017 came in. No word on exactly what makes CNN a “real news” agency beyond the fact that’s what it calls itself.

Is it any wonder President Trump blasted Lemon as “dumb as a rock”and a “lightweight” during the campaign? It seems the sting of Trump’s election year triumph still hasn’t worn off for race-baiting liberals like Lemon, who launched into a tirade about 2016 being an awful year before having his mic shut off by producers.


As Anderson Blooper and some chick look on, the consummate professional Lemon shows off his new piercing

Lemon Leaves a Sour Taste

Here’s even more drunken deliciousness from Lemon as he talks about his moribund love and sex life, as, like so many other media marionettes he sold his soul for a salary and some face time:

I live my life to the fullest. The thing is, I need a little more balance in work-life. I may be open to a relationship this year, I wasn’t before … actually being available to be in a relationship …. I’m a bad person to date. I’m not selfish, but I’m very self-centered … yeah, I’m not going to be as self-centered. I don’t care what people think about me. I do what I want because it’s my life.

Lemon then went on to ask his bewildered co-host:

Brooke, will you marry me?

How is that not sexual harassment of some type? I mean, liberals come up with these spurious concepts only to flagrantly violate their own rules.

Granted, New Orleans is a party city and one might be forgiven for having such a good time on New Year’s Eve. Except, as host for a news network that regularly vivisects the lives of others for their indiscretions and disgraces Lemon has to at least act like he has a little more grace and class than he actually does.

Here’s a kicker for you.

Lemon, in his infinite wisdom was criticizing the network’s coverage of Trump’s tweets just days ago, which the President-elect uses to announce cabinet nominations rather than having press conferences with media jackals.

Can I say something? That’s the whole point. That’s the strategy. He can’t sit down with the media because then he legitimizes the media which he rallies or rails so much against.

It is a pretty delicious strategy. It shows how savvy Trump is when dealing with media Marxists, and other “fellow travelers” like those staffing the disgraced halls of CNN.

Lemon then went on to spin the hamster rationalization wheel, suggesting the left-leaning network go so far as to not cover Trump’s cabinet nominations because he tweets them.

Listen, I’m not a news executive. But if I were, I would say I would not cover his tweets. He still needs us more than we need him.

Apparently, that was a sour idea of Lemon’s nobody was interested in.

So, he spent New Year’s Eve acting out live on the air in front of millions. Keep up the drunken news anchoring and contrary to Lemon’s claims, Trump may soon not need the fallen network at all.

Most people have already seen through the facade of CNN and other alphabet channels, as trust in the mainstream media is at record lows according to none other than Gallup. Rather than trying to burnish their credibility, it seems guys like Lemon are helping destroy what few threads of it that are left.

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  • Don Lemon is a notorious fudge packer.


  • With a few exceptions the elite media are a complete disgrace. Wikileaks provided direct evidence of collusion and collaboration. Not just a bias, but completely unethical professional behavior. Even when it was as plain as day that an influence peddling and money laundering scheme was in full view, supposedly grown men and women at the highest levels of journalism swept it all under the rug. I believe Mr. Lemon’s behavior is probably a manifestation of having to look in the mirror every night, knowing he is living a lie for all of the world to see. These people have sold their souls to an ideology that is counter to all that is right. Ultimately there will be a price to pay in this world or the next – hopefully both.


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