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Cats have become stand-ins for human children as a result of feminism. Here’s what some of my readers have to say the cult of Penis Envy

My latest Return of Kings article has prompted some very insightful commentary from readers of the Red Pill journal. What the Anti-Trump Feminist March on Washington Really Means breaks down the emotional hamstering from selfish, murderous, abortion-loving feminists and interprets what their march really means for themselves, their dead babies, and the world in general.

Waldemar Pabst covered the consequences of unbridled profit seeking, the very mentality that led us to the mass reeducation known as feminism, planted like a radioactive cancer causing agent into the Western body politic by the CIA and Gloria Steinem 50 years ago.

You have to understand that the animosity between the sexes that we see in the modern world is intentional and was created deliberately: it is good for the capitalist / corporatist system. Single people consume a lot more than families: each person needs their own place, their own fridge, their own car etc etc. Instead of getting a massage from your spouse at the end of the day, people tune in to ASMR videos on Youtube [insert advertisements]. Having a functioning family where the mother stays at home with 4+ children and consumption is minimized to essentials (food and hand me down clothes) isn’t good for Apple or Microsoft or Uber or Amazon.

Indeed, one of the founding statements of The New Modern Man is the unrestrained pursuit of profit poses serious threats to the soul of a nation. Pabst’s statement is undeniable evidence of that threat in action.

Ozymandius touched on what the results of half a century of social engineering are yielding, and highlights the cognitive dissonance feminist have when they push gelded Western manlets for more freebies while collectively ignoring the results of their actions as Europe and America are conquered demographically by patriarchal societies:

As we always say, feminism simply exists because men allow it to. If mankind came together, with even half of this number and intent, feminism would collapse like a pack of cards. Women follow trends like a pack animal, and as soon as that trend is on to a loser they leave it post haste. The problem we face is that western society is indoctrinated in the worst way. Remember, that to a lot of young guys to be a red blooded, red pill male goes against all their cultural programming, The Marxists did an absolutely fantastic stitch up job.

It’s ironic that the women and men on this march will be the first to have their lifestyle curtailed when Islam starts to real root in the next 50 years or so. They really have no clue what is coming to them. I hope the guys on this site won’t be fooled into helping any of them when they come running to us.

Jane, who is apparently one of ROK’s female readers explains what an abomination Penis Envy is as feminism assails true femininity, turning women into wannabe men. She has a novel idea to solve the plight of unhappy, barren Western women:

Everything about woman points to her life-purpose of childbearing. Her hormonal mood swings, her menstruation, her shapely hips and behind, her full oversized breasts (which are such a hindrance to her if she attempts masculine work) all point to her prime purpose: to bear children. That modern woman would scorn her own biology is insanity. It is the one thing she can do that a man cannot – logically you’d think that this special ability would give her a special sense of self-worth but it doesn’t, in fact, she rejects it in favor of pursuing masculine activities.

She believes childbearing to be oppressive but it isn’t. The ability to create life is a profound and admirable thing. What could woman ever do that could be more important than that? And of course they are miserable, because they aren’t fulfilling their purpose. They aren’t using their most important body part. They pretend they don’t even have a womb and take drugs to stop it from functioning. Like a cooped up horse that doesn’t use its legs, or a bird that can’t use its wings, or a bull or goat that can’t use its horns, women who don’t use their womb go insane. Women are meant to live in a perpetual cycle of sex-pregnancy-childbirth-suckling. It’s their natural life cycle if they don’t take birth control drugs to prevent it.

The solution to the problem of modern woman is continuous pregnancy. That is the solution to the racial demographic problem also. Even if a woman has one or two kids, she’ll often start chasing other men or initiate divorce after she has gone too long without a pregnancy. Cavegirl brain thinks “this man’s seed isn’t resulting in reproduction; I must try a different man’s seed instead.” This is her subconscious thought, regardless of what her conscious brain thinks, even if she thinks she doesn’t want any more children.

Women who live the continuously pregnant lifestyle go through life with glowing faces, warm smiles, singing as they go about their daily work. You see it, and I do too. We all know that this is the absolute truth. This large family we work so hard for, we are all a support system for each other, we are a force working hard together to further our mutual interests.

Indeed, women who become moms and have lots of babies are always happier, more fulfilled individuals than shrieking fembots in my personal experience. Scientific studies of happiness, as elucidated by psychologist Tim Kasser tell us intrinsic life goals like having close and supportive relationships with people we love – i.e. women having a husband and family – lend themselves to happier lives than empty extrinsic acquisition, feels-seeking, and virtue signaling.

Robin Nichols commented on the reality many are unwilling or unable to grasp. Western men have to stand up and start being assholes and shitlords again, or fade away into oblivion.

Men, in every society in this world, get the gov’t and the women they deserve. If white men can’t abolish the welfare state, they deserve their punishment.

MC227 echoed The New Modern Man’s series of articles on the Anglobitch and what she as well as White Knight, weakling men collectively destroy when they go against their genetic programming:

When people go against biology and natural human instincts they lose. White people are insane and most of all white women. What race on earth other than whites are trying to commit suicide? What race on earth actually feels guilty about being whatever race they are other than whites? Why are white women so easily fooled into doing things that harm them? I’m a middle aged white man and I will never understand why white men who have accomplished so much as a race would allow women to have any say in anything other than what she is making me for dinner or what color drapes she wants. What kind of pussified loser would have a woman dictating this crap to them? White men need to inform these idiotic women that whites comprise less than 10% of the world population. Now honey that means out of 10 people only one is white and the rest of the world does not have what you have.

And finally, Squidly us knows the difference between terrible American women, who are undoubtedly the worst in the world and feminine women who have their insane impulses constrained by lucid cultures. Once you go abroad for a broad, you never want to come back.

White/Western men are waking up but our women seem to be hopeless f##king causes. I agree with the author, there is a world of difference between American and foreign women. Foreign women do not take anything for granted and do not feel entitled to anything. At least until they are westernized.

All in all, it was very uplifting to watch a thoughtful and rational discussion take place. It has been said the truth will out, and these comments prove the Wisdom of Crowds is kicking in now that the feminist cat is out of the bag.

Keep the insights coming, both here and at Return of Kings.

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  • In reply to Robin Nichols – Everything you say is correct. But you and almost every other person advocating that men rise up against feminism by bucking the system or putting an individual women in her place keeps either missing or willfully ignoring the elephant in room. That elephant is the gun toting legal system that will sic their more than happy to oblige low IQ sociopathic thugs on a man at the behest of any woman, at any time, for any whim.

    I am a veteran of this. It is a nightmare that Kafka could not imagine.

    The woman and the system behave exactly like a pack of wolves. They target an individual prey animal, separate him from the herd, hound him to exhaustion, and when there is nothing left to feed upon the woman exits the scene of the kill with her share of the cash and prizes while the legal pack moves on to the next victim. It is just that simple.

    An individual man standing up to an individual woman, or the system, is asking for “death by cop”. No sane man is going to do that. And that is why MGTOW is the only answer. Again, it’s just that simple.


  • Jane’s idea is spot on and something I’ve come to realize as well. If you have a woman whom is worthy to be the mother of your children then you need to keep her barefoot and pregnant for her own happiness!

    One of the happiest and most well adjusted families I’ve ever known was one who had 13 kids. The mom had been pregnant nearly half her life. In her 50’s she was still attractive and a size 0.

    Some of her kids are good friends of mine.


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