5 Basics of Tight Text Game


An introduction to text game so you can steam things up, then knock out some hot tail

I just had a chick spit some of the nastiest texting of my entire life this evening. It was thoroughly enjoyable watching her throw herself at me. We’ll be hooking up soon, next time I fly in to her neighborhood. Some of the highlights follow.

This hot, black Latina in her early 20s, with an incredible body told me she wanted to spend several days in a hotel room fucking my brains out, even though she knows full well I have a girlfriend. She even went on to say she wanted me to be the first to fuck her anally (take her anal virginity) even though I’m normally not into that with chicks. There were many more sordid details I won’t bore you with.

Admittedly, luck had something to do with that interchange. Not all women will be so wild when you text them, but better responses from women overall and better chances at scoring are up to you and how well you learn the game. Remember the old maxim:

A woman simply is, a man must become.

Personally, I was texting with 4 or 5 women on and off throughout the course of my day and that was obviously the hottest response even though I got a some good leads from another girl. Practicing with occasional text game (a few times a week) helps to keep a man’s skills on point.

While this will be by no means a comprehensive list of how to spit awesome text game, let me share some of the basics of text game in hopes that it will help guide other men to success and getting the sex they want from hot chicks they want to lure into their lairs.

Let’s get started with a good foundation.


Using modern technology to get the bang

The Rules

5. Keep it simple, stupid. When I coach other guys on text game I notice most of them have a tendency to over-think things. Remember, this is just a girl you’re talking to and most women’s mental acuity is literally on par with 6th graders. When I worked in the mainstream media they actually told us to write copy for 6th grade comprehension knowing full well our news audience was 75% female. This skill is also important when using text game. Pick out something she is interested in or something about her to kick off a conversation. Make it so simple you’re almost rolling your eyes when you send the message.

4. Always be closing. Don’t allow yourself to become a Beta orbiter. Don’t give her ANY compliments. Even if your PUA skills aren’t honed yet, treat her like another warm body in your lineup. Move the conversation towards your personal goals rather than listening to her prattling on about the endless inanities of her life. The sooner and subtler you can work in sexual innuendo, the better. Just as with PUA, always be closing the deal with text game.

3. Have a good time, and entertain your prospective sexual conquest. Some guys equate this with being a “clown” for a woman. I don’t see it that way, as I always try to entertain myself as well as her. It’s entertaining to me to see what women are entertained by, because it’s usually something silly. Make stupid jokes. See how many buttons you can press by making her laugh. If you’ve got a chick laughing, you’re halfway to getting your finger wet and then another part of your anatomy wet.

2. Don’t be verbose. Betas overexplain themselves. They backpeddle. They use too many words. They come across as needy and desperate. Don’t let this be you. One of the chief destroyers of many men’s game is talking too much. Use few words. Reframe or agree and amplify any shit tests she throws at you in a concise way. If you can’t say it out loud in one short breath, it’s too much to text.

1. Keep multiple plates spinning. Never devote your day to chasing just one woman. This behavior invites oneitits and keeps you from honing your skills with women of different personality types and backgrounds. Experience is life’s best teacher, and it pays to get a ton of experience with text game. Even in the face of failure you’ll be steadily improving your skills. When I’m gaming I usually talk to at least 4 or 5 women at the same time. Success with any and especially all of them inspires confidence, and confidence is an intoxicating musk in a society of weak, gelded men.

Using these tips as a starter guide to text game will undoubtedly yield better results, more sexual trysts in other words, than not following them. Cocky, funny and confident works in real life and it works on smartphones. These simple steps are the foundation for more advanced texting techniques. They’ve been successful not only for me but for many of the men I coach.

So, whip out your phone and get to work. I want to see you get that next bang.

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  • Good primer. My weakness perhaps in regards to texts sometimes is that when I dress a chick a down I’m too verbose with it. Possibly because I love to hear(or see) myself speak. I totally forget that the shit I’m saying goes right over her head. Then I get angry because she can’t understand and that can lead to me acting negative towards her.

    Keep it simple is the best advice.

    BTW Rel, check your email. I had a few questions to ask you.


  • Another great post, Rel. Keep up the great work.

    I’m 44 and I really HATE texting, but it’s a necessary evil these days. I get irritated by it, especially the “reply time delay game” and chick non-replies, or chicks not replying for a while. It’s not an enjoyable way to flirt/game, at least for an old pro like me, aiming at younger tail.

    I’m in good shape for my age, lift weights, not fat

    Question re. #4: You say to never give compliments, and this instinctively seems like a good policy; I was never overly complimentary to women in the past. But in “The Manual,” which I’ve read twice and is on your recommended book list, he says to not hold back on telling a woman how she makes you feel and how attractive you find her. This is a contradiction. I’ve tried to incorporate some of this into my game – not over-complimenting and falling all over myself, but giving them a little bit – but it doesn’t seem to be working, even when coupled with an equal amount of teasing. What’s the deal here?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Hey Kid Jupiter, thanks for the kind words.

      My answer to your question is everybody has slight variations on Game. I generally recommend men don’t compliment women, I almost never do, as it puts them in a submissive role psychologically. Not complimenting your date is a way of communicating you get women of her quality often, or maybe even better than her.

      However, some men can get by with complimenting. I personally don’t do it until I’ve already got the bang, in which case I’ll mix in 10% Beta with my behavior if she’s a girl I want to hit again.

      But, use whatever works for you and your personality.


      • Thanks for the reply, Rel.

        It’s a shame that women have become so warped that they interpret even a slight compliment from a man as “Beta.” It’s especially a shame for more naturally outgoing, extroverted men, who might be more prone to letting out a compliment. (I fall into that category.)

        We’re truly heading into a Mad Max-Thunderdome scenario – your Jungle post is right on point. When civil, patriarchal norms break down, only the meanest men survive and get shots at reproduction.

        Points taken, my adaptation ongoing.


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