Defining the Sigma Male


James Dean defines the Sigma male in many ways

Everybody talks about Alpha and Beta males, but few discuss the enigmatic Sigma male. However, in many ways, the Sigma male is the most interesting of all male types because he is mysterious, an outsider, and is yet a successful plunderer of poon. He is the antithesis of Mr. Popularity, the Alpha male, and yet women are drawn to him.

Since embracing my natural instincts and tossing aside the Anglo-American cultural indoctrination that grooms men to be soft-spoken utility objects known as Beta males, I have realized I am a natural Sigma male. And as a man who has shifted way from my Beta past, a role foisted upon me by society until I saw the shadows on the wall and embraced my natural, Sigma bad boy instincts I feel it’s important to define what a Sigma male is.

The crucial difference between the two top dogs in the sexual hierarchy is this: Alphas embrace and move to manipulate and dominate society’s ridiculous games in an extroverted manner, while introverted (and often more intelligent) Sigmas are repulsed by them.

Here are some more Sigma traits.


Sigmas prefer to go it alone rather than playing the ridiculous social games the rest of society obsesses over

Sigma Traits

Rebellious. Sigmas are the rebels of society, and as an INTP I am beginning to realize how deep my rebelliousness runs after shedding the coil of social indoctrination. Sigma males naturally loathe confining and arbitrary social norms and expectations, seeking instead to live original and authentic lives of their own design. In addition to a rebellious mindset, statistics show higher intelligence (which many Sigmas possess) is also correlated with more run-ins with the law. We Sigmas can find ourselves on the wrong side of the law since we have little regard for rules and regulations intended to rule the lives of “follower” men with an iron fist.

Original. Sigmas are never plain vanilla or predictable. Unlike the Alpha, they do not crave social acceptance or lofty social laurels. Many Sigmas prefer to blend into the background and watch the ridiculousness of society in a bemused manner. (The Great Master artist Bruegel the Elder comes to mind when discussing this attitude.)

Sigmas do not blindly follow groups or trends. They’re likely to have eccentric behavior and tangential interests in a number of academic fields. This leads to their greatest potential source of friction in a world of fearsome conformists: some people are put off by men with minds so original they cannot conform to the prejudices and constraints of the society they’re in, but originality is the very essence of the Sigma.

Drift in and out of social situations. This is both the Sigma’s greatest asset and worst weakness: the ability to drift in and out of high and low castes in society with ease. But we will never truly belong to any of them. I have personally walked with “kings” of society and peasants, and I see them as being more alike than not. When I worked in the mainstream media, I could be on television the first half of the day then at night partying with whores from the wrong side of town. Sigmas don’t get themselves caught up in the trappings of fleeting glory and petty social hierarchies. They define Rudyard Kipling’s statement in one of his most famous poems, If:

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Tendency to cause conflict. Nothing scares the average person more than someone who challenges the trite myths they believe in. Sigmas are the original thought criminals of society. The original thoughts of Sigmas upset many people, who need to be told what to think and how to behave rather than determining what are appropriate thoughts and actions for themselves. This will undoubtedly cause conflict if the Sigma’s true opinions seep out into the gossip mill of the average corporate “Office Space” inferno. The freethinking Sigma will be ostracized, and Alphas will move to have the Sigma marginalized so as to try and eliminate competition with lapdog Betas following suit.

Quirky behavior. Sigmas can have quirky personalities, which again puts them at odds with Alpha males and the masses. Sigmas have an air of unpredictability and can be quite enigmatic and mysterious to those who do not take the time to try and understand him. They won’t be men who live the life script given to them by the Great Marketing Machine, that tells them which car to buy, what house to live in, and how much money to make. They also won’t treat women with supplicating deference as Beta males do, which incidentally makes women hot.

Lone wolves. Since Sigmas do not “fit in” to most social groups, we often find ourselves journeying through life alone. Many Sigmas become bad boys when they realize how innately insane society is and that there is no saving it from itself. In film, the Sigma would be the motorcycle riding guy in a leather jacket in the back of the bar. The IDGAF factor is very high in the Sigma, especially once he reaches maturity and begins to purge the sewer pumped into his mind by decades of public school and mass media programming.

Subject to social scrutiny and criticism. Nothing bothers conformists more than someone who totally rejects the sophistry and social game playing they worship. This can make the Sigma a lightning rod for criticism. As Sigmas age, they can become more adept at being “chameleons” when in social situations. They can fake being a normal rube well enough that the prejudices of the average idiot are not aroused, while knowing deep inside they hold the cards. Sigmas can possess Red Pill knowledge while blending in with the average person. This gives the Sigma great strength in that it allows mastery of both social situations and himself.

Provoke love or hate attitudes in people. Some people love the rebel. Others are terrified by what he represents. There is usually little in the middle when it comes to the reactions the Sigma provokes. People either love or hate him. Alphas often hate Sigmas once they’re identified, perhaps because the Alpha knows the Sigma sees right through the ridiculous social game playing he is beholden to. Betas will often go into orbit around the Sigma, that is unless the Sigma’s original mind and IDGAF attitude become the subject of a social stigma. Then, fair weather friend type Betas will evaporate into the ether.


Sigmas are non-conformists who drift in and out of different social situations

Further Defining the Sigma

Knowing the Sigma archetype can help other men who find themselves between a rock and hard place trying to decide whether they’re Alpha or Beta or lower on the totem pole realize they’re neither. They can also realize it’s okay to be different.

It is my personal belief that those men who possess the INTP and INTJ Kiersey/Myers-Briggs personality types are often natural Sigma males, in that many of the traits associated with those personalities are Sigma traits. A look at the descriptions of both types illustrates my point. First, the INTP, as defined by 16 Personalities:

The INTP personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. INTPs pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, INTPs have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history. INTPs are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic – in fact, they are considered the most logically precise of all the personality types.

Then, the even rarer INTJ:

It’s lonely at the top, and being one of the rarest and most strategically capable personality types, INTJs know this all too well. INTJs form just two percent of the population, and women of this personality type are especially rare, forming just 0.8% of the population – it is often a challenge for them to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with their relentless intellectualism and chess-like maneuvering.

This does not mean every INTP or INTJ is a Sigma. However, it’s a safe bet to say many Sigmas are probably INTP or INTJ types.

In essence, the Sigma male is the model of adaptability in a cruel world. He adapts to get what he wants out of the world without participating in it, and stays true to himself and his beliefs unlike the courtiers of society. As Darwin knew, it is not the strongest of species that survive, but the most adaptable. Sigmas are case studies in adaptability, as they bang countless women while never betraying who they really are.

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  • James Dean was a faggot into S&M


  • A few years back, before the develpment of awareness of Sigmas, i wrote my own theory on the unrecognized group. I labelled them “Wildboys”. The short paper is available to read at my blog. It provides deeper information on the development of the Sigma/Wildboy.
    (Full disclosure, I am an INTJ, Engram 5:1, sigma)


  • I have also tested INTJ and self-identify as a sigma. As a kid, I had groups of misfits form around me without even trying. I was basically the leader misfit. I had a few girls tell me years later that they had super crushes on me but were too afraid to say something. I had a huge reputation as an outsider (more than what would have been deserved, even). I got into many fist-fights with typical alphas. They *HATED* me for some reason. It’s like the very essence of my existence was offensive to them. I would just immediately attack anyone who fucked with me in the slightest way. I almost got expelled once and the Dean asked me why I kept getting into fights. I told her, “because I will never not finish a fight, but I won’t ever start them”. Amazingly, she accepted my answer and personally kept me from getting expelled. After freshman year, nobody dared. Today I have pretty much the attitude with you described. My personal dream is to fuck off into the woods and never see civilization again. I have also had a few run-ins with the law (although nothing felony-level). I have no respect whatsoever for society or its laws (which I never opted into), though I do have my own sense of ethics. Good article.


    • Oh also:

      I’ve had loads of sex but I never asked a girl out before. Not ever. I have literally never risked rejection by asking a girl out. Every female that I’ve ever been involved with pursued *me*.


      • Sigma is a label which I accept for want of something more.
        I wonder, and ask those who self identify as Sigmas, what they consider the most valuable characteristic, trait, skill, attitude, insert your idea, of what makes a Sigma of considerate value to others. I want to be of value to others and seek after that in spite of being an off the chart introvert and wanting to be alone with my thoughts. Express, and share, yours please.
        Willingness to put yourself in the line of fire of assholes, to be assaulted and respond with considerable force is important but I’m looking for something more.
        Don’t be shy, I put my foot in my mouth all the time.


      • I had a huge amount of that. Stupid amounts really. The ones I wanted and chased, mostly, I never got. The ones who wanted me, for reasons I never understood, nor tried to, I accepted gladly, mostly, in spite of a poor return on investment. The best woman I ever enjoyed was one I chased with vigor and intent to eliminate all competition, and did. 17 years of real, rewarding challenge and joy.

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  • I was on board until the last sentence: “… they [Sigmas] bang countless women while never betraying who they really are.”

    They’re in no need of the “notching their bedpost” bluster, for that is a game Alpha-types revel in playing ( of which Beta’s desperately and obediently follow suite; while Omega et al. types remain envious of).

    “….who they really are” is not defined by society’s esteem for the hackneyed notion of a ‘ladies-man’.


  • A true Sigma doesn’t give a shit about being labeled.


  • I have been plagued by people who claim to be “alpha’s” who have done the most rediculous stuff to try and dominate me. I’ve always laughed in their faces. In the military I was an “Aviation Ordnanceman”. Bomb loader by trade, “Ordie” by fame.I helped kill Polpot and the Komer Rouge. I worked on the flight deck as an enlisted man. One day “Air Boss” decided to test me. I passed his test when all others would have failed. An F-14 combat fighter pilot from the cockpit of an F-14 that had just caught the wire and other high ranking officers saluted me, an enlisted man, because of what they saw me do. After reading this article, now I understand why. Stuff like that has happened to me all my life. Young hot women are always hitting on me. Now I know why. I am Sigma. I am Great!


  • Spot on. I have taken the MBTI numerous times over my adult life as part of my profession. Always been a strong INTP. Now that I am of a certain age I find that I enjoy life even more as I really do not need to conform to any professional mold and can truly be myself.


  • this is the greatest article i ever read.


  • Your article does a great job of defining … Alphas.

    If you sleep with a lot of women, you’re an Alpha. Alphas can be introverted or extroverted. They can seek society’s approval or not. Cops and Hells Angels can both be Alphas.

    If you can’t get women, you’re a Gamma or lower.

    A Sigma can get women, but chooses not to. That’s part of rejecting society’s values — rejecting the value of women and sex. Rejected the goals of PUAs. Sigmas are angry hermits by choice. (As opposed to Gammas, who are forced to live as hermits.)

    This article was written so a whole lot of men can pat themselves on the back, admiring their alleged, superior, non-conformity.

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    • Thomas, Alphas are basically Betas in sheep’s clothing. Their entire sense of confidence and superiority is stemmed from the self validation they receive externally. Without that validation and people supporting them, they are just as weak and helpless as betas. That is what in reality makes them extremely weak. They usually pick up the most women, and are often “role models” to less intelligent/confident people who aren’t capable of thinking critically and identifying the “true self” of an alpha, but basically judge a book by its cover without seeing underneath it’s layers.

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  • This post is an almost accurate description of myself. I usually play by the society rules when it suits my purpose. I inspire love or hate in people and in general I’ve engaged in illegal activities only to test the waters. And the ironic thing: I like challenging intelectual activities but I can’t stand nerds.


  • An ENTP here, although this description of a Sigma male is pretty accurate, it is a myth that Sigmas are always introverted, therefore defining a Simga as “dominant introvert” simply won’t do. I manage to be extroverted as fuck and still to be a Sigma (as I consider most of the society norms absolutely retarded and inefficient and follow my own way but I have a healthy self-esteem and don’t need validation from anyone but me).

    A Sigma is defined by the fact that he is his own leader and no one’s follower and will not respond well to anyone who tries to dominate him. He also doesn’t take social norms too seriously (or directly rebels against them) and forces/finds his own ways how to achieve his goals.

    When the Alpha male has Beta males as followers, Sigma has Omega males who are more like Sigma-wannabes than followers. Unlike the Sigma, the Omega (similar to Beta) has low self-esteem and needs validation (but a different kind of it than Beta, they just want to be seen as “the cool/hipster/edgy rebels” – Betas want to be seen as “nice/chivarlous/model citizens”). Alpha and Sigma are natural about this, meaning they don’t give much fucks about what others think.

    To make it even more clear, imagine this as two scales with two ends:

    Alpha = self-assured, confident and dominant conformist
    Beta = turbulent and submissive conformist

    Sigma = self-assured, confident and dominant non-conformist
    Omega = turbulent and submissive non-conformist

    Here are some examples:

    Introverted Sigmas: Clint Eastwood, Wolverine, Bruce Wayne
    Extroverted Sigmas: The Joker, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tyler Durden


    • Alphas always need social validation to act, they manipulate pack’s approval to achieve their goals and like to be surrounded/protected by that pack. When the pack doesn’t approve his/her actions, an alpha’s confidence decreases, (I’ve seen this a few times, my fault >:^) that’s why they are so good at manipulating packs, it’s their biggest weakness and strength at the same time. So alphas are not self-assured, that would be contradictory.

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  • I’ll just say this, you can’t fly like an eagle if you’re swimming with the ducks. I think I made that up. You can quote me.


  • I am an INFJ and what you say describes me till the last letter, although I am still fighting to finish my deprogramming. I keep falling into old habits. I think you should add INFJ’s to the list of probably Sigma types.


  • I am INTJ. The Sigma archetype describes me to a T.

    I agree that introverts will tend to be sigma rather than alpha when they become self aware and confident. I’ve always seen myself as an outsider/lone wolf etc. Even though I can and will be socially dominant, I often find it tedious and draining to be social all the time. I am known for just disappearing when I’m among large groups of friends and we are all out. I balk at social convention and don’t really care to follow anyone’s rules but my own. This causes conflict in my social life but I also happen to thrive and sometimes long for conflict.

    I think the Sigma male could do for more analysis among the manosphere.


  • Great article! When I first learned about the different types of Alphas such as the sigma, it had a huge positive impact on my overall self-esteem. I understood that my way of being – like a tiger hunting, the lone wolf, or even a mountain lion, there was a natural way to my personality including my preference to solitude and observation. I didn’t have to pretend to try and be like the primary talkative alpha who enjoys attention and leads the pack. Nothing wrong about that as that is their natural state, but very helpful to understand these differences. Eventually, I came to remind myself that James Bond was a sigma so all is good. I also remember doing the personality test you called out in my company and during a video conference call with many of our leadership made up of a lot of people, I was the only one with an INTP and I actually felt pretty good about it. They laughed about it in a friendly way and I told them, “that’s right, I am one of a kind” for kicks.


  • I’m sure you’re writing this all with me in mind! I think I had some sigma in me even when I was young at school. I think sigma is bottom-up when everything else is top-down. A lot of it dependent on luck and people pleasing. The hustling life is not for everyone but it’s the fun kind of hard work for some types.


  • Interesting post. I’m an INTJ female, and have yet to personally meet any other women who might be the same type. I think I know a few TP or TJ males who I find worthy of conversation.


  • “Sigmas are models of adaptability, as they bang countless women while never betraying who they really are.”

    But they’re not reproducing or at least very few of them are. So I’m guessing these traits are more learned than inborn.


    • I believe Sigmas are reproducing but their male children are Alpha/Beta and being so they must make the transition to Sigma on their own. My oldest son’s (27) transition is almost complete. My youngest son’s transition (24) has just begun. Between then and now we have had many “heated conversations.” Since they were teens I have told them that the system teaches you what to think not how to think. It took them ten years to realize that they actually were being indoctrinated, which is pretty much my own story. “Sigmas are made not born” and the vast majority of adult males never make the transition. It is also my opinion that if your sole goal is to “bang countless women” there is no point in transitioning.


  • I guess most guys in the manosphere are more Sigma then Alpha, as they are mostly the way you describe them. I find myself in those descriptions too.

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