I Just Don’t Give a Fuck: Doing the Opposite


Today I openly enjoy threesomes, but in my Beta “nice guy” days I was a One Woman Man

The biggest change of my life occurred when I decided to stop giving a fuck. I have good reasons for not giving a fuck, and good reasons to be angry. (Incidentally, I vent my anger with my writing. I’m actually a very happy individual.)

First off, I sold out the first half of my life chasing the myths and fantasies put into my head from childhood about the wonders of the vaunted college degree and how it would change my life, and how following the system’s advice would make me healthy, wealthy and wise.


Society’s myths are sold to credulous simps it seeks to mold into profit-producing slaves, chained by the fear of losing everything they worked for if and when they ever wake up to the reality of the nightmare we are all in.

It was a good decade or so after completing all the hoop-jumping the system told me to do before I realized the exact opposite of their feted commands was what I needed to be doing with my life. The inner rebel finally appeared. I am now preaching the evangel to men everywhere, in hopes it might save them from being exploited by the corporate-government complex and bitches everywhere. I’m preaching male empowerment and personal freedom.

Here’s some background on my journey from nice guy Beta to ZFG Sigma. Maybe it can help you.


Wearing a business suit making $28,000 a year, my life in the media

Lied to About Work

Rather than partying and fucking everything that walked in my college years, I spent my time being responsible and “studying” while working at least one and often two jobs to finance myself.  Later, when I landed the “good job” everyone thought I had, I made shit pay.

Here I was, a local TV star making $28,000 a year with $25,000 in student loans. Through perseverance, a highly rated news program and an Emmy Award which made us #1 in a highly competitive market, I had managed to climb to the astonishing salary of $39,000 a year after “only” 5 years. That’s less than the median salary nationwide. School teachers made more than me. Truckers made more than me. I felt like such an imposter getting up there on TV and acting like all was well in my world everyday, when in reality I could barely pay for a meager existence.

Then I committed the cardinal sin. I asked for $50,000 a year after I found out a subordinate was making that much. My contract was not renewed, the management didn’t tell me until the last minute and the next thing I knew my ass was in bankruptcy court. Ironically, I got the $50,000 at the next station in a larger city, but by then I didn’t care anymore.

Things began to change inside me. After being used and abused I moved to my next stop on the TV star tour with an eye on escaping this existence. As an added incentive for me to GTFO, the Racial Bolshevism the media have become famous for incessantly drove home the point that I was an evil son of a bitch for being white and having a dick, in drive-by news hit piece after hit piece. I spent the next few years paying off my bankruptcy (I never got anything for free in life) while devising a plan to extricate myself from the web of lies that had turned me into a farm animal rather than a man.

I was fed up with the cage I was in, and decided to break out at any cost. I did, and the result is this blog, my sex-filled new life on a tropical island, occasional indulgence in cocaine, frequent indulgence in wine and cigar, working on my terms rather than theirs, happier than I would have ever been following the life script we are all told to go by.

Never again will I return to the complete disaster that is the television news industry, an industry in which there is an epidemic of suicide once other poor bastards like me realize the pulp fiction it subsists on is nothing but a facade. Here’s a short list of the suicides that have occurred in the past few years:

  • Nick Wiltgen, The Weather Channel
  • John Winter, WLFA meteorologist
  • Don Harman, Fox 4 Kansas City News
  • Bob Richards, KDSK-TV
  • Russel Bird, KTVZ-TV

There are 57 other suicides of journalists here.

I had some realizations along the way as I awakened to realize the cage I had been placed into with my wonderful college degree and “you’re lucky to have it” job.

The camera needs to be turned around on the mountainous, steaming pile of garbage this industry is. The social predators who inhabit news rooms love airing out the disgraces and dirty laundry of others, now it’s time for their dirty laundry to be aired out. And there’s plenty of it, believe me. News personalities are some of the most duplicitous game players you’ll ever meet, but they carry around a lot of deep, dark secrets. I would enjoy nothing more than seeing the cruel light of reality turned around on the vermin in the media, just to show the world what imposters most of them are.

After clawing my way out of this industry and the bankruptcy it foisted on me, I just don’t give a fuck about playing the career game anymore.


It’s not your fault you’re no good with women, you’ve been lied to about their nature your entire life

Lied to About Women

I wasn’t always the womanizing asshole I’ve turned into. No, in my younger days I played things straight, held women up on a pedestal, treated them better than I treated myself. All I wanted was a good wife and a couple of beautiful kids. Was that really so much to fucking ask of the Anglobitch?

How was I repaid after putting forth my best effort with women? With loneliness, financial abuse, and emotional torment.

It took a good 10-15 years after high school for me to realize the script men are given about women is totally screwed up. I often wondered when I was in college why women would just walk over top of an attractive, good guy like me. I wanted to be good to them! Why wouldn’t they notice me?

Then I noticed attractive young college girls going back to the dorm with guys that looked like thugs and listening to the sounds of them moaning as they fucked each others brains out. I wasn’t totally left out, I did manage to bang several cute girls in college but my sex life in my Beta college days was overall a dry, dry desert.

Along came the manosphere. It wasn’t long before I realized, yet again, everything I had been told was a lie.

My own research yielded the following bombshells. I frequently touch on the knowledge of Freud, Unwin, Briffault, and Tesla, as these men give the wisdom we discuss in the manosphere some scientific and psychological gravitas. The topics we discuss and the complaints we have about women aren’t just a bunch of guys sitting around making things up. These men proved women bring this to the table of any relationshit:

Once I realized the setup of this cruel game, I started exploiting it to my advantage. Being an asshole has paid dividends. Since becoming a player in the game, I’ve bedded over 100 women, most of them under age 30.

I’m happier because I don’t put up with the manipulation, emotional drama, and cheating other men put up with. I have my freedom, and accept the fact the Anglobitch has turned herself into a sex object of her own volition. It’s not my fault. I just pump and dump. So should you. Well, that or run off the Anglobitch’s plantation altogether.

So, I ended saying again, “I just don’t give a fuck” about being the nice guy and the disposable meal ticket.


Doing the opposite worked for George Costanza, and it’s working for me

Moving On

I just don’t give a fuck as become my new motto, just like Eminem. Meantime, Bukowski’s idea to “Drink, write, and fuck” has become my new creed.

I am sick to death with the system that stole half my life. I’m reserving the other half to do what I want. What do I want to do? Chase skirts, travel the world, live well on nothing, avoid paying as much money into the system as I can by earning a low income (by American standards, which incidentally gives me a great life abroad) and write.

I feel like my life is finally coming together in a meaningful and badass way. Like I’m on the verge of realizing something truly great in the next few years. I’m so glad I abandoned the life script that would have kept me in someone else’s cage and embraced a life of zero fucks given risk taking, pushing myself to do new things rather than accepting a subpar existence. All the experiences, the hard knocks, and of course the sexy ladies will be in my writings, and later a novel. I also want to be the champion of other men who have been shafted by this setup.

Comically, the wisdom of George Costanza applies, that if I do the very opposite of what the system tells me to do I’ll be a happier man.

Jerry Seinfeld: If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.

George Costanza: Yes, I will do the opposite. I used to sit here and do nothing, and regret it for the rest of the day, so now I will do the opposite, and I will do something.

George Costanza: [He goes over to the woman] Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that you were looking in my direction.

Victoria: Oh, yes I was. You just ordered the same exact lunch as me.

George Costanza: [Takes a deep breath] My name is George. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.

Victoria: I’m Victoria. [In a sexy tone of voice] Hi!

Indeed, doing the opposite has markedly improved my life. I believe it can do the same for millions of other men. Rather than giving a fuck, we should stop giving a fuck and do whatever makes us happy. Like having threesomes on a tropical island. That shit makes me happy.

It might make a social justice warrior’s head explode, though. Bonus.

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