Transactional Sex: Every Woman Has Her Price


Whether it’s $100 an hour or a $100,000 divorce settlement, every woman has her price

From the streetwalker to the wife of a Hollywood A-lister, women do not associate with men who provide no benefit to them. Hoes of all prices and persuasions (marriage is, after all legalized prostitution) always want money out of their dealings with men, since money is the source of status and power.

As we will see, this pay for play behavior is not only seen in humans, but throughout the animal kingdom. It seems a vagina really is nature’s credit card.

It is supreme irony that women claim they’re exploited for sex, when the very basis of human sexual relationships revolves around the fact women exploit men for material gain on a daily basis. Yet, modern society’s “protect the pussy and exploit the dick” position makes it verboten to call this behavior into question.

Who really has the power here? The female or the male? Why, the female of course even as she feigns victim status.

The long and short of the human mating game is every woman has her price. No man gets a ride for free, except those rare cats who successfully and temprorarily short circuit women’s natural predatory instincts towards men by either being naturals at seduction or by using PUA.

Some women demand more than others. Some are more up front about the human sexual interchange, which like other primates involves a male “offering” in exchange for sex. Most try to be coy and pretend a man’s wallet or social status isn’t what interests them using the natural female talent for what Schopenhauer called dissimulation.

Generally, female relationships with men break down into these four categories:

  •  The rare and short-lived freebie: A woman develops a temporary infatuation with a new man, but her lust for him quickly wears off as she returns to her predatory instincts. The male is disposed of as his novelty value wears off and she gets “bored” with the relationship.
  • The honest and direct pay for play: A woman straight up sells sex to the male.
  • The pay as you go: Beta males rely on this tactic to keep women in their lives; women tolerate men who provide dependable financial resources while often enjoying the company (and sperm) of Alpha bad boys on the side.
  • The balloon payment: Female predatory instincts come into play in this type of relationship, as a woman fakes love for a man until such time as she can “cash in” on him and dispose of him in the court system. This is the human equivalent of the female “eating” the male as in Black Widows and Preying Mantises.

In either of the latter three scenarios, the man is paying to play whether he realizes it or not. This profound statement on human mating rituals tells us all women are whores, they just have different prices and demands for the “product” they’re selling.

Tellingly, not just human females are prostitutes. Many species practice prostitution, it’s just that the human female practices sophistry when she sells her ass out to the highest bidding male.

The concept is known as transactional sex in the animal kingdom.


Human females aren’t the only natural prostitutes in the animal kingdom – female penguins trade sex for rocks

Prostitution Among Animals

To see just how ingrained women expecting material benefit for sex is in the animal kingdom, of which we are a part, one need look no further than the Adilie Penguin. As reported by BBC, rocks function as currency in the penguin world. The female penguins trade sex for more rocks:

Prostitution is described as the world’s oldest profession. But Dr. Fiona Hunter is convinced it is the first time it has been seen in animals. Penguins are turning to prostitution. But instead of doing it for money, Antarctic dolly-birds are turning tricks to get rocks off their menfolk.

“Stones are the valuable currency in penguin terms,” said Dr. Hunter, a researcher in the Zoology Department at Cambridge University, who has spent five years observing the birds’ mating patterns.

Money and material garbage are the valuable currencies in human terms.

This is an amazing finding, one that has not received the emphasis in the press or the manosphere that it needs. There is no difference in a hood chick turning tricks down on the corner for Benjamins, or a predatory Anglo female wifing up an actor then frivorce raping him financially as so frequently happens in Hollyweird.

What’s even more insightful about this report is the fact Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks also applies in the penguin world.

All of the female penguins Dr. Hunter observed trading sex for stones already had partners. Penguins [generally] stick to the same mate, she said, but none of the [cucked] males figured out what was happening.

Clueless Beta males are common in our world it seems.

“There was no suspicion on the part of the males. Females quite often go off on their own to collect stones, so as far as the males are concerned there is no reason to suspect.”

Of course, these lady birds are collecting much more than stones when they venture out solo. The sperm of the bad boy is always in demand, even among penguins. It seems 5 minutes of Alpha is worth 5 years of Beta even among flightless birds. Right on up the evolutionary ladder our closest animal cousins, chimpanzees, also pay for play. The currency they use is meat.

According to Cristina Gomes of the Max Planck Institute, a study “strongly suggests that wild chimpanzees exchange meat for sex, and do so on a long-term basis.” The data reveals that chimps enter into communities of hunting and sharing meat with each other over long periods of time and females within the meat-sharing community tend to copulate with males of their own meat-sharing community.

These revelations tell us a a lot about whorish behavior that is encoded into the very DNA of human females. Even though women don’t like to see themselves as hoes, that’s exactly what they all are.

Good time girls rent their anatomy out by the hour, while “wives” expect McMansions, luxury sedans, and all the other ridiculous trappings of modern life in exchange for their anatomy. But the transaction is always the same at the core of every human sexual relationship. It is ALWAYS pay for play. The only difference is how sophisticated and dissimulating women want to be about it.

Oh, and women only get jobs to raise the price they can demand for their product. If she takes care of her basic needs on her own, she won’t be forced out of need to give sex to men who don’t provide her with the hypergamous socioeconomic status she desires. Translation: Having basic needs covered means women start expecting more financially from men in exchange for sex as the principles of The Hedonic Treadmill kick in.

An unnatural disruption to the way things have always worked between men and women came when the government started stealing Beta tax money to appease Anglo women who, quite simply don’t like men or sex much to begin with. There has always been a latent Puritanism in Anglo culture due to the fact K-selected Anglo women are not as sexually inclined as their r-selected sisters from other cultures. Therefore, Anglo culture views sex as dirty rather than a normal part of life.

Conclusions? Men, end the welfare state if you want a sexual bounty to return. One only need venture out to areas of the world where there is no welfare state to see how readily high quality ass is doled out when women see a potential meal ticket walk by. It’s just what women do. That whole hypergamy thing we always talk about is intimately connected with this phenomenon.

This unflattering truth about our species reinforces the fact we are just more complicated about transactional sex than our animal cousins. If you’re ever in doubt about the veracity of this claim, cut off resources from your wife or girlfriend and see how long she sticks around. Unless you short circuit her maternal instincts with “loser” game, she’s going to drop your ass like a hot potato.

So, every woman is a ho. Some just charge more than others.

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  • “Some” male biological instincts are the reason transactional sex exists.
    “Some” women are just cashing in on the fact that “some” men made their bodies a commodity.
    No buyers = no market = no transaction/s 🙂


  • This corner of the internet is where romantics come to die, and men are far more likely to be romantic. As for transactional sex, Tara Palmatier advises men to run away from it and RUN FAST. This is how BPD women ruin men’s lives and it starts with this.


  • One of your best articles yet, Rel. It always brings laughs when I hear women complain men objectify them. Keep on ignoring biology ladies. They sell their pussy yet claim not to be sex objects.


  • Rel, I looked up K-selected Anglo women and r-selected but still not clear…. can you please explain the context of which you are using them here?

    Furthermore, do you really think the welfare state would ever be abolished in America?
    And, since your answer maybe NO, what then of the state of men in America?


  • So how would you explain a 30 year marriage that produced 13 children, 9 surviving till child birth, where the wife provides 100% of the material support for 25 years?

    I’m very curious.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I’d explain it as an oddity.


      • Yeah it is a bit weird.

        You’d think the feminist’s would be going crazy for a guy like that, and singing his praises for being a stay at home dad while the empowered wife went to work. Yet the feminist’s in the family don’t like the guy and say he is too controlling. He is also a bit of a recluse and isn’t Mr. Personality with the ladies and men he knows.

        Just trying to investigate how a dynamic like that comes about and is maintained. For the life of me I can’t figure it out.


  • So THAT’S why I get lots of glances from the pretty women in Peru when I walk by, eh? They see I’m American, and they see dollar signs.

    BTW, I never get the same looks from American women-not what I’d WANT that…


    • Geoarbitrage is a western man’s best friend. I hear Peruvian women are quite into gringos and getting laid with them is quite easy. Have you noticed this to be true?


      • Judging by how they’ve looked at me when I’ve been down there, I’d say you’re on to something. That said, I can’t be sure, because I have a woman down there. I haven’t TRIED, so I cannot say for sure. One, my GF has a jealous streak a mile long. Seriously, if I TRIED to verify your theory (about Peruvian chicas being into gringos), I’d be in a heap of trouble! Two, I can’t see the point of messing around if you’re in a committed relationship.

        That said, I have noticed that pretty women down there do check me out-and not with a passing glance, either. I’ve had numerous, pretty women down there give me the once over with their eyes. I think that, if I put in a bit of effort, that I would get somewhere.

        My GF there (I’ll be moving down there in the near future to be with her) told me that she thinks Peruvian men are ugly. Latin men in general, and Peruvian men in particular, have a rep for treating women badly. Western men are known for treating women well. Combine that with the exotic factor (i.e. being foreign and different), a decent guy from America should have NO PROBLEM finding pretty, Peruvian chica. Peru is overflowing with GORGEOUS women-ow! I can’t help but look, and that gets me in trouble with my GF…

        Latin women have many good points. They’re feminine, passionate, treat their men well, have good domestic skills (my woman can make chicken soup from scratch!), and are faithful. That said, they have their minuses. The biggest one is that they’re jealous and territorial. The second is that they do have fiery personalities, and they can be a handful. In my estimation, their good points far outweigh their bad points.

        I hope that this answers your question…


  • Interesting way of looking at the mating game.

    Do you think it’s better for women to give away their sex, time, and attention for free or is it better for them to name a price, whatever that price may be?


    • Relampago Furioso

      I think removing the welfare state would return relations between the sexes to their normal state. Without it, women would be forced to be more prudent in their dealings with men.


      • Hear, hear!


      • Don’t forget that birth control should be abolished as well to return to normalcy. Either that or there comes some new male birth control pill to even the odds. Then at least the remaining white west can demographically die off with less males getting screwed through child support.


      • The welfare state isn’t the root of the problem though. The root of the problem is that Anglo-American women hate men, and Anglo American men hate themselves. Anglo societies only tolerated men in the past because they were needed to do the heavy lifting. Now that the Anglo world has tons of material wealth, an all-out war on men has been declared.


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