Dreamers Dream And Doers Do: Cucks Vs Men


Indoctrination begins at childhood, designed to beat the male out of the boy

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

It’s no secret that males are the more idealistic sex.  As children we are bombarded with numerous fairy tales which serve to construct a mythos in our minds.  These rainbow colored fantasy fag-outs fill the impressionable mind with wonder and awe.

The ego becomes invested in the purity of the myth to play out for the naive adolescent.  The boy thinks his fantasy might come true if only he were to be worthy of it.

Psychology Of The Cuck

This is the cuck mentality.  He places his value at the very bottom as something which must be dutifully earned through his numerous displays of gentlemanly behavior.  Effusively self deprecating and pathetically pliant, he attempts to win the favor of his distressed damsel.

Now this damsel when he chooses her is placed exceedingly high on parapets of unearned virtue and lustfully elevated praise.  She calls down to him in teasing glances and reaches out enticingly.  Only to recoil upon his overeager need for her approval.

The dreamer dreams but never does.  He walks among the fantasy and wish-it-were-so.

Reality itself must be not be enough to break the spell which binds the cuck.  His ego must be shielded and the dream must live on.  Moreover the cuck will even become your enemy should you attempt to avail him of his shackles.

Of course you should not be the cuck.

Yet just as much you should not deign to even associate with the cuck or enter into any kind of agreement with him.  Surely calamity will find you should the foundations of the cuck’s fragile fairy tales begin to wobble.

They will most definitely wobble when the cruel waves of a heartless reality break hard upon the piss weak skin of a bitch ass cuck boy.


Men get things done while weaklings only daydream

A Man Is A Doer

Dreams don’t mean a damn thing without the unstoppable will to execute it.  The cold and calculating mind which only a man who has endured a merciless earth with no illusions can possess.  If a man has dreams and he finds those hopes shattered.  It is of no consequence to him.  All the more should he dream larger and nobler.  Placing his hopes on more solid ground if the dreams of his past don’t find firm footing in the present.

While the cuck seeks to hide from conflict and strife.  The man courageously rushes forward to find the answers to his deepest fears and seek the prize of his most primal longings.

For the man is not content to lie idle with the fabled fantasies of the weak and ego assuaging feelings of delusion.  He will stand up and seek out the monsters inside of him and those that dwell on this earth.  Seek them out and slaughter them all.

Because the stark, undeniable difference between the dreamer and the doer, cuck vs the man is this.

The will to power.

Two Worlds Apart

These two types might as well come from different planets since they are made of such opposing substance.  The dreamer dreams in hazy pictures and pretty sounds.  All the fairy tale fuckboy illusions the modern machine can force feed into that mangina mouth.

While the man lives in the dream destroying reality of the here and now.  He is present to the moment and he will act with force and power to secure or destroy what he wishes.  For the man has no illusions he deceives himself with.  No fantasy dreams he needs to put himself to sleep within a vicious world.  He embraces the darkness and the unknown.

With open arms and the curving smile of an absolute mad man.  The man DOES whatever it fucking takes to win.  To conquer at all costs no matter what the collateral damage might be.  Victory is all that matters.  For the doer knows all too well that in the game of life and death there is no reward for 2nd place.

Only a shallow and unmarked grave history will soon forget.


Weakness will get you eaten in this world

Embrace A Cold World

The world is not fair.  The earth is not compassionate, nor merciful nor kind.  Only the strongest, most savage and resilient can ever survive the cruel claws of this bitch mother earth.  No room for the weak and  no remembrance for the soft.

Leave the dreaming to the crude and crass.  Leave the fantasies to the feminized masses and their pathetic pandering.  Shatter those weaknesses inside of you today.

Embrace the hard rain of a cold world.  Let the storm wash away all the soft and the sentimental.  Let it rain down a constant deluge over the whiny masses.  Hear their cries drown in gargled gulps.  Smile as the weak and pathetic get the fruits of their fairy tale lies.  Yes yes! Take your medicine.  Choke on that shit.

Let the dreamers dream and the cucks get cucked.

For you shall profit from the weak and feeble.  Stand atop the lifeless corpses of your foes.  Having laid to rest all your fairy tales and put to death all the lies.  Stand triumphant over all the slain.

A fucking man.

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  • you write like a hyped up faggot with your very emotional tone. a coldstone optional wreck a wallowing shitcunt, a mini wannabe heartsie pansy

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  • Good medecine for a lemming world…

    But… I believe man is a spirit in a material world as sting said… acid trips and NDEs back this up.

    So meaning is key. Hitler wasnt a happy dude, and he followed Nietzsche’s philosophy, I believe. as did Saddam.
    I think we need to uncuck christianity, or even go to a new uncucked spirituality that is less dogmatic .
    Strength and compassion, for self and others. Or we are no better than the islamofascists. And we will not be happy…

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be “happy” is such an abstract ideal. It means wildly differing things to people. How do you know for certain those men weren’t happy?

      Saddam’s regime was probably more secular and tolerant than any other regime in Iraq. He allowed the Christian Kurds to live unmolested. Hitler saved his nation from the Weimar republic.

      Compassion is something the west has been drunk on for a long time now. It has only served to feminize our society. Compassion is something which should be reserved for our kin, our blood family, our closest friends. Not people whom we bare no relation or resemblance to and who live across the globe, whom we have never met.

      The pathological altruism which comes from christianity and the mind of indo europeans is precisely what we need less of. In other words…fuck compassion. We have wasted ours away and not got a damn thing in return for it.


      • I half agree… I dont agree with mass immigration in the name of “compassion” . Or soft justice for criminals. I despise the “compassion” of the left, which is nothing more than virtue signalling and ends up harming all – eg people getting less pensions in Holland because of the expense of immigration.
        I mean compassion one on one… individuals giving another a helping hand etc.

        As for saddam and Hitler ? really ? I read Saddam’s bio . He killed 50 000 of his own people every year via murder or torture . Torture centers were in every town, and officers were expected to torture in order to graduate. Thats why the Irakis celebrated when he was kicked out. he also gassed entire towns of Kurds.

        As for Hitler… yes the weimar rep was weak, but hitler was a mass murderer…. 6 million jews – women, kids led to gas chambers in cold blood. And he was an ally with the muslims who share many of his hatreds to this day.

        Trump, Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher… those were strong leaders who stood up against the Orwellian collectivists in Russia and the left, liberated the individual against the state.

        The aim of feminism is to enslave all, especially men, under the state( Marxism by underhand means). Which is why they have so much sympathy for the islamo-fascists.

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      • People always refer to that number. 6 million jews, 6 million jews! First off there weren’t 6 million jews in all of europe at that time.

        2nd. If mass murder is what you’re upset about, why aren’t you talking about the Holomodor or all those murdered by Stalin, whom we were allies with??

        You act like those magical 6 million jews are more important than the 100 million or so killed by Stalin and Mao.
        The west and her allies are the real maniacs. We firebombed Dresden and Berlin after there were NO MILITARY TARGETS!

        We let the Russians rape and murder german civilians with impunity. Even to this day the german people hate themselves and embrace their genocide.

        You want to see the face of evil? Look in the mirror. We let our women murder their unborn children by the millions every year. Where is the outrage?


  • random_stranger

    Dear Jack Ronin, are you, by any chance, a psychopath?

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  • Every time I read one of your articles, I can’t help but think Ragnar Redbeard and Nietzsche are fighting it out in your head. And they both win. Your words are very important to men trying to figure their shit out and escape from the matrix. Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks Paul. I imagine the same battle in my head haha. It’s all a battle. The battle within ourselves to overcome our weakest parts. Also the outward battle against this ruthless earth to the battle of wills between other men.

      There is no escape from it. Only to embrace the chaos of the storm.


  • A man does whatever it takes to win. Embrace the darkness. All the Way!


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