Peer Into The Great Beyond As Wanderlust Calls


The life of the roaming nomad is one to which many awakened men aspire to

Do you wonder endlessly what lies beyond the dreaming horizon? Are you a wanderer, a drifter, a rootless nomad traversing foreign lands and living like today is all that matters?

In many ways I envy this man.  His home he finds wherever his feet may land.  Having no ties to hold him down he must know a great freedom.  We men of the west are all wanderers now.  Estranged and vilified from our own homelands.  We watch in traumatizing shock and bitter revulsion the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.  All of us are simply trying to make sense of it all.

Where do we belong?

Wanderlust Of The Soul

While I may have not traveled as extensively as the host of the very site as well as many of the readers.  I have always had a wanderlust of the soul since I was young.  I drifted, drifted into perilous realms of the mind.  I floated down dark rivers of the heart.  Perhaps one of the most frightening things you will ever see is to stare.  A long and cold stare into the deepest, darkest parts of yourself with no illusions.  Most cannot  do this.  Indeed it can be too mind shattering for many.

You are not the idealistic avatar your ego projects itself to be.  In fact, you are probably a piece of shit in many if not most ways.

I know I am.

Millions, billions even just like you came and went like dust in the wind.

There are no tales written of them.  No songs sung in heartfelt praise.  Only a merciless earth to greet them as they kicked and screamed, pulled from a bloody womb.  Through no fault and no choice of their own that same merciless earth swallowed them whole.  As the ashes of their fleeting memories burned away and heartless winds did howl.  To wander the earth in search of some deeper longing always struck me as fascinating.

Why do we men get that pale glint in our eyes beckoning us beyond?  What makes us fail to find satisfaction right here and right now?

Why is it some of us are not content to stay in one place?


Wanderlust is connected with man’s yearning to find meaning in life

Our Deepest Longings

It is my thought that the wanderlust a man exhibits outwardly is often a physical manifestation of a spiritual search for meaning.  Both are perhaps necessary for men to undertake and probably complimentary when understood in this context.

I’ve written before about how the modern male is now a Ronin.  It was one of the first articles I ever wrote.  I still feel the words inside resonate deeply.  The difference however is that the samurai of feudal Japan who became ronin felt immense shame for it.  We could feel shame if we want to be defeated men.

Or we could immerse ourselves in the powerful freedom that comes when a man no longer serves any master.

Instead he chooses through the steel of his will and the fire of his heart to become his own Master.  This does not mean lavishing yourself with undue praise or doting over past victories.  This is a complete revolution of the mind.  A form of living in defiance to the New World Faggot hivemind.  This takes much strength of will because you are accepting to live the life of a modern heretic.  People hate to have their pathetic hopes crushed.  As many red pill men have seen/are seeing.  The world is going to fucking hate you for challenging their accepted reality.

Slavery: The Natural State Of Man

Slaves love their chains.  In fact religious systems are created for this purpose and psychological thought structures are produced by the cunning serpents of the world to manipulate your entire view of self.  Have you ever come to the coldly sobering realization that nearly everything you believed about yourself and the world prior to that point was a venomous lie?

How fucking furious were you?  How shocked?  What dark thoughts threatened your precious ego?

For the man who truly wishes to be free  He must face down the great void inside his soul.  He must see himself with no illusions that couch his fears and no fairy tales to caress his all important feelings.

I think the point in which a man realizes he can no longer be a slave.  The point of no return where he has seen the darkness with a full heart.  This is when he realizes the ego destroying truth.

That in order for him to be free.  He must live dangerously.

You see, freedom is not the want of the weak.  In fact even the strong have trouble imagining a world with no boundaries.  A world where there are no confining walls to keep you where they say you should be.  No voices of authority reproaching him for wandering off the range.

This is the Void you must stare into.  The dark unknown inside yourself which you must confront.  Ivan Throne’s Nine Laws would represent this by his 9th law.   The law of no laws.  The Void.

It is there you shall know the savage freedom of the unfettered mind.

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