Men Are Going Galt on Their Own


Back in paradise once again – not just me but another gentlemen I met on a recent flight

I just completed a 15,000 mile journey around the globe in which I flew from Southeast Asia back down to my home base in the Caribbean. I had the fortune of talking to a gentleman on the plane from Milwaukee who independently confirms Western men are figuring out how badly they’ve been fucked by the current system.

The topics discussed in this random encounter are not uncommon amongst men I talk to on flights around the world. I don’t even have to bring them up. They arise organically from something as simple as, “Where are you headed to?” You can see the gleam in a man’s eyes when he speaks of leaving the prison we find ourselves in.

The guy I met on this particular flight (we’ll call him Bob) was a used car salesman, and we never got into a discussion about The Matrix or Red Pills or the manosphere. However, in our short conversation I learned he is adopting many of the same ideals we discuss here at TNMM: Shifting to a life of minimalism, not participating in Anglo society beyond extracting money from it, and then taking his money abroad as often as possible where he can not only double or triple its value but live a better life while doing so.

Bob said he used to love to go down to Chicago and go out, but now, “What’s the point?” Bob told me these days when he goes down to The Windy City (unlike in America’s better days) he spends large sums of money and doesn’t really get anything out of it. This realization that America has become nothing more than a sexless, overpriced, coast to coast shopping and eating out experience obviously dawned on this gentleman just as it dawned on me.

Bob was winging his way down to Costa Rica where he said he has been dozens of times. I could see his face light up as he talked of many of the same things that motivate me to travel the world. He spoke of freedom, a decent cost of living, and women that don’t treat men like shit.

This leads me to believe the fiefdom women run in the West has its days numbered. Men are not stupid, whether they read what we write on the manosphere or not. All it takes is one trip out of The Matrix and all the illusions spun by women (such as the mysticism they assign to sex to keep men chasing mirages and spending money) and marketing flacks come tumbling down. Innately, a man who has been to the other side knows he’s been fucked, and he’s been fucked hard.

What does this all mean? As more and more men scramble for the door expect the U.S. government to become even more overbearing and invasive in the lives of its subjects as the great beast known as the corporate-government complex moves to protect itself and its interests in maintaining the current human farm.

But you can’t imprison people indefinitely for the crime of wanting to be free and to have a decent way of life. Personally, nothing compares to the life I currently have living abroad half the year. I’m just working on making it permanent. Details on that angle in the months and years ahead.

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  • colddeadhandsdays

    What’s up man? You drove truck 2 months, took off to Thailand for a month now back in DR? Where did you find a trucking job that will let you work 2 months then take off??? Or did you start before the new year and I missed it? Crazy…Are you going back on the truck?


  • John Smith,

    In fifty years, when Western women are barbecuing their own sons to feed their daughters, they will still never blame themselves for the downfall.

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  • This dynamic of male disengagement is one that feminists, and to be fair, most modern women, always seem to overlook. It’s a blind spot for them – as the naturally ‘provided-for’ sex they do not look to themselves for direction, they always look to others to lead them.

    They can’t conceive of any other way, nor, after 50 years of feminism do they believe that men see the world any differently than they do. But men are different – as the natural ‘provider’ sex we look to ourselves for direction and in so doing are forced to assess the wider world.

    Neither men nor women have changed in the last 50 years; men are doing what they have always done – assess their environment, understand it, and behave rationally according to it. And women are doing what they have always done as well – women are doing what they are bloody well told to. Only now, instead of being told what to do by a man that loves them, they are being told what to do by the feminists, corporations and governments who care not one jot about them.

    You can’t re-write 500,000 years of provider / provided-for evolution with 50 years of deluded social engineering. Men can live very well on very little in a way that women simply can’t. MGTOW is living proof of that. And it is this fact, ultimately, that always kills every attempt at female empowerment. Feminism is proving to be no different from all the previous attempts.


  • MGTOW doesn’t need to recruit. The institutions do it for us, especially the courts. When a man walks out of court, if he is lucky, after having his heart, wallet, children, house, and career along with his testicles ripped out through his asshole for the sin of being a blue pill beta chump, a MGTOW is born.

    Usually the man has never heard of us, but in his efforts to come to grips with the crucifixion he will look to the Internet for explanations and that is when MGTOW finds him. He realizes there is nothing wrong with him, he is just another nameless statistic of the system. When he realizes is one of millions upon millions of men thus crucified, a whole new world begins to open. This is how I got here.

    Staying in the matrix is slow motion suicide of the soul. Exiting the matrix, either voluntarily like TNMM (or forced out in my case) is also a form of suicide (i.e. TNMM) or murder (my case), but in the sense of rebirth. The ego, so carefully crafted and nurtured to make a man blindly love the matrix, is destroyed. In its place arises a man’s true soul, cleansed of the filth of his mental, emotional, and physical imprisonment.

    It is a steep and very painful price to pay. Most men do not have the courage or stamina for it. TNMM had the courage to do it voluntarily. For those of us it was forced upon, a great many do not survive it. MGTOW and the manosphere content providers such as our gracious host here, have pulled many a man away from the edge and the beckoning blackness of the abyss. MGTOW saves lives, literally, and more than can be counted.

    Exactly as Occam’s Razor predicts, the simplest answer is usually the best. Bob from the airplane will probably go back to his assigned, soul crushing pixel in the matrix while TNMM celebrates his freedom.

    What is the simplest and best answer? Do you even have to ask?


    • I think the American PUAs and MRAs will become irrelevant in the long run. Neither of these groups has anything of value to offer men in the long run. The tradcons will eventually reveal their true nature as crypto-feminists.

      More and more American men are going to become MGTOW in the future even if they do not understand what the MGTOW philosophy is.


      • I agree that MRAs will become irreverent in the future as they are irrelevant now and have been irrelevant in the past. MRA has never and will never accomplish anything. The deck is always too stacked regardless of the epoch.

        In the short term, MGTOW relevance will continue to grow. It’s effects are being felt now as evidenced by all the “man up”, “where are all the good men”, “women marrying themselves”, BS. Feminists try to spin the marriage strike as more evidence of female empowerment when the reality is that men aren’t asking anymore. All surveys still show women’s desire for marriage as a life goal.

        In a toxic environment all organisms will find a way to survive by fight (if there is a chance to win), adaption (if the toxin is not immediately lethal), or flight (when neither of the first two strategies is feasible). Fighting a winning battle against the toxic gynocracy is impossible, simply career and social suicide in a doomed cause. The toxic stew of the gynocracy in the past was slow death (adaption) whereas now it can be immediately lethal with a Tinder date gone bad, a drunken hook-up morning after regret rape charge, or a misinterpreted Tweet. Flight from the toxic environment is simply a rational choice demanded by self preservation, the ultimate life goal. And that is all MGTOW is.

        It must be remembered that MGTOW is a symptom of societal collapse. It is a response to the true cause and will be incorrectly blamed for the collapse. The exact same thing that destroyed Rome is destroying the West, an abundance of riches that unleashed innate female sexual strategy and innate promiscuity. History, as always, is repeating itself for those too ignorant to learn from the past.

        So, yes, MGTOW will become irrelevant but not any time soon, and only when the collapse occurs.


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