Predatory Females at Work: Emmanuel Sanders’ Wife Files for Divorce Just as He is Set to Earn $10 Million Bonus


Yet another episode of Frivorce Rape Lotto: Emmanuel Sanders vs. Gabriella

Here’s a case study in why the awakened man should never put himself into the compromised position of being married these days. This case is still winding its way through the vagina-worshiping court system, but it sounds a number of alarm bells to the man who would glean knowledge from its details.

The press is having a field day with the Emmanuel Sanders divorce. We will look at it from a Red Pill perspective, yet another cautionary tale of what putting your scrotum into a legal vice grip yields when your bitch gets ready to flush you down the toilet.

Here goes. (This is all just one man’s opinion, of course.)

Their second baby hadn’t even been born yet, and already Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders’ wife Gabriella was positioning herself for the kill. She was ready to cash in on his ass as her divorce lawyers had already begun writing up boilerplate legal screeds for the gynocentric, Anglo-American kangaroo courts. Gabriella served Sanders with divorce papers even before she squeezed out her annuity… er… child in the delivery room.

In case you haven’t noticed, children are nothing more than meal tickets to women in modern day Anglo-America. Fathers and fathers’ rights be damned. If women think they can’t cash in on their children, they simply go kill them at the abortion clinic. But, being married to an NFL player obviously ensures a nice, consistent stream of child support cash enforced by legal indentured servitude. (Pay up or go to jail.) We are living smack dab in the middle of one of the most insane socioeconomic systems in the history of mankind.

How much does she want? As reported by Meninist:

Gabriella is looking to score big as she is asking the courts for custody of their two children, a restraining order against Sanders, and she wants a “disproportionate” share of their assets. Ironically, Sanders is scheduled to make $13.2 million (includes $10 Million dollar signing bonus) this year from his 3 year $33 million dollar contract.

Disproportionate share, eh? Tell me again how women are not prostitutes and marriage is not legalized prostitution.

Witness, once again White Knights and fembots, The Predatory Female in action. Gabriella timed the divorce perfectly. She filed for divorce right before she pushed out her 18-year annuity that Sanders fathered. But she doesn’t just want a fat child support check. Oh, no. She wants a fat slice of the bonus he no doubt busts his ass to earn.

Sanders even reportedly said he was “blindsided” by the divorce. Ha. Yep, women will do that. They always hide their true feelings and emotions from men until they go for the jugular. This should come as absolutely no surprise to a regular reader of TNMM. Cynical as the truth may be, the truth is the truth. Women are financial predators of men, and in a society that has gone completely insane and let them frivorce rape with impunity, they’re cleaning out any men stupid enough to marry them.

Laughably, she is citing his side chicks as a reason she should be able to cash in. (I want money for the sex I gave you rule applies again!) From celebrity gossip rag TMZ:

The estranged wife of Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders has declared WAR on the NFL star — claiming he lied, cheated and spent THOUSANDS on chicks he was banging on the side.

Umm…THOUSANDS to an NFL player is like dropping a $50 to the average working slob. It seems Sanders was another fool who soon parted with his money to pay for these girls rather than a PUA. A player on the field, and another Beta with more money than common sense when it comes to women. TMZ rages on:

It’s all in ANGRY court docs filed by Gabriella Sanders — who blasts the father of her 2 children with a metaphorical bazooka right from the get go.

“When he’s not playing football on the field, he ‘plays the field’ with numerous women whom he is or has committed adultery.”

Big shocker. Knowing an NFL player will more often than not have multiple harems because women will lay down for rich and powerful men on command, nay throw themselves in front of his cock, she sets herself up as…you guessed it…the victim while she lends him enough rope to hang himself.

Gabby lays out multiple marital “atrocities” allegedly committed by her husband – and claims he spent “thousands upon thousands of dollars on girlfriends and wasting the community estate, even purchasing a vehicle for one of his illicit affairs.”

There is no doubt a personal investigator was used to follow Sanders around in order to gather information on him while she planned her frivorce rape lotto victory.

Incidents like these remind me of the Incident at the Bank I have written about numerous times, in which two Anglobitches compared notes about how much money their vaginas had rewarded them in divorce court as they cashed out at a Latin American teller. My opinion of women was already pretty low at that point. But I was forced to downgrade my opinion after witnessing that cackling display.

The long and short of it is only a fool marries an Anglobitch or a woman who has adapted to Anglo culture in today’s legal and social climate. That humble advice could have saved Sanders millions. Any other rich guys who I talk out of getting married, feel free to send me a nice contribution. I’ll take a fraction of what these hos will want out of you for my consulting fee.

The story of the Scorpion and the Frog applies: Men should not be asking why they were frivorce raped by a creature whose entire nature is built on dissimulation and acting. What they should be asking is why they were stupid enough to fall for the ruse. Taking advantage of men for material and economic gain is in women’s nature. And America was insane to let these instincts return, unchecked. It’s all just a downward spiral from here.

We’ll be on the sidelines keeping you advised of some of the more egregious frivorce rape lotto cases. These happen every day, it’s not like they’re uncommon.

Ergo, women always want money for sex. All the pleasantries around the exchange and myths of “love” and “marriage” and “commitment” are just sophistry and dissimulation. Find a divorce case in which women don’t want monetary remuneration for services performed, even in the YouGoGrrl age, and you will have found the proverbial needle in the haystack.

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  • Can you say OUCH?!


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Not that it will stop any woman, but this is getting to be the norm. Women are cutting their own throats collectively by doing this.


  • Listened to a podcast yesterday (Startalk). A female scientist asserted many stereotypes regarding the sexes are false: Men actually fall in love faster than women, men stay in love longer than women, and men cry more often. If there is any truth to it women are like black widows when it comes to sex and relationships.

    Get married at your own risk! If you absolutely must, get a good lawyer to draft a prenup. Understand it’s a foregone conclusion you will be giving that money to her and possibly more when settling your frivorce.


  • If you think your marriage is in trouble your wife knows it is already over and is stalling for time to spring the trap at the proper moment. You need to start preparing yourself for an exit from the house on your terms because an exit from the house on her terms, backed up by the cops, is coming.

    Also, and this is huge, in court “whoever tells the best lie first wins”. That needs to be you. This means that you file for the restraining order first. For a man, a restraint order is a legal straight jacket from which there is no escape. If you get hit with a criminal charge the entire divorce process changes into a slam dunk win for her. Every divorce lawyer knows this.

    Give yourself a black eye by putting a tennis ball in a sock and swinging until you get the speed and angle right. If she is right handed, hit yourself in the left eye and if left handed hit yourself in the right. Details are important. Don’t scratch yourself because your finger spacing will not match hers. Details are important and keep it simple as you will be lying and don’t what to get caught.

    The above paragraph is some fucked up shit, but you can bet your ass your soon to be ex knows it, and a whole lot more. If fact you will be betting your ass in a war of annihilation that you will lose badly if you don’t fight it like the “take no prisoners” combat she will use.

    The best advice, as TNMM says, is don’t get married in the first place or knock her up. Most men only find themselves in court over traffic tickets and women. You might have to drive, you don’t have to interact with women to the point where they have legal power over you, hence MGTOW. Cheers.


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