RF Life Coaching: Where to Expat Now That Brazil is Being Assimilated


The sun is setting on Brazil as Western cultural assimilation descends on the land, according to this eyewitness account

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Henrique writes The New Modern Man:

I’m a regular reader and like to comment on your articles from time to time. Here’s my situation: I´m thinking about leaving Brazil to greener pastures and want to check if you can help me out with your advice.

A brief intro before the question: I’m Brazilian, 35 years old and have a government job which pays me the equivalent to U$35,000 after taxes (this is considered a good salary in Brazil). I live a minimalist and debt free, albeit independent, lifestyle on US $1,000 per month and save and invest the rest, so I’ve got about US $250,000 saved. I have reasonable good looks and keep myself fit. I’ll be able to work from my laptop in a few months time, so there’s a real possibility of living outside Brazil.

I’ve been thinking about leaving the country for a while because Brazil is also part of the same globalist political matrix the Anglosphere belongs to (i.e. feminism, Marxism, LGBT, anti-Christianity, anti-family etc), so when it comes to women we´re heading in pretty much the same situation the US is in presently.

The whole thing has really gotten worse since 2010, when Facebook and other social media platforms took off: women have become flooded with options so their quality has plummeted and they are getting pickier by the day, in other words it´s really hard to find, attract and secure a high quality girl even if you are a quality man. The new normal for women is to get married in their 30s (as is the case with my sister and female cousins) to some guy who is clearly in the submissive position in the relationship. I have 2 male cousins, both in their 30s. One of them is single and the other has turned gay a couple of years ago.

Even though there are exceptions here and there, most of my male friends in the 30-40 age range are single and having a hard time with women, and they aren’t losers.
Most of them are upper middle class, financially independent, fit and intelligent, and have at least moderate game. This is just to make it clear that I’m not the only one facing this problem. At least to me, it’s obvious that we’re facing the same cultural issues as the US and Europe because the globalist plan has been implemented in Brazil as well.

Let’s cut to the chase: what would you advise me to do? I think we have a similar taste in women, since I also like black and caramel chicks with an hourglass figure, big ass and thighs. I’m thinking of leaving Brazil and going to a country outside the globalist political matrix, where the culture is on my side.

Picture this: My ideal place would be somewhere where there are plenty of women who fit my type (curvy Latinas and black chicks with a big ass) where I’m a guy who’s sought after and respected by women and where I have the choice of either playing the field or starting a family (with a pretty young girl of good quality and morals) and being a patriarch.

The local culture would keep the women in check so that I could dedicate myself to pursuits higher than chasing pussy (believe me, as much as I like pussy, I also have interests of a higher nature that I would like to pursue) and where my money is more than enough and I’m legally protected from divorce rape (also common in Brazil). To sum it up, I need to find a place where it feels good to be a man.

The advice I’m seeking refers not only to location, because I also need a plan of action.

Thanks for your support Henrique, and for requesting a Life Coaching question.

This is a difficult question to answer as The Matrix is unfurling its tentacles worldwide. This “Westernization” of the world’s cultures – destroying true cultural diversity is proceeding at an alarming rate for anyone paying attention. In my recent travels to Asia and Latin America, I was disturbed at how ubiquitous Facebook and other social media are. And Henrique is exactly right, this is causing women to become pickier and even more impossible to satisfy.

I am truly bothered that Brazil has become culturally assimilated into the Borg collective, as this means my haven from Anglo-American insanity has been infiltrated at least on one front.

This means the best solution for a man is to find a place that hasn’t been quite so infested with the cultural rot of the West. This is still very doable, and I predict will be a viable plan of action for no longer than about 10 years. Immediately, SE Asia comes to mind as there are still plenty of girls from traditional backgrounds available. The ones who come to the city “fresh” from provinces like Isan behave in a strikingly different manner than other girls in Thailand.

But, our friend likes darker skin women. So, let’s look at two options.


Scenic Lake Victoria can be found hugging the border of this African country

Option 1

My thoughts immediately turn to Africa as modernization a.k.a Western-style Cultural Marxism has just begun to infiltrate the culture. There are a number of places that come to mind. First and foremost would be Kampala, Uganda, a city I’ve done quite a bit of research on. There’s a reason this will be my first foray into the Dark Continent later this year.

Check out this excerpt from Naughty Nomad on why I think Kampala has a lot of potential for our friend looking to flee Brazil:

Uganda kicks ass! Kampala is base camp and party central…

So far, so good. But here’s the kicker. An expat wants a place where he is welcome. There’s good news here, too:

Ugandans are considerably more friendly than the Kenyans next door. White water rafting and Lake Bunyonyi are an absolutely must. This place offers endless entertainment. If you’re a man that likes a hip to waist ratio to beat the band, you’re in the right place. They have tiny waists with big assets that would convert any man. They got it and they know how to use it. Bootylicous babes stalk the city and are keen to meet foreigners.

In short, it is my opinion that East Africa is wide open for the expat who likes chocolate.


The Dominican Republic is another appealing choice for the expat who enjoys caramel and chocolate ladies

Option 2

Much closer to his present home and still providing Henrique with the type of women he likes, is my own expat locale on the island of Hispaniola. Specifically, the Dominican Republic. Western cultural assimilation is proceeding at a glacial rate here.

Why? The island itself is still mostly rural, outside the largest city in the Caribbean which is of course, Santo Domingo. This means the cultural rot is infiltrating more slowly here than in other possible expat locales.

Also, women range from light caramel to dark chocolate in color and they absolutely love light skinned men.

The locals are friendly, picture postcard beaches are everywhere, there is a modern communications infrastructure, the cost of living is low, and Latinas are sure to win any man over with their femininity.

In addition, the small Caribbean nation features one of the most welcoming immigration systems in the Western world, and the economy has been growing at an incredible rate of 5% to 7% annually in the last few years. This makes it the fastest growing economy in the Western Hemisphere.


A plan of action before making the leap

Plan of Action

There’s some good news as Henrique prepares to make his move on one of these two options. He is good as gold to pursue this adventure because of the following reasons. Take note, those who want to get out of Anglo-America while the getting is still good. Henrique has:

  • A nice nest egg saved up ($250,000 which is worth 2x to 3x that amount abroad)
  • A mobile income (earned from his laptop)

This means his potential risk is relatively low, and his payoff is high. If all fails, he can come back to his previous government job in Brazil while his nest egg provides a safety net.

But how does he do it? My plan of action includes the following:

  • Take several trips to the location you’ve chosen to survey what’s on the ground. See if it’s a good fit for your culturally and otherwise. Watch every penny carefully on each trip, so as not to let women or other get into your wallet. Don’t be influenced to make bad decisions just because you are flush with cash.
  • Stay as long as possible on each trip. Minimum 2 weeks. Optimally a month or more.
  • Get outside the Westernized tourist traps as often as possible.
  • Make contacts with the locals and date as many women as possible to get a feel for how they behave.
  • Look around to see what types of places are available for rent and if this fits your budget. (My own research has yielded the fact $500 a month will get you a decent, comfotable life in most non-Western countries.)
  • Research Visa requirements. Specifically, Work Visa requirements. The tried and true English teaching abroad trope certainly is a possibility, just to get your foot in the door. In many nations, a “border run” will get you reset with customs officials every 30 to 90 days. Plan to travel to other nations as often as you need to (whether by ground or by air) while maintaining your “home base” in your country of choice. As a side note, I will add there are many Europeans who stay “illegally” in foreign countries abroad. While I don’t recommend it, penalties for overstaying in some nations are as little as $1,000 for overstaying up to 10 years. In the Dominican Republic, overstaying a year nets you a $100 fine customs officials laugh at in the airport as you leave.
  • Consult an immigration attorney to see what your options are for getting residency in your country of choice.
  • Grow, grow, grow your passive income as aggressively as possible before making the leap.
  • Once a decision has been made as to which location you will choose, make the leap.

Out of the two choices I elucidated above, the Dominican Republic has the most welcoming immigration policy. An investment in their economy can get you residency fairly quickly, and set you up to earn money as you start a business. However, Africa is wide open for development right now and getting your foot in the door in a friendly place on this continent could also pay dividends.

Stay tuned for a full report on Kampala later this year.

Personally, if I had Henrique’s quarter of a million I’d invest it in good growth stock mutual funds with long track records and live off what the principal earns. With even a modest 5% return annually he’d have double what he needs to live abroad. With a 10% return annually he could live a great quality of life. And with 20% returns (doable) he could live like a sultan in any of these two nations.

The mobile income (from the laptop) would just be gravy.

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  • Ayahuasquero Viajante (Henrique)

    Rel, I want to thank you for the article, as well as for your recent impressions about your happiness living in the Caribbean.
    I´m already researching the DR and Uganda and will take steps to visit at least one of these places before the end of the semester.
    My work situation regarding mobility is well underway and if all goes as planned I´ll be able to make the leap this year even.
    We have one life to live and it is too short to be wasted on the globalist matrix.


  • Hi Relampago Furioso!

    This post couldn’t have come at a better moment! I’m brazilian too, living in the most feminazi city (Brasília, the capital) where even the low quality women are stuck up and think they deserve everything. We are doomed!

    Herinque has describe the current Brazilian truth. I could even add that along the last years the congress has passed several laws that have made the Brazilian man a second class citizen (Brazilian woman is first class), I mean, any violent act toward a woman is punished harder than towards a man, plus they have much more rights and less duties than men in Brazil. False rape accusations are rampant – I even have a friend who stayed 5 months in prison falsely accused of rape – he was proved innocent. Many more bad things for an average man like me…

    So, I’d like to seize this post to ask some advice too… my situation is similar to Henrique’s: I’ve got about USD 250,000 in savings, have already a small online income (working to make it grow), which allows me geographical independence, am average looking (not causcasian, bat here I’m consideren white race as I have more european traits) and fit, well educated (MBA, can communicate in English and intermediate Spanish) but the diference is I’m older (early 40’s, passing as younger) and as time passes this becomes a worsening problem and my chances diminish; also I prefer the average brunette or even blond girl, rather than black. Given my profile and considering I’m interested in trying to get a decent girl for long term relationship (perhaps to play a bit in the beggining), and live where a man still can be a man, which country/town would you suggest me to try?

    Thank you very much for your attention!


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