Cheating Women Are Good, Cheating Men Are Bad in the Matriarchy


“It’s not my fault I cucked you with the football team, blame evolution…”

Ah, Anglo-Saxon culture and its slavish pedestalization of women.

This cultural quirk is evident even in the mainstream newspapers of our day. The latest double standards of a culture in decline become evident with a recent lamestream media article which literally defends cheating hussies. It uses hamster rationalizations and manipulation of science (without telling the whole story) to make women feel good about the affairs they have on Beta providers.

The narrative is cheating women are good, and cheating men are bad in today’s matriarchy. No surprise, the following screed was written by an Anglobitch by the name of Rachel Moss. She writes:

If you’re ever been cheated on by a woman, blame evolution. According to a new research paper, women have genetically evolved to be unfaithful so they end up with the best possible relationship for themselves.

That’s a bold opener and quite a hamster rationalization. Now, when you find out your girl has been taking on more sausage than an Oscar Meyer truck, it’s not her fault. It’s evolution. She’s just looking for the best possible relationship.

That’s what I was doing, too, Rachel, when I installed a turnstile in my bedroom to keep track of all the women who are in and out of there. Just looking for the best possible relationship.

There is no doubt this article would not have looked so favorably upon infidelity if the tables were turned.

Putting that aside, these are scientific findings, even though they’ve been cleverly manipulated by the press to defend the wanton harlots that skulk about the modern, Western dystopia. The findings really should come as no surprise to a regular reader of TNMM.

Using data from previous research, scientists and psychologists from the University of Texas and California State University use the term “mate-switching hypothesis” to describe their observations.  They say heterosexual women in relationships seek out alternative males in order to test their current situation and look for better long-term partners. This “switching” also enables them to have a backup if their relationship fails.

In this paragraph, we see evidence of the following Red Pill concepts embraced by PuffHo (our colorful colloquialism for Huffington Post). Here they are, conveniently translated for you:

  • “Mate switching” really means Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks and Monkey Branching
  • “Seeking out alternative males” really means Cock Carouseling
  • “Better long term partners” really means a fatter meal ticket to exploit, not a better human being
  • Backup guy needs no further translation

These are instincts all women have, but that society wisely constrained until the insanity of feminism came along and plunged the West into inexorable decline.

Rachel goes on with gusto.

Lifelong monogamy does not characterize the primary mating pattern of humans,” the paper states, according to The Times. “Breaking up with one partner and re-mating with another — mate switching — may more accurately characterize the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans.

It is absolutely correct that lifelong monogamy is not the norm. It has only been the norm in civilized societies, which regularly undergo cycles of birth, growth, decline and death. Decline is intimately linked with relinquishing control of female sexual instinct, as both Unwin and Huxley knew. Let women follow their whorish instincts if you want to tear society down. Make them chaste and control the instinct to spread their legs for every random thug that walks by with religious and cultural norms if you want to build society up.

Additionally, harems have been the norm in our species for a long, long time. But this leads to an unstable society as men who have no sexual or reproductive access aren’t as keen to go along with society’s insane schemes which benefit women far more than men.

Rachel did at least throw men a small crumb, even if the bulk of her article was dedicated to defending whorish Western women.

Of course, it’s not just women who cheat on their partners. While the paper focuses on women, it acknowledges that men can also be adulterers. It says that when men stray from home, it is likely to do with the primal instinct to obtain “reproductive success” by mating with multiple fertile women.

We get a paragraph, and women get the rest of the article.

What we see here is a feminist press manipulating science to defend cock carouseling women by telling us about the history of our species and what our natural instincts are. However, PuffHo fails to follow up by revealing the fact our raw instincts lead to a cultural Law of the Jungle and not a stable society.

That’s sort of why myth and religion hhace always tried to direct this raw energy in a productive manner, a lesson atheistic leftists have a hard time understanding.

We are relearning lessons of the Bronze Age in the “advanced” era of today. Someone telegraph that to the powers that be.

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  • funksoulbrother

    So all that horseshit we’ve heard about how “all men are cheaters” is just kettle black after all. I always wondered…if all men cheat, who are they cheating with? All women, of course. But the women pretend they are all innocent little princesses, and the cheating women are just a rogue squad of sluts out there somewhere. At the end of the day, Game and the Art of PickUp are wholly justified. It’s just evolution.


  • To be honest: The Anglo-Man tends to pedestelize women even more than e.g. a German man.
    I am not sure about the reason. It must be a deep cutural thing.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Nobody ever went broke telling women what they want to hear. HuffPo has no intention of going broke. Women are going to read that and believe it gives them license. To that, I don’t know what to say.


    • “Nobody ever went broke telling women what they want to hear.”

      Salient, concise, and true. Sad isn’t it? That writing in support of “women’s issues” will keep the lights on, but writing in support of mens issues will likely confirms one’s status as a “starving artist”.


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