Sex Workers Confirm Anglo Women Don’t Know How to Treat Men


Sex workers confirm men are starved for basic human decency from women in the Anglo world

Here’s yet another sad, sad commentary on the mercenary state of relations between the sexes in the frigid Anglosphere. Some say Australian women are a special kind of crazy, even when compared to their demented Anglo sisters in America and England. This story published on an Australian news site would seem to confirm that.

Sex workers are asking Anglo women to treat their men a little better as Australian men pay exorbitant amounts not to have sex; often they pay just for basic female companionship. These guys need a hug, dammit!

This is yet another shovel full of female bullshit heaped on a mountain of evidence confirming both Rookh Kshatriya’s Anglobitch Thesis and the oft-cited claim here at TNMM that Anglo women are the worst in the world. Just look at what men are paying hundreds of dollars an hour for in Australia. A working girl named “Ms. Robinson” told reporters what her clients want.

It’s not this wild, crazy, hang-from-the-chandeliers porn star experience they want. They just want to be with a girlfriend for an hour. Cuddling, being together, talking, having that intimacy with somebody. I’ve got clients in their 20s who want that. It’s pretty amazing. I’m still in shock over how many young guys are into me. It’s bizarre.

These poor bastards just want a little female warmth and kindness!

How evil the media are for portraying men like this, so-called “Johns” as sexual deviants in the American media. We’ll say it yet again, prostitution needs to be legalized in all of America, not just in Nevadan brothels.

This phenomenon, men paying for female intimacy rather than sex, is symptomatic of a sexual market in which quality men have been rendered worthless by the resource cuckolding of the modern welfare state, gynocentrism, and a culture that encourages women to shame and heap scorn upon men. It would seem basic human decency to men is beyond the purview of women in the English-speaking world. No wonder I saw the streets crawling with Australian men on my recent trip to Thailand.

It’s just sex, ladies. Stop treating it as something to be kept in a bank vault if you so freely dole it out for bad boys. Even putting a ring on it and assuming the massive dead weight most women represent these days is no guarantee of affection for would-be Beta males. Ms. Robinson continues:

I do see a lot of married men and they’re not getting that intimacy at home, at all. Men are looking to be understood and be heard. They’re looking for that bit of love that they’re obviously missing. I could open up a school to teach women how to be intimate because there are so many out there that are not giving intimacy to their husbands.

Ms. Robinson’s comments help explain why a gay acquaintance of mine in the States told me most of the men he has relations with are married men. Gayness has a long and sordid history in the Anglosphere, and has been lurking underneath the surface until modern times when women trashed any pretenses of being feminine and chaste post-feminism.

What’s even more amazing is how much these men pay for these services.

The 58-year-old woman said that 90% of her clients, ranging in age from 20-45, pay $350 for half an hour to engage in a heightened degree of emotional intimacy. In some cases, they engage in reciprocal sexual pleasure (girlfriend experiences), but in other cases, they won’t have sex at all (companionship experiences).

Beta thirst is real, my friends. This is why land whales think they can behave like princesses.

Imagine, a 20 year old man, in the prime of his life, paying $350 for an infertile, well worn piece of ass. And many of these guys don’t even bang her even after they’ve paid!

I can’t tell you the number of times a client and I haven’t had sex. We may have just sit there and talk, we may have dinner. There’s so many times that you will not have sex. Sometimes… I think… ‘wow’.

Wow, indeed.

This story illustrates just how bad the average man now has it in the English-speaking world. America is no better, and by many accounts England is even worse with its treatment of men, as hard as that is to believe. (Recent legal moves have been made to outlaw flirting, calling it “sexual harassment” in England and Wales.)

Any wonder those of us who left The Matrix will fight tooth and nail to stay gone, not returning to the insanity of a male-hating culture swirling the toilet bowl?

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  • What’s happening with the anti-flirting/rape laws in Great Britain is just horrifying. It will not be long before land whale princesses want the same laws in the U. S.


  • 350 for 30 min with a 58 yr old???

    What in the fuck?

    These guys sound like they got some mommy issues.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I think that you have come close to the heart of it with this post. Women flat don’t care about their men.


  • Backdoor to Hollywood

    This is absolutely horrifying and, I daresay, ominous…


  • Prostitution is nothing more than psychotherapy by another name. It’s legal to pay a psychiatrist to listen to your problems so why shouldn’t it be legal pay a prostitute for the same service. It’s legal to pay a physician to cure your physical ailments, and semen backup is most certainly one, so why shouldn’t it be legal to pay a prostitute to cure that ailment. By this sound logic psychiatrists and physicians and prostitutes.

    As always, follow the money and it will lead to the truth. The AMA and APA don’t want their monolopy money train threatened any more than wives (haha) want theirs threatened.

    A prime example is my nephew’s wife, who I must admit is about as good as it gets. She wouldn’t marry him unless he got his college degree. What she really meant is that full pussy rights would not be granted until she was convinced he could pay for them. Harsh logic, but true.

    All people are prostitutes. We sell our bodies and minds to employers or clients to provide a service for which we expect to be paid. The only difference is that an actual prostitute gets paid up front while everybody else has payment deferred until after the service is performed.

    Why do actual prostitutes get paid in advance? Because the value of any service diminishes greatly after it has been performed. This is why civil courts are clogged with law suits over non-payment.

    The trite reason for banning prostitution in the name of preventing the spread of STDs doesn’t hold water. Professionals never allow riding bareback. The explosion in STDs is the result of amateurs riding bareback with abandon.

    So, as usual, TNMM is correct. The only reason to ban prostitution and criminalize the clients is to preserve the fictitious amateur, when in reality all women are professionals, pussy monopoly. Every other form of business monopoly is illegal, so why is the amateur(?) pussy monopoly enforced? As always, follow the money, and in this case the votes. Cheers.


    • I forgot to mention there is one other profession besides prostitution that gets paid up front and that is, surprise surprise, the legal profession. Every person in business ends up in civil court at some point over a non-payment or failure to perform issue. Ever hear of that happening to an attorney? Of course not. At least with a prostitute you are guaranteed a nut, with a lawyer all you do is get screwed.


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