Rel’s Strip Club List: Club Onyx | Charlotte, NC


Here’s another surprisingly bad big city strip club experience

Club Onyx | Charlotte, NC
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I recently posted about a terrible experience at Lust in Charlotte. Well, the ethnic strip club across town isn’t any better. This makes two consecutive bad experiences at black strip clubs in The Queen City.

Here’s how this latest Deep South Disaster played out.

I went in at opening time on a Tuesday, since the club is only open 4 days a week. There is a full scale, TSA-style pat down, complete with the little bins they make you put all your shit in at airports. Once I got felt up by the guard, I sat around for 2-3 hours before a single dancer appeared, even though there were men sitting there.

Once they did appear, the DJ started hustling all the men in the club to start throwing $1 bills at what were generally overweight and not very friendly women. Nobody listened. So, his hustling got even more strident as he kept telling guys to open up their wallets and give these girls money, apparently for being alive with warm bodies and bikinis on.

Then a girl came and sat down next to me. Same sad story. Acne and/or meth related facial scars. Overweight. Doing nothing but hustling for dances, attempting to siphon as much money as she could out of me (she didn’t get a dime). I asked her why the atmosphere in the club was so bleak at the DJ continued hustling hard for $1 bills in the background.

She said this is a show club. So, I showed myself the door.

I figured a city the size of Charlotte would know how to party. But the clubs in town just don’t seem to get it. You can’t treat men like walking ATM machines and expect to have a successful business or make tip out that night. That might have worked in the past but men have higher expectations now.

It’s just another sad commentary on the frightful status of relations between the sexes in America and the way men are viewed in Anglo America. It was sad that a couple of guys were so desperate for a female touch they were paying just to be danced on by these girls, who never got to know the guys or spent any time treating them like a human being.

I have to say…avoid Club Onyx if you’re a PUA looking for a good time. There’s simply no time to talk to or get to know any of the girls on a personal level. Men are treated like dollar bill dispensers and there’s no “soul” to a place like this.

How disappointed I was to have to write a review like this.

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  • Umm You’re in a strip club. Strippers are not there to make new friends, they are there to make money. So if you don’t plan on spending, don’t go. Simple.


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