Why Every Male Should Know How To Fight


Men must know how to fight in order to defend themselves

Jack Ronin is a Politically Incorrect Correspondent for The New Modern Man. He also runs The Savage Lifestyle.

I remember my first dose of vibrant multiculturalism.  It was when I started middle school.  I was sent to a new district which had several inner city projects whose members attended.  As a weak white kid raised in suburbia.  I had been brought up on a diet of junk food, tv and atomization.

I had no idea what lay in store for me.  The soon to burst bubble of white suburbia sheltered me from the bloody truth of diversity.  One of the first incidences I witnessed was a passive white kid jumped seemingly for no reason by a mob of inner city black kids.  Almost as if it were on cue they fell on that poor little bastard like a pack of wild hyenas.  I watched in shock and paralyzing fear as this all went down.  For the first time in my life I felt shoved into a dangerous new environment where my skin color marked me a target for others.

Coming Of Age In The 90’s

This was a time of seeping cultural derangement following the wake of the sexual revolution.  The music pimped out to us reflected a grungy, listless and apathetic variety which we weak white kids had endlessly available to glut ourselves upon.  Smells Like Teen Spirit anyone?

This time also saw the explosion of hip hop/gangster rap and it’s influence on the youth in shaping their thoughts and worldviews.  Most kids that wanted to be strong, tough or “gangster” had only this type of music to hype themselves.  While I actually appreciate several elements.  Ultimately it was of a differing cultural strain than white groups would create.  Always struck me as weak to appropriate another cultural item for you to feel strong about yourself.

Of course we had Metallica, Pantera etc.  Yet as a cultural force, rap/hip hop had a much greater impact on the culture at large.  Many of the white kids pranced around pretending to be gangsters from the “hood” and the black kids were encouraged to behave aggressively towards their “oppressors”.  I remember in the 7th grade a large angry black kid belligerently in the faces of every white kid he found, calling them “slave beater”.

Diversity Equals Conflict

I saw this first hand at a young age.  What angered me to no end was that the white kids including myself were coddled to a large degree.  As a result we were made of much softer stuff than those enduring a life in poverty and crime.

What good was all this “privilege” if it only made us docile lambs and sitting ducks?

I saw how city planners would rearrange school districts based on “integration”.  Some schools coming from middle class predominantly white neighborhoods were forced to accept ghetto residents and others.  Residents who I’m sure would quickly deduce in this new environment that easy marks and free prey are ready to get got.

The only white kids who got respect were the ones unafraid to use violence.  Though they were few and far between, these types quickly rose to the top of the food chain.

By the time I graduated high school I knew this whole experience was simply a microcosm of my country and the world as a whole.  We cannot have such varying groups living together without cultural and ethnic differences metastasizing into violence.


As Rome burns, conflict is inevitable

Embrace The Flames

If you have been bred to be weak and you are just now accepting the truth.  Learning to fight is probably the single best thing you can do.  Your confidence will skyrocket and your self knowledge will increase drastically.  Every man should have enough experience to be confident in the use of his hands to hurt people.

The real kind of confidence I’m speaking of only comes from experience and direct action.  There is not a single question about it.  You have to fight.

Moreover you need to be tested arduously to discover what you’re capable of.  Which I can guarantee is much more than you presently think.  If you feel afraid of conflict, paralyzed even.  Do not think less of yourself.  It’s a natural reaction to instinctually threatening stimuli.  The point is to first understand that this is a good thing.  Your body is alerting you to danger.  There are genuine times of danger when you must run for your life.  Likewise there are many other times where it would be better for you to stand your ground and fight Even if it means you are going to take a beating.

You Need To Get Beat On

Bottom Line.  You need to know punishment on your body.  I came to view this sort of thing like Conan strapped to the wheel of pain, enduring, growing stronger and ultimately overcoming.

Every man needs to know what it’s like to get beat on. 

Without it you will never know for sure what you’re made of.  You will never see with that eerily steady gaze.  The man who has been through the heat of hell and came back ice cold.

Pray you never face him then.

Often you see younger guys who may be tough or have a little skill but their confidence is greater than their ability to back it up.  It’s because they have taken the easy fights and dominated.  Thinking they are now some world beater.  They get tooled up by a game dude and poof.  There goes the confidence.

Knowing your limits is just as important as fighting with a savage heart.  You will be better prepared for any threatening situation.  More likely to make the right decision when it counts.  While aggression and first-to-strike are essential in combat scenarios.  Mindless rage is self defeating as it taxes your energy and resources.  You will need a ruthlessly cold and lucidly clear mind to win.


Learn the frame of mind needed to win from combat training

Pursue Combat Training

Again this for many does not come natural.  But it can be learned.  A skill trained in yourself through constant experience in the field of action.  I support starting fight clubs and that sort of thing.  Better though is to actually train and compete in combat sports.  MMA being the pinnacle of mono e mono combat.  So many skills on display and so many different ways to lose.

Joining a legit gym and training on the fight team is something I would recommend any man undertake  while he is still young.  Have a few amateur fights at least.  Don’t do it thinking you will be the next Conor McGregor.  Don’t do it thinking you will get paid to fight.  It will never be enough for the sacrifices and time you have to make.  As a whole MMA is probably the most underpaid professional sport in the west.

Do it because you desire to live the warrior lifestyle for a timeA desire to test yourself through the fire of combat.

To Gaze With Cold Eyes

What training and competing in full contact combat sports does is teach your mind the will to kill without actually doing any killing (most likely) or suffering the legal consequences.  When you are in one of these fights, you are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

It’s training and years of experience in fields involving life threatening combat that men develop a certain look and demeanor.  Men who possess this instinctively notice it in other men they come across.  I can look in a man’s eyes and confidently sense his capability and how far he’s willing to go.  I can see where he’s been.

One clear effect of this look is the cold and eerie calm one has in the face of perceived danger.  It seems quite strange to the average person and often has a disarming effect.  The body language would be bold and unconcerned but nothing on display.  None of the obnoxious elements of a posturing phony.  Those with little awareness could even overlook such things.  The eyes though will tell the story.  Relentless determination and unflinching resolve, the will to kill.  For most these skills are only acquired through years of experiences and training.

I’ve worked for over 15 yrs in fields that directly put my ass on the line.  I’ve prevented so many bad things from happening just because of my demeanor and look.  I’m simply not phased by much of anything.  Guys twice my size who wanted to fight have calmed down and followed my orders.  The main reason is because I’m not threatened by them or their antics.  There is no effort by me to prove I can hurt them very bad.  Getting beat on consistently, training relentlessly in skills to hurt people and testing them in the field for years has given me an expressionless calm.  I’ve had huge steroid guys all raging out ready to go ham completely change because I give them nothing they can react to.  Just cold eyes, disarmingly calm and a finger pointing where I wish them to go.  I’m indifferent to why they are upset and indifferent towards just about everyone when I work.  This has helped me in influencing others to do what I want.

Even someone punching me or attacking me no longer causes much if any adrenaline spike.  I simply don’t “feel” anything in that regard now.  It’s all just actions and consequences to me.

Learn to fight and dedicate yourself to training in skills which crush your enemies.  The greatest thing in life.

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  • The primary requisite for fighting is being prepared to kill. In one stroke or two, maybe 3 max, you kill your opponent. I said ‘being prepared’; not necessarily doing. It is a very fine line which defines how long you may live.
    My father killed many and spoke of none. That is war. I killed none but speak of many, that is peace. Be prepared, know your enemy, the field, and the prize. The prize is that you both live. Second prize is you live. Third prize is your wife and children live.
    Learn to fight; by choice or by circumstance. What’s it gonna be?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Ayahuasquero Viajante

    Jack, what martial art would you recommend?
    I´ve practiced muay thai for a couple of years, but was easily beat by a friend who knows jiu jitsu.

    I´m not a young man anymore (35 years old, although very fit), so I guess amateur fights wouldn´t be an option.
    What do you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You could easily have fights at 35. It all just depends how your body feels. If you got beat by someone who knows Jiu-Jitsu then I would recommend you learn that!

      Did he take you down to the ground? Braziilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling is best for that. Muay Thai is excellent. I have been an instructor in the art for a long time. Wrestling or BJJ plus boxing or muay thai is enough for you to handle yourself on the ground or the feet.


      • Ayahuasquero Viajante

        That´s right.
        This was just a friendly sparring session, and even though I´m way better at striking, I´ve noticed that once a BJJ fighter gets close, it´s over.
        I only have time to train 3x a week, so I´m guessing I should focus on BJJ for now, since it´s more effective than striking arts alone.


      • Yes you should. BJJ would be the missing link for you here. But if you want to keep the fight on the feet you need to be a better wrestler than the BJJ guy(not get taken down or immediately pop back up to your feet). While BJJ is a highly effective art, it’s use is 99% on the ground and only effective 1v1. Should you end up in a street fight with multiple attackers you do NOT want to ever go to the ground even if you are on top. It’s too easy to get blind sided by someone you didn’t see when your hands and arms are tied up controlling a guy.

        A good wrestler with some decent boxing beats up the BJJ black belt who can’t take him down.


  • I thoroughly enjoy this site, and almost all of the articles and commentary but regarding this topic, I beg to differ. I’m fairly certain I’m a LOT older than most of the targeted readers here, having served in the Marine Corps in the early 80’s. That being said, I’ve been in more violent fistfights than anyone I know, I’ve been put in the hospital and I’ve put people in the hospital. Once while taking a ferocious beating I was able to get my attackers thumb into my mouth – I savagely bit down & tried to bite it off as he pummeled me with his left hand, screaming, and I swear I was grinning as blood went everywhere. My point? It’s that times have changed dramatically. Yes – a man definitely needs to know how to fight, and to win. But most men are not real men, and they don’t take the beating and then go lick their wounds. No, after the hospital, and the police, they call lawyers. And THEN, the real trouble starts. Don’t get in a fight – EVER – if you own anything of value, cause you can kiss it goodbye in todays’ litigious society.


    • Thanks for the comment Don. Your advice is not to be overlooked. While it certainly is best not to have to fight. Sometimes we dont have a choice. If defending myself causes the law to come down on me, I’ll take my chances rather than be a victim.

      Also what I’m recommending is fighting in sanctioned combat sports which would give none of the legal issues you bring up.


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