The Single Greatest Factor Holding You Back


The quick fix society wants to eat this while losing weight – not going to happen

People in the west want the quick fix. The lose 30 pounds in 7 days or make six figures in a month. All are common tropes appealing to those with no patience and no desire to work hard.  In a society of instant gratification is it any surprise that common civility and politeness have devolved to the lowest common denominator?

No one wants to put the extra effort into something and everyone “feels” like they deserve more just for getting squeezed out of their whore of a mother’s womb.

Your Biggest Problem

The greatest factor which holds you back from success and achievement is not some foreign strain of disease or debilitating mental sickness.

It’s You.

That’s right.  The greatest thing to hold you back from crushing victory and non stop winning is you.  It’s the fact that you are mentally and spiritually a total weakling.  Your plans fail and your ideas never come to fruition because you don ‘t have the willpower and the work ethic to see them through.  You don’t have the broad vision to see beyond the here and now.  Nor do you have the discipline to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals.

So how do you change this?

Well the first step is to recognize this very alarming truth.  You are the problem.  You are the STOP sign and the giant red light preventing you from moving further in life.

Everything else is playing second fiddle to this fantasy crumbling real talk.  The first thing you must do is accept this fact without self deception.  You must face the black hole inside yourself which swallows all your hopes and dreams.


Lack of self-discipline makes self-improvement impossible

You Lack Discipline

One of the greatest factors in all of this is the fact that you lack discipline.  The man who is naturally gifted may not have to work as hard in life because his natural talents seem to offer up the spoils of the world with little to no effort on his part.

This can actually be the undoing of these types of men because not having to put any real effort into anything will have the natural beaten by the man who is more disciplined 9 times out of 10.

The man who has little if any natural ability will have to work twice as hard and persevere to the very end in order to achieve success.  Because of this, the disciplined man will have spent years and years developing a self determination which cannot be matched by the natural.  A fearless self determination and relentless work ethic will be the foundation pillars of his temple of achievement.

If you are reading this and realize that you lack discipline, you are probably wondering how to gain it effectively.  I will offer a few options which you can begin working on today in order to cultivate and grow your discipline into a well oiled machine of efficiency and purpose.

Practice Meditation

One of the best practices to regain control of your mind and willpower is the practice of meditation.  What this does is force yourself to focus intently while controlling your breathing.  This is very important for the individual.  Controlling your breath or life force is essential in regulating your mental state.

Consider the many neuroses common in the modern world.  Most people are beleaguered with anxiety, depression and many other paralyzing mental problems because they are not in control of their thoughts and their breathing patterns.  Practicing meditation is the key here to remedy that.  Your breath is your life force or “chi” and it is something you should treat with respect.  Have you ever noticed someone with high levels of stress suffer from an anxiety attack?  Their breathing becomes quick and labored as they begin to hyperventilate.  This in turn causes their heart to beat faster which further induces stress and anxiety.  The downward spiral continues and the individual loses all control of themselves.

It’s very simple what happens here.  They are not controlling their breath!

I recommend you start with just 15-20 minutes a day to practice meditation.  I prefer to do so seated in the lotus position on the ground with my back against a wall.  I prefer a room with the least sensory input which feels the most relaxing.  I breathe in through my nose on a 3 count and push the oxygen down below my navel into the lower abdomen as it expands.  There is a slight pause before I exhale through my mouth on a count of 2.  I focus on exhaling the oxygen slowly from the lower abdomen through my mouth.  Do this for a few minutes and fill your brain with oxygen.  Sometimes this even gives a feeling of euphoria.

At first you may want to focus only on your breathing until all other distractions are out of your mind.  Eventually you will want to clear your mind completely and find the serene calm which comes from a mind unburdened with life’s banalities.  This sharpens the will also.  As you gain control of your essential life force(breath) you will gain control over your life’s direction.  Mediation is an


Mean what you say and say what you mean.

essential tool for the individual to Master himself.

The Words Of Your Mouth

Second is the actual words of your mouth or your spoken breath.  How often do your words betray your deepest thoughts, fears and hopes to total strangers?  How often do you blab away about  nonsense giving potential enemies the keys to your kingdom?

You must begin to be conscious of these times and work towards saying less.  Much less to other people until that time you have more control over yourself.  The ego rages, cries and twists about.  Beckoning us like a child to play it’s game.  You must begin to check yourself whenever you become aware of your ego taking control of your thoughts and words.

Likewise always be aware when dealing with other people, their desire for the ego to be validated.  It is this weakness which will reveal treasures of personal information about potential threats or marks you have pinpointed for fleecing.

The general rule of thumb is that you should be revealing much much less about yourself when interacting with other people.  Ideally they should reveal everything while you have managed to reveal nothing but empty talk or red herrings.

How often has a man’s undoing been the words out of his mouth?

Open The Gates Of Success

Begin today in the diligent practice of meditation(breath control) and the conscious application of the will in revealing(speaking) less to others.  Many times it is much better to listen than to speak.  It is much more profitable to ask a question of someone than reveal something about yourself.

The mind is very powerful.  Gaining control of the mind and the breath allows one to open doors which were previously locked.  You may begin to realize that the padlock wrapped around the gates of success were your own hands and your own words preventing you from achieving beyond your imagination.  The ego and it’s desire for validation have been holding you back all this time.  Break those chains through the methods I have outlined and become the Master of your destiny.

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