Here’s a question for girls like her: What if your lifestyle – which demands the production of the toxic chemicals you bought to bleach and burn your hair, requires drilling for the oil needed to make the plastic in that necklace, and needs textile mills to produce those hipster rags you have on are causing the problems on your sign?

Irony. That’s what one might call the most materialistic creature on the planet – whose lifestyle consists of nothing but conspicuous consumption, shopping for shit she doesn’t need, and eating out – holding a sign like this. The statistics of who spends money in the economy will back me up on that statement.

Not pictured: Her Starbucks latte container which she probably just threw in the trash, on its way to the landfill.

An innate talent of the Anglobitch is virtue signaling. Based on totally false premises, of course. Schopenhauer would classify it as yet another display of female dissimulation. Showing us how superior she is, when in fact it is her lifestyle which is creating all the problems on her sign. She probably never stopped to think that she might be the blame for the problem while someone filled her empty head with those messages.

And the gynocentric society in which she lives would never call her out on the carpet to defend her hypocrisy because women are viewed as such superior creatures in the declining Anglo world. Why, it’s those evil men who are doing her bidding, trying to provide her with the things she needs and wants who are to blame.

The Hedonic Treadmill is a pain in the ass. Best to never start running on it.

Somebody please tell these clueless chicks to stop complaining about the environment if their vacuous lifestyles of consumerism are what’s destroying the world. Stop keeping up with the Joneses if you truly want to save the world, bitches.

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